gender views cause of incel.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by gamelord, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Maybe they are better at math than me in other threads.
    But when it comes to logic and reasoning they don't dominate me, and most certainly not in this thread.
    The vast majority of arguments people have been throwing at me are crappy fallacies and emotional bile.

    Guess youve never heard the expression "Alone in a crowd".

    Fair enough. Would be nice if they legalize weed but in the meantime I'll settle for exercise. It's just I can't stand the BO it gives me after I'm done.
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  3. TheFrogger Valued Senior Member

    Neither can we...

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  5. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Dont know what it means in your limited frame of mind. But to sane and rational people it means getting sexual with someone without their consent.
    So, molestation is not simply limited to physical touch.

    Again it went over your head.
    Here is an example to make it more clear: True story, I was molested by a guy for a long time, finally he stockholmed me to fall in love with him. And then I admitted my feelings to him, that I was in love with him, and then suddenly he changed his mind and wanted nothing to do with me. And that is what I mean by how women molest, but only use it as some narcissistic supply method.
    Nope as an empath I'm good at reading people.

    I may come off as involuntary celibate. But as I said before, that is not a choice, its a choice to agree with and obey all of their views.
    Why do you continue to fail to understand that?

    Men are attracted to plenty of sad, angry and impolite girls. And besides, I've been down the polite road, never got me anywhere usually.

    Parrot all the talking points? No I've said a couple but not all.

    Thats your distorted perspective.

    If you say so.
    Sounds a bit like Oprah's law of attraction now.

    Since I am arguing with a naive child and not a practical adult, in your limited view of thinking maybe.
    First I must ask you, if a man goes to a strip bar, and a hot stripper puts her legs around him, and he shyly says "No... I can't" and she forces herself on him, and he falls in love and lets her have her way with him, does society generally consider that to be real rape or just a form or ravishing.
    There is a difference, to sane adults, but not to mental children who have a rigid perspective on reality.

    You know why society takes rape seriously, is when its a girl who is clearly disgusted by the man who raped her.
    And the fact is that girls are simply disgusted by most men.

    It is evidence. Because if that man had more female attention he probably wouldnt have become a rapist.
    Second, why is it that females are hardly ever accused of rape? Because most of them dont have a need to have sex with men. They do not have a need, because they are not sexually attracted to most men. And because when they do force themselves on a man, most men dont complain. When a man forces himself on a woman, it is rape, because women are disgusted by men.

    One of the first things you've said that is actually halfway reasonable.

    If what you say is true though, then women would naturally evolve to not be sexually attracted to men. Otherwise they would be impregnating themselves too often.

    In this case all that matters is if they are more knowledgeable than me in this particular subject area.
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  7. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Nope and as it seems you dont seem to understand the true purpose of ego anyway.
    It is mean to bridge the gap between superego and id, this is represented in religious beliefs.
    Devil worshipers worship the id, Buddhists worship the superegos ideal version of morality.
    Ego meant to reconcile the two and create a realistic compromise.
    In this thread there are many superegos who have an idealized version of reality which is not in anyway connected to real space.
    For example, the folks who claim disgust is not an integral component of rape, and the folks who think molestation cannot be done with the eyes.
    They live in the world of idealized, super ego morality, the world of words, not the realistic natural world.

    In your case, you should at the very least seek your own approval and not be satisfied with lies and fake news.
  8. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    I'd say your post speaks for yourselves. You are the equivalent of a whiny rioter holding up a sign of accusations, and when people try to reason with you you just scream at them and repeat the accusations over and over. There isn't much of this post I can respond to, since it is the equivalent of talking to an angry rioter who just yells at the camera and yells a bunch of accusations.

    Its more so to do with mathematics and logic. I follow consent. Thus I must gain female approval for sex. If females do not give me approval, I follow consent, and do not get sex. Thus women are the judges of whether I get sex. Thus I would blame first off the judges over anyone else. My other option, is to be self-loathing, and blame myself for all of my failures. And this is exactly the pattern you see in narcissistic abuse, the victim of narcissistic abuse is made to blame themselves for the narcissists lack of approval.

    I would say it is you who is predictable, by engaging in hysteria and repetitively posting knee-jerk accusations like some triggered white knight of feminism.

    In your delusional mind it does, because you are in the land of hysterics where you see things that aren't actually real. But to sane and rational people, it doesn't.

    I do have some evidence for this, for instance I will discuss the same issues with my therapist, and he views me as a sane and rational empath and considers my arguments to be logical. Nowhere does he accuse me of being a rape advocate. You know why because he is a mentally sane, calm and casual guy, that is how he got a job as a therapist. While you just act like some raging kid on the internet.

