Grammer Nazi and other English Teacher nicknames

Discussion in 'Linguistics' started by halo07guy, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Spud Emperor solanaceous common tater Registered Senior Member

    Here are a few nicknames we had for our favourites( not necessarily English teachers)

    Nicotine Nancy
    Chocolate royal AKA Chockie Boy
    A'la Campagna
    Maxwell Smart
    Pencil neck
    Jeepy (oooh he hated it too!)
    Dracula, Drac.

    Some of the kids nicknames were too outrageous for words.
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  3. Reiku Banned Banned

    We used to call our gym teacher Les, ''Miss Les'Bean...'' simply because there where reports from the girls that she used to walk in whilst they where changing... looking back at it now, she really should have been saked.
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  5. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    "Saked"? What does that mean?
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  7. original sine Registered Senior Member

    Saked... maybe sacked? Or naked... maybe naked and THEN sacked!

    I had a teacher in Car Care who was called Lieutenant Dan or Douchestache, for his first and last name. The former nickname from the guy in Forrest Gump, the latter because the guy was a douche. Mr. Bohn was just called The Drunk. He was the alcoholic vice principal, from what I remember of his reputation. Mrs. Sykes was actually a psycho, and Mr. Schmidt didn't take shit from anyone, which is probably why he's a principal now instead of a teacher. This substitute teacher called Mr. Galvin was just called Galvin, but he was a strange guy. In his accented speech he would say "peace be with you", "if one shoe fits, buy another one and you'll have a pair", "quiet down now and be quiet now". It was probably the most entertaining and least educational math class I've ever had. The teacher he substituted for was out on maternal leave, and all she did was talk about reality TV and hand out homework.
  8. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member


    Same as to:
    Give somebody no ice
    or give them the boo
    or fir them
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2007
  9. draqon Banned Banned

    we did not call teachers nicknames...not in Russia...and not here in USA
  10. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I've never heard any of those expressions and have no idea what they mean. If it's British slang, please translate into dictionary-standard English.

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    It took me three years to find out what the line, "Maybe they've done a bit of bird," means in Robbie Williams's big hit "Tripping." It's British slang for a prison sentence, what we call "doing hard time," or in my parents' era, "in the big house."
  11. Spud Emperor solanaceous common tater Registered Senior Member

    Think laterally sunshine.

    First was presumably a typo, saked not sacked, therefore no ice is notice, boo is the boot and fir is fire.
  12. Frud11 Banned Banned

    When I first went to school as a kid my first teacher was this old dragon-lady. She got away with things like rapping little kid's knuckles with a ruler (she was old-school that way). Her name was Mrs. Grogan. I'm not kidding.
  13. madanthonywayne Morning in America Registered Senior Member

    We had this 7th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Banks. His personal hygiene left something to be desired. So we called him B.O. Banks. I remember I snuck into the room early one day and wrote BO with appropriate stink lines on the board and then pulled down the world map. When Mr Banks came into the class and raised the map so he could use the board the whole class broke out laughing. He seemed oblivious as to why.

    Then there was "Mad Alice". She was an ancient English Lit teacher in high school. She must have been 70 or 80 but refused to retire. She was OK sometimes, but if any of the students pissed her off, she'd go off on the class calling us paracites and opportunists. She really seemed insane at these moments. Of course, being high school students we had to aggrevate the situation and people would play jokes on her to get a rise out of her. Once she left the room for some reason for a few minutes and the whole class snuck out of the room. She came back to find an empty room, and went down to get the principle. We then quickly returned to our seats so when she came back, we were all sitting there dutifully awaiting instruction.
  14. Spud Emperor solanaceous common tater Registered Senior Member

    hahaha! that's gorgeous!
  15. P. BOOM! Registered Senior Member

    I was the first to name an OLD substitute German teacher "Mr. Iguana". His styled hair reminded me of the back of an iguana for some reason. The name caught on.

    My other substitute German teacher did not get a nickname...he was too cool. He knew 7-8 languages. He was the official translator for Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics. When it came time to translate between Owens and Hitler, there was a little problem, since he was Jewish. Hitler apparently couldn't stand the thought of having a Jew translate for the victorious African-American, so he brought in his own translator.
  16. Spud Emperor solanaceous common tater Registered Senior Member


    Imagine how that conversation might have played out.

    Hitler "I want to strangle you with this medal ribbon you black prick!"
    Translator " err.. The almighty Fuhrer thinks you ran very fast"
    Owens" Tell that white honky that he looks like he's got a carrot up his arse"
    Translator" Owens says you look very upright and you wear the suit well"

    Hitler" you'll have to run faster than that to outrun my plans for you and your kind"

    translator" Can you run any faster?"
    Owens" I can run for president if i want, I come from the land of the brave and the home of the free!"

    etc. etc
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