How to tell when your mayor's an asshole

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Magical Realist, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

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  3. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    I always think boris whom is mayor of london, is a toff whom likes to act stupid. Probably he is quite smart behind it all, but he does act daft.

    Is there a dafter mayor than boris of london?
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  5. elusive Registered Member

    Check out mayor Rob Ford of Toronto Ontario Canada for your answer.

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  7. arauca Banned Banned

    Why would you call a person that way , have you had a dialog personally with him ?
  8. kwhilborn Banned Banned

  9. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Especially with bars and cocaine dealers!
  10. someguy1 Registered Senior Member

    I prefer an honest crack-smoking mayor to one who's on the take from the developers other powerful local interests. At the end of the day, why does anyone care how the mayor relaxes? I'm serious here. Crack is demonized but in its powdered form, cocaine, it's very popular with the movers and shakers in town. Explain to me why you think a mayor who smokes crack is worse than one who's on the take from the crooks in town.
  11. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    exactly ...

    What he said ^^^^^^^^
  12. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

  13. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    Mayors might be assholes but they are usually rich and clever assholes who take your money to use for themselves.
  14. billvon Valued Senior Member

    How about an alcoholic crack-smoking mayor who has been ordered out of office for conflict of interest over an improperly solicited donation, and who is facing a $6 million dollar libel case? Doesn't sound all that honest. (Well, maybe he's honest by Canadian standards.)
  15. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Billvon,

    You may disagree, but it is unusual for you to misrepresent facts.

    Aside from the mumbo jumbo about The court overturning that conviction as in the Wikipedia link above ...

    That all had to do with his Football organization. THIS MAN SELFLESSLY HELPED FUND AND COACH KIDS IN FOOTBALL.

    Has anybody here coached a team or donated their time to an equally worthy cause.

    Rob Ford was targeted by many Unions and Government workers because of his tough budget cuts. He's stopping the Gravy Train to Government Offices.

    He refused a driver and buys his own lunches. He has taken a stance against the more corrupt in the city.

    Some of the evidence against him was that he used City Hall Letterhead for use in his Football ventures. Just a tad ridiculous to a normal observer.


    So your claim he has been ordered out of office is kind of Remiss if you fail to mention the ruling was overturned, much like your claim of a Libel Suit became history after an apology.

    Is that honesty by American Standards?
  16. Gage Registered Senior Member

    Your logic is disturbing.....
  17. billvon Valued Senior Member

    If he abuses his position to help a specific cause then he's breaking the law. "Selflessly" might make sense if he used his own money. He didn't. He used other people's money to help his favorite cause, and got that money by using his position as council member to solicit donations from people who did businsss with the city.

    In the US it is common to not allow mayors/governors etc to lean on suppliers to donate to their favorite causes, because it almost guarantees corruption. "Hey, donate a bunch of money to my kid's Little League team because, you know, the vote on who gets that contract is coming up."
  18. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Billvon,

    You seem to be able to paint a pretty picture here, but I have met Rob Ford and he goes the extra mile to do his job well and if anything has hampered corruption in City Hall.

    He even called many Councillors corrupt and raised another media storm over that.

    It appears he is the most popular candidate for the next election as well. He has the popular vote of half of a 5 million population.

    Toronto is one of the greatest cities in the World, and a tough mayor is better than a weak shy one. He saved over a billion dollars from their budget.

    Toronto now has a SURPLUS budget .....

    So the bottom line is the bottom line is no longer in the red.

    If you were faced with crying teenagers could you still slash a budget?


    This is how we see him. How he acts in private is his own business as far as Toronto is concerned. He invited everyone to speak and he heard them all. He can be reached by telephone as he often answers his own phone. He refuses to use chauffeurs etc.
  19. Gage Registered Senior Member

    We misjudge each other all the time kwhilborn... There's no point in being angry about what a person didn't prove to be! Move on...
  20. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Gage,

    This type of tripe would possibly be warranted had I started this thread, but I did not enter it until the 5th post.

    I do not live in Toronto but maintain my legal residence there and vote there. My standpoint is likely more fact based than what you see on Letterman or from Posters in various other countries.