    If you keep repeating it, that doesn't mean it will become true.

    What does this have to do with anything I said?
    And yes I have had to deal with narcissist women before, who accuse me of mysogyny as a defense mechanism.
    For instance one time I had to deal with a narcissist female who flirted with me sexually and talked about wanting to date me. When I asked her to the date, she suddenly said she can't date me because she was in a relationship. I asked how long, just recently? She said no, for a year. I told her that is a cruel way and dishonest way to treat someone. Then she got into some narcissistic rage and went on a rant about how incel and misogynist I was.

    How totally unexpected, you keep repeating your insane accusations like a robot of a lynch mob, without any real evidence. I guess the soup of the day is to roast the heretic I suppose.

    I dont think I have any questions left for you, you've pretty much answered all of them.

    And here comes the emasculated male with a low sex-drive, criticizing every male who is not as sterile and impotent as himself.

    There is some truth to this. Emasculated males tend to be fit-in more socially, and thus have an easier time to get attention.

    Yes in your delusional mind maybe, again you act like some hysterical child or white knight rushing into political correctness and paranoid delusions about reality.

    I never diminished it, except in your eyes. I could argue that you diminish it because you claim that disgust isn't an important part of the trauma.

    You can say whatever you want, but keep in mind you come off as callous and at this point noone sees you as a compassionate person at all. That is, noone sees you as the hero you want to believe yourself to be.

    So noted, women want emasculated low testosterone males who have hardly any sex drive.

    Also noted, me standing up for gender equality for males equals some kind of bad behavoir.
  9. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    What has some guy's behaviour got to do with women? It's not women's fault that the guy dumped you.

    Do you think you're having an argument with me?

    Go back to basics. What is rape? Rape is sex without consent. When he "lets her have her way with him", that's consent, right, because, as you say, he has fallen in love with her. Strippers do not typically force themselves on clients. For a start, it's their job, and secondly, it's their job.

    Society takes rape seriously because it is serious. It is an unlawful, forceful, exertion of dominance and power over somebody who is not consenting, and moreover it is a deeply invasive and intimate act due to its sexual nature. Rape often has ongoing effects on the victim long after the event.

    I find your attitude to rape deeply disturbing.

    I think that is just an excuse you make in order to justify your misogyny.

    My patience with you is wearing very thin now.

    It is not women's fault that some men choose to rape. It is not her fault because of what she wore. It is not her fault because of the way she looks at men. It it not her fault because she was drunk. It is not her fault because she had sex with the man before, or she had sex with other men before. When a man chooses to rape, the blame lies entirely with him.

    I think your making excuses for rapists is disgusting. I should also note that this has not escaped the notice of our moderator team, either.

    Because the vast majority of rapes are committed by men.

    Any more than men have a need to have sex.

    That doesn't get any truer, no matter how many times you say it.

    If the man enjoys it, then he is obviously consenting and rape is a non-starter.

    You need to work out the difference between accepting an unexpected offer of sex and gritting your teeth while somebody forces themselves on you, while you're terrified of being hurt even more and you're wishing it would just end.

    No, it is rape because a man is forcing a woman to participate in an act of sexual penetration that she did not consent to.

    I don't want to hear from you again that women are responsible for being raped.

    Women still want* to pass on their genes to the next generation, just like men. That's a biological urge instilled in all of us by evolution. It would make no evolutionary sense for women not to be sexually attracted to men, which is one reason why your claim that most women are disgusted by men is ludicrous (if the observational evidence alone is not enough to persuade).

    Think about what would happen. Take two groups of human beings, A and B. In group A, the women are attracted to men. In group B, the women are not attracted to men. Results: the people in group A have lots of children, while group B have none, except possibly those produced as a result of rape. Either way, group A will outbreed group B, and there will be more children of group A than B, on average. Fast forward a few generations, and group B will die out, while group A will thrive.

    Obviously, current human society must be more representative of a group A-type society than a group B one. You might argue that for some unknown reason, in just the last generation or two, women have, on average suddenly changed so that they are no longer attracted to men, but there's absolutely zero evidence that has happened, or any plausible reason why it would have happened.

    So, once again, I tell you that women are attracted to men (mostly), but they tend to be pickier about who they have sex with than men are (on average). Apart from any social factors, there are the strongest possible evolutionary reasons why this should be the case.

    * Caveat: in evolutionary terms, it's really the genes that are doing this "wanting", not the individuals.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  10. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    This sentiment is identical to Muslim tradition which always blames the woman for rape. It was her fault for being alone with an unrelated male, it's her fault if she uncovers her hair or wears lipstick, as if a man is unable to exercise self control at all, like an animal.
  11. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    God forbid you expend any effort to make yourself appealing to other people. If you can't be bothered and think women owe you sex, you deserve to be alone.
  12. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    So it's up to her to control his urge to rape, just as it's up to her to control your "need" for sex?

