How Long can this delicate balance be kept?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Yin Yang, Jul 18, 1999.

  1. Yin Yang Registered Member

    The Earth is fragile blend and so are it's inhabitants. Centuries long religious wars have brought the planet to a state of near destruction. Is religion still the way forward or should we just regress back to the simple rites of Mother Earth, after all she bore us all and surely it can be no worse than the rapidly dimming future we are carving for ourselves now, can it....?

    Peace and equality for all her creatures.

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  3. zygos Registered Senior Member


    As the tarot tells us my friend, death is not necessarily a bad thing for it often means rebirth.

    Yours zygos
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  5. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    The back-to-nature movement is not a solution. The world's population is exploding, and they all want to live in decent conditions. Going back to the 'organic' technologies will not work, because the production output from such technologies is not sufficient to meet the escalating demands of even today, not to mention tomorrow.

    I am afraid we are permanently stuck in our technological trappings -- so what we should focus on is further improvement of the various technologies in use, and minimization if not elimination of negative impact on ecosystems of said technologies.

    As for the choice of faith, I advocate for no faith at all. It is enough to open one's eyes and take an unobstructed look at the awesome scales and complexities of the universe, to be left in complete awe -- no God required.

    I am; therefore I think.
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  7. Yin Yang Registered Member

    Boris, thank you....
    You words speak of truth and enlightenment, it seems the road we have chosen offers no point of return, what will be, will be...Perhaps our futures tarot card should be The Tower:The breaking down of an outworn sense of values and freedom from old, possibly self-imposed restrictions. Disruptive change is inevitable but nothing should be feared, we shall come through stronger and better for the experience.


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