Has anybody read this book?

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    M*W: Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus by Joseph Atwill

    Caesar's Messiah presents the dramatic and controversial discovery that the conventional views of Christian origins may be wrong. Author Joseph Atwill makes the case that the Christian Gospels were actually written under the direction of first-century Roman emperors. The purpose of these texts was to establish a peaceful Jewish sect to counterbalance the militaristic Jewish forces that had just been defeated by the Roman Emperor Titus in 70 AD. Atwill uncovered the secret key to this story in the writings of Josephus, the famed first-century Roman historian. Reading Josephus's chronicle, The War of the Jews, the author found detail after detail that closely paralleled events recounted in the Gospels. Atwill skillfully demonstrates that the emperors used the Gospels to spark a new religious movement that would aid them in maintaining power and order. What's more, by including hidden literary clues, they took the story of the Emperor Titus's glorious military victory, as recounted by Josephus, and embedded that story in the Gospels - a sly and satirical way of glorifying the emperors through the ages.

    Also related to Caesar's Messiah is the newly published Jesus was Caesar: The Julian Origin of Christianity written by Francesco Carotto.

    Each of these non-fiction texts allude to Roman royalty creating the myth of Jesus. I haven't read them yet, but I've ordered them online.

    Can we discuss these theories?

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