    What happened to male self-control?

    Why did you put the word "really" at the end of that sentence? You should have stopped at "that's not her fault".

    It sounds like you think it is her fault, just a bit. Maybe it's because she chose to go to a bar where there would be males who can't control their sexual urges and who are willing to rape to satisfy them. Or maybe you think it's her fault because she did something that made her attractive enough to the rapist that he decided to victimise her. Maybe it's her fault she dressed a particular way, or she had the right body type, or the right hair colour, or wore the right perfume.

    I really can't emphasise this enough: It's never her fault. Women are not responsible for the criminal act of their rapist.

    You're saying it's dumb for a woman to trust somebody she is dating, so far as to go back to his house. It must be because men are unable to control themselves, and if they get a women in their house all bets are off and their sexual "needs" will force them to perpetrate an act of violent sexual coercion.

    If this how it is with you? Can women who come to your house not trust their safety to you? Are you likely to rape them if they are so dumb as to enter your house with you, alone?

    If a woman can't trust you not to molest her if she comes to your house, you're a danger to women and you really ought to be locked up for the safety of the community.
  13. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Fat isn't always ugly, and beauty is subjective. Aren't you just internalizing the same social assumptions that you claim to object to?

    In fact, In some cultures, the men wear colorful pretty makeup and clothing to attract the women. They are the Wodaabe people of Africa.
  14. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Have you ever heard of the expression "Making yourself unhappy"? Or the concept of "controlling your own happiness"?

    You don't really like anyone or anything. Maybe staying home and watching TV is the best solution for you. and your happiness would come from accepting that.
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    Alone in a crowd

    is a normal human emotion

    just like feeling the world is going to end when you have your first serious relationship break up.

    while "always" or "consistently" feeling "alone in a crowd" is a sure sign you need to seek profesional advice.
    people who feel alone in a crowd when going out to social situations are expereincing a natural human emotion.
    with practice and expereince you can change that.

    the idea of people being locked into that type of behaviour pattern to then dictate their reality and life is unhealthy and dangerous.
  16. Bells Staff Member

    Oh look, you continue by entrenching yourself even deeper into rape culture by blaming women for men raping...

    You really should stop while you are behind.

    A lesson on rape. Please pay attention.

    Women are not to blame for being raped. Rape is not about sex or lack of sex, so much as it is about power and control and using sex as a means to dominate, overpower and remove all control a victim has over her or his own body.

    When a man rapes a woman, it is not because he's not getting enough sex. It is because he wants to own and control his victim by removing any power or ownership she has over her own body.

    The majority of rapes are committed by men who are in relationships and yes, are "getting sex".

    Dude, you have been going on for 10 pages in this thread and countless more in other threads where you have defended rape culture and partaken in rape culture.

    No accusations need to be made when the obvious is clearly stated in your posts. We are simply stating fact because of what you have written.

    The only reason you "do not get sex" is because of how you behave.

    Women are not to blame for you not "getting sex". You are. If you want to ever have sex, I would suggest you look at how you behave, look at your offensive and dangerous beliefs and ideology when it comes to women. Seek help.
    I am not the one who has been ranting about women for 10 pages, blaming them for being raped, diminishing rape as being merely "disgust" instead of a violation, suggesting that the only way women will have sex with men is if they are intoxicated. And why are you doing this? Because you have openly argued that you "need sex" and you blame women because women are not giving you what you apparently "need". In other words, the hysterics and ridiculous accusations are coming squarely from you and the subject of your ire is women. It is pathetic. And it is completely unoriginal.
    I do not know a single therapist who would not red flag a guy who says what you have been spouting on this site. Your therapist may not want to upset you by challenging you. Your therapist's job is to convince you and ensure that you can convince yourself that you are sane. But make no mistake, the views you have spouted on this site is dangerous. Very dangerous. Men with similar views to you have killed because of those views. I have advised my colleagues that you are a dangerous individual, because of what and how you have argued here. The only reason you have not harmed anyone physically is because you are afraid of the consequences. You completely lack empathy for others, particularly women and your blaming women because you do not "get sex" makes you even more volatile. Put simply, you are not that far off.. You have convinced yourself that women are to blame for you not "getting sex". You seem to believe that rape happens because men do not "get sex". This is exceptionally dangerous. I do not believe you have espoused these beliefs to your therapist. If you have and they actually told you that you are sane, rational and feel empathy for women, then I would suggest you seek a second opinion. Because you need help. Desperately.

    It isn't a defense mechanism. It is because you are a raving misogynist.