    The FACT BASED POLLS show his current popularity to be the best among candidates for the next election (see post 5 link).

    The man does a good job according to approx 2.5 million people, and deserved a decent defense.

    Do you think this forum is simply a place to air erroneous assumptions?

    One Poster here claimed he is a
    When in fact the court said he could remain in office, and the Libel Case was dropped.

    Toronto has a 320 Million dollar surplus this past year, and it was no thanks to our previous Mayors.
  21. p-brane Registered Senior Member

    In conclusion, despite being caught in a lie which revealed him to be in some ways a bit of a sleaze ball and a bully, Rob Ford has always been an unusually effective public servant. I don't regret voting for him (though I'm unsure whether I'd do so again).
  22. Bells Staff Member

    I wanna get hiiiighhhhh... soooo higghhhhhhhh


    TORONTO Mayor Rob Ford will take a leave of absence to seek help for substance abuse, his lawyer says, as a second video of the mayor allegedly smoking crack cocaine surfaced.

    The Globe and Mail newspaper says two of its reporters have viewed new footage of Mr Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine in his sister’s basement.

    “(The clip) shows Mr Ford taking a drag from a long copper-coloured pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke, his right arm convulsing,” the newspaper said.

    The footage is part of a package of three videos a man claiming to be Mr Ford’s dealer says he secretly filmed at 1.15am on Saturday, April 26 and is now trying to sell for “at least six figures”.

    In another clip seen by the Globe and Mail, the mayor “rapidly shifts his weight back and forth on the spot, talking into his cellphone and his right arm swinging at his side.

    “When the camera pans around the room, a man that looks like Alessandro ‘Sandro’ Lisi, the mayor’s former driver and an accused drug-dealing extortionist, can be seen in the background.

    “Mr Ford’s sister, Kathy, who has admitted in media interviews to being a drug addict, is sitting in front of her brother. In the last of three clips, Mr. Ford is holding the pipe and speaking to his sister.”

    After saying he had stopped drinking, there are also reports of his being drunk and threatening people in a bar.

    Also on Wednesday, The Toronto Sun reported that it obtained an audio recording of Ford making offensive remarks about other politicians at a bar on Monday night.

    Ford has refused to resign, despite mounting pressure after a string of incidents, from public drunkenness to an appearance in another video that showed him threatening "murder" in an incoherent rant. Toronto's city council has stripped him of most of his powers.

    Ford said last year that he quit drinking alcohol after having a "come to Jesus moment" but later acknowledged that he drank again. A number of recordings of the mayor intoxicated have surfaced since.

    Ford acknowledged "rocky moments over the past year" during his official campaign launch earlier this month but vowed to fight harder than ever to win re-election.

    Ford, who was the first to register as a candidate in January, invoked the spirit of second chances during a speech in front of supporters.

    A message left with Ford's chief of staff was not returned. Ford's lawyer, Morris, did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment on the reports that emerged Wednesday night.

    John Tory, who is running against Ford in the election, said he's relieved that Ford is seeking help but said "for the good of the city" he should resign.

    The Toronto Sun described the audio recording it obtained and posted online as a "raunchy audio recording of Ford ranting and swearing" in a Toronto neighborhood bar.

    Among the statements attributed to Ford on the recording is, "I'm so f-----g sick of politics, dude. Look at my record." Ford allegedly says of mayoral contender Karen Stintz, "I'd like to f-----g jam her (Stintz), but she doesn't want ... I can't talk like this ... I'm so sorry." The recording also captured threatening statements allegedly made by Ford: "Give me a shot right now or I'll f-----g break your legs. I want another one," and "If you don't give me a shot I'm going to knock your f-----g teeth out."

    Witnesses in the Sun's report claim Ford was unruly and attempting to start fights with patrons. "He was really wasted," a witness told the Sun. "And he was acting like a real ass."

    And he still won't resign..
  23. Arne Saknussemm trying to figure it all out Valued Senior Member

    Why not view Rob Ford as the most honest politician ever, after a fashion. Canada, North America, nay the world wold be a far less interesting place without him. Someday he will be gone, replaced by some boring, whitebread Mountie of a mayor and everyone will miss him.

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