Gift Idea

I only mentioned Koi Carp because of the whole cat eating fish thing (Is that a cat eating fish, or fish eating cat:confused:)

Actually I don't think you know anything about Koi Carp, but in Japan, they are like a pet of businessmen, and they have even started businesses up that are like Fish hotels, where they look after your prize fish.

Koi Carp are really fish that you'll find swimming around in a pond, with some tranquil sounding fake waterfall, and a plastic heron to stop those birds eating them.

That should give you a clue I think. (You might even spot that I've spelt it correct now :D)
That was....

...really, really beautiful fishes. I can understand that the Japanese get obsessed with them, as they have a tendency to do with almost anything. :p
I do remember once seeing a mention of a Japanese robotics engineer that was building robotic Koi Carp, Of course I couldn't work out why, well other than stopping cat's eat your prize fish, or giving a heron a real bad gutt ache if it ate it, Perhaps it was just an innovation for the future when our water gets too polluted for real fish to swin in it.

Who knows?