    Is that really what happened? Or you wanted to imagine she was flirting with you and talking about wanting to date you?

    The fact that you said she accused you of being a misogynist and an "incel", makes me think that you saw something completely different in how she was behaving towards you. Because accusing someone of being an "incel" right off the bat like that means that something else was happening or said or done. What did you say to her to make her accuse you of being an "incel"?

    You are not the victim here. Many people who post on this site are survivors of sexual violence. Your posts are exceptionally offensive and frankly wrong. You are not spouting any "truth". You are simply following the exact pattern of behaviour we have come to know from men like you.
    spidergoat likes this.
  17. Bells Staff Member

    *Raise eyebrows*

    Okay.. Do you feel better when you say this? Does that make you feel like more of a man? Sterility has nothing to do with sex drive. Nor does impotence. Secondly, you seem to believe that because you think you "need sex", that means you have a higher sex drive? No. The fact you keep arguing how you "need sex" simply makes you a dangerous individual. A powder keg, that can be set off by any perceived denial of "sex" you think you need.
    Lesson time again..

    Men who run around saying how they "need sex", who say that men only rape because they don't 'get enough sex from women', who argue that the only way women will have or enjoy sex with men is if they are intoxicated, won't get sex. The reason you do not fit in socially is because of what you believe. You either project it or perhaps you even say this out loud in front of people.. Any attention you will get is negative. That is why you do not fit in socially. And it is why you do not "get sex".

    The reality is what you keep denying exists. No, women do not have to get drunk, stoned or passed out to enjoy sex. That, by any definition, is rape.

    That is the reality.

    You have diminished it repeatedly. You have tried to reinvent the definition of rape to suit your ideology. You have blamed women for being raped because apparently men can't get "sex" from women.

    I never claimed to be compassionate.

    I am simply telling you as I see it.

    It is clear that you have suffered some horrific things in your life, because few people can get to where you are now without some form of trauma in your life. That does not mean that I will sugar coat reality and allow you to believe that what you are saying in this and other threads is acceptable. It is not acceptable. It is inherently dangerous.
    Nah Dude. Women just want men who aren't misogynistic creeps. For example, women want men who do not say things like this:

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  18. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Why this disgusting thing allowed to post here is beyond me. He needs to crawl back under the rock from whence he came...

    Thankfully there is an ignore button, so now I won't have to be subjected to the crap that comes from his vile and evil little mind.

  19. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    • Please do not insult other members
    Okay so it is clear that the people I am dealing with in this thread are the mental equivalent of angry indignant children.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Let me know when a reasoning adult with an honest mind, wants to step in the ring with me.

    I'm not even mad at their insults anymore. Because it's clear I'm stuck in some kind of metaphysical asylum with the insane. I am actually starting to see the funny side of their craziness. That I was put here, on this stupid planet, as some kind of cosmic practical joke.
  20. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    You keep it short and simple, I like it.

    Here's some simple mathematics for you.

    If someone is sexually frustrated, that would increase the likelyhood of them tending to rape. It is simple mathematics.

    You whining like a whiny indignant morally outraged nun about it, doesn't change the situation.
    You are like some angry nutcase attacking the messenger.

    I place no moral allegations on the situations. I do not say that it is right, nor do I say wrong, I put no moral lense on it. I merely state the obvious, that sexual frustration leads to rape.

    And I get crucified for it, in this world of hypersensitive liberal snowflakes, who attack people for simply stating the obvious. It's like I am in Rugrats having to deal with a bunch of babies. Like here I am repetitively having to explain to them that 2+2=4, and when I do so, they go on some angry tirade against me.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Keep whining and throwing dung at me, it makes you look mature.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  21. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    The equivalent of the events of this thread: I am standing on the road making an argument. And you pull up to me in a dump truck, and dump half a ton of poop on me and declare yourself the winner of the argument, simply because you can't hear my voice over the sound of the half-a ton of poop you dumped on top of me.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    In essence you are a bunch of annoying bullies that can't be reasoned with and are just hysterical bullies that make up false accusations and delusions just to pamper your egos and declare yourself the winner of the argument in this liberal post-snowflake generation of fake news on both sides. There is fake news on both sides, both sides. Which is why I am not a democrat or a republican. Society is ran by hysterical man-children who have not much evolved from the same genes that crowded around lynch mobs and crucifixions in older times.
  22. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    So, if I say that rape is disturbing to women, this means I advocate rape? The logic of 2018 in a nutshell.

    So done with this farce of a debate, go crucify someone else like the romans you want to be. #NoHopeForHumanity
  23. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    OK, I'm a woman.

    Why do you hate women so much?

    What have I done?
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