God in the “there-is-no-other” Advaita.

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by genep, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. genep Guest

    The first and last word of Advaita, there-is-no-other, is Laughter,
    which leaves god somewhere in between.

    God is the Supreme Comedy
    because the only way he can appear to be real
    is if he can hallucinate me
    But that is impossible
    unless he is me.

    Because in a hallucination
    not even a god
    only the hallucination
    and that is me. ​

    -- the Hallucinating hallucination of there-is-no-other, geza.
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  3. Sci-Phenomena Reality is in the Minds Eye Registered Senior Member

    Well damn, what isn't a hallucination?
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  5. Light Travelling It's a girl O lord in a flatbed Ford Registered Senior Member

    Oh dear,

    In advaita God is indeed laughter; and not in between but first, last and in between.

    This statement is confused because you assume that for something to be real it must appear in this physical world. Whereas Advaita does not take this view.

    The physical world is created by God (the only) from himself, there is no hallucination.

    Before the world, existence was undifferentiated. Now there is name and form and differentiation. This is the illusion. There is only undifferentiated existence, but it moves to create the illusion of many names and forms. But this is not hallucination, it really is there but its real form is not seen.

    The word hallucinate is incorrect. The Advaita term is illusion or sometimes ignorance.

    The distinction is that hallucination is perceiving something that does not exist at all as real.
    Illusion is seeing something that does exist in a distorted or incorrect way.
    Ignorance is not understanding the true nature of what is perceived.

    In Advaita The illusion is you as an individual, the truth is indeed that you are God (if you want to use those terms).
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  7. shekhar1438 Registered Member

    You are now hallucinated (and also wrong) in understanding and deciphering the meaning and the essence of the Advaita. The poem which you have cut/pasted is actually talking about the IGNORANCE of a human being (and it seems like it's already shown in you). Please stop right here, think about it in the right way and you will then understand the real meaning. Good Luck..
  8. John J. Bannan Registered Senior Member

    Why does God have to hallucinate to appear real? What is real for God? Can't answer that question. Poem's got real problems.

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