How Many jews really died in the Holocaust ?

Discussion in 'History' started by Proud_Muslim, May 1, 2004.

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  1. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    How Many Deaths at Auschwitz?

    9,000,000 persons
    according to the documentary film Nuit et Brouillard (Tr.'s Note: "Night and Fog", title used in the English-speaking world) (1955), whose historical advisers were the historian Henri Michel and the woman historian Olga Wormser-Migot (1)
    8,000,000 persons
    according to the French War Crime Research Office and the French War Crime Information Service) (1945) (2)
    7,000,000 persons
    according to Raphaël Feigelson (1945) (3) ...
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  3. weebee Registered Senior Member

    Who cares? It doesn’t mater how many people died, or who they were. The walls of buildings are still there, let people argue over why they were built (as concentration camps, work camps ext) but remember it as the first case of ethnic cleansing and given half the chance history will repeat with a different group of ‘others’.
    ‘Camp Commandant Rudolf Hoess admitted to a minimum figure of 2.5 million deaths at Auschwitz. Reflecting back some years later on the experiments in the basement of Block 11 and later in Gas Chamber and Crematorium 1, Hoess said:
    At the time I did not think about the problem of killing Soviet prisoners of war. It was an order and I had to execute it. However, I will say frankly that killing that group of people by gas relieved my anxieties. It would soon be necessary to start the mass extermination of the Jews, and until that moment neither I Eichmann had known how to conduct a mass killing. A sort of gas was to be used, but it was not known what kind of gas was meant and how to use it. Now we had both the gas and the way of using it. I had always been concerned at the thought of mass shootings, particularly of women and children. I was already sick of executions. Now my mind was at ease.’
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  5. Preacher_X Registered Senior Member

    it matters how many people died, because Jews used it to gain poiltical symapty and that is why the west backed the creation of the Jewish State and very heavily financially suppport it. nowadays, European govermanets are not really supporting Israel anymore but America is literally supporting Israel as if it was an American state. America has exercised its political power many times for Israel by issueing 33 vettos against UN condemnation of Isreal. if it wasn't for the US, Israel would no longer exsist.
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  7. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    Exactly Preacher !! the jews use this mythical figure to sacre the west and keep milking them !!
  8. Rappaccini Redoubtable Registered Senior Member

    Why don't you and your precocious protege go listen to the Quran and think pure thoughts about fully-clothed women, as teacher and pupil?

    'Twould be far more productive than this thread.


    I apologize if I offended you, Proud Muslim, or you, Preacher X.

    Don't feel threatened; I'm only after Allah.
    Last edited: May 3, 2004
  9. otheadp Banned Banned

    let's say it was 500,000
    what then? Jews should get any less sympathy? does it really change anything?

    all those "genuine historians" that are "merely trying to find the historical accurate truth" are a bunch of hypocrites and liars.
    what's wrong with 6,000,000? why would you doubt that? why would you start checking up on this official figure? why can you not accept it as it was officially declared and has been the official number for more than 50 years?

    why would people tell themselves: "they say it's 6 million, but let's check just in case someone lied or miscalculated... we have very little evidence left, no accused to interrogate since they big fish are dead and those alive are small fish and are too old to remember anything anyway, and the witnesses are dead (except the victims themselves, but of course they're not credible)... but let's check it anyway!"

    it could be several reasons:

    1) the human mind always loves a conspiracy theory... hey, did you hear the one about the Elders of Zion?

    2) people do not believe the official number because it must be a "Jewish fabrication", therefore the Jews lied, duped everyone, and manipulated world sympathy. Jews should be exposed for this lie, and repremanded.
    in other words, classical anti-Semitism

    3) people looking for anything to use against Israel. some of the arguments against it is completely ridiculous and this one falls under the category. i saw someone post here a few months ago something like "do you expect a zionist not to kill a baby?" or something like that... so people use the "6,000,000 is a Zionist / Jewish myth" in the same way

    i think all those reasons are just one and the same: paranoid hateful people are trying to justify their hate for Jews in general and/or Israel in particular.

    you find me one... ONE holocaust denier or reducer (i.e. an honest genuine historian merely looking for the historical accurate truth) who does not hate Jews or Israel
  10. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    I don't know the figures for Auschwitz specifically, but I imagine they have been pinned down fairly accurately by now. The Nazis were meticulous record keepers during World War II.

    There is good evidence that the total number of Jewish deaths due to Hitler's "final solution" was around 6 million.
  11. DeeCee Valued Senior Member

    It was too many.
    Anything else is just numbers.
    Most of us are not that stupid.
    Dee Cee
  12. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Um ... Rappaccini? That one's just a little over the line.
  13. Rappaccini Redoubtable Registered Senior Member

    ... but... I don't want to delete it...

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    Besides, you have to admit that this thread is outrageous.
    How exactly can the figure range from 500,000 to 6,000,000 dead?
    The answer is it doesn't.

    A Jewish/Zionist conspiracy, a clandestine conclave of merciless Hebrew media moguls, is manipulating the Western public in order to "milk" them of their sympathy and aid?

    Yeah, right, and I'm Kilgore Trout, the famous science-fiction writer.
    Last edited: May 2, 2004
  14. exactly, why would anyone want to quantify the dead, only to deny the living? disprove the Halocaust, what ulterior motive would there be there?

    very sinister, but why can't any one prove it?
    P_M, put your skills to the test

    I knew it, same writing style, sense of humor, HI! Mr. Trout!
  15. & your point is?
  16. Zarkov Banned Banned

    The Jews were told to leave.... some did some didn't.

    When you have " refugee camps" and not enough food even for your population, who do you feed?

    People in camps without adequate facilities, are a danger to the whole country's population, epidemics, disease etc....

    What do you do when you are at war ?

    By the way who won ??????????????
  17. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    A pointless thread, methinks.
  18. Rappaccini Redoubtable Registered Senior Member

    Why'd you bring it up then?
  19. Overdose From the steppes of Mongolia Registered Senior Member

    Interesting and sad

    Many of you act like you are crusaders here. We have to respect each other. PM just asked a question and wants to know your opinions about it. He doesnt want to know if its a stupid topic or not. I am sure that if someone else would have opened this topic no one would question if its a bad or good topic If 2 different religions can not respect each other on this forum then how can we expect these people to respect each other on the whole world?

    I dont think that we can know the exact numbers. According to my German friend the numbers are much higher and according to my Israeli friend the numbers are exaggerated :bugeye:
  20. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    Sometimes after reading some historical accounts,I think it was HOLOHOAX !
  21. ScrollMaker I Make Scrolls Registered Senior Member

    You're right PM! My great-aunt is just faking the extreme medical condition she is in because of the Holocaust.
  22. Bells Staff Member

    What a fucked up kind of statement is that PM? You're denying that millions of people were slaughtered? No matter how many were slaughtered, what was done to these people was appalling beyond description. The Nazis did keep records of how many were killed in the concentration camps. The bastards did it because they were proud of the numbers. As far as they were concerned, the more the better. Even when they were losing the war, the concentration camps were still running, because they wanted to exterminate as many Jews as they could. What historical accounts have you been reading anyway? The Nazi supporters version? Jesus Christ that would have to be one of the dumbest and most fucked up things you've ever come up with PM. You've come up with plenty, but this one is right up there with the best of them.

    Pardon the french here but that statement has pissed me off!

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  23. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    So, PM, you're cool with hate-mongering as long as it's not directed at you?
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