how would we increase the size of brains.

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by gamelord, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Long ago: My baby boy twins were delivered cesarean. which led me to saying that they were from their mother's womb untimely ripped.....
    until she made me stop.
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  3. Capracus Valued Senior Member

    Grow some feathers and pack our existing skulls with more neurons.

    The pallium of birds does not have any layers comparable to those in the human cortex; but its neurons are more densely packed than in the cerebral cortex in humans: pigeons, for example, have six times as many nerve cells as humans per cubic millimetre of brain. Consequently, the average distance between two neurons in pigeons is fifty per cent shorter than in humans. As the speed at which nerve cell signals are transmitted is the same in both birds and mammals, researchers had assumed that information is processed more quickly in avian brains than in mammalian brains.
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  5. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Women are "equal" to men in the sense that videogame characters are equal to each other, given an assumed parity in environmental conditions.
    Similar to how a mage is "equal" to a warlock, in terms of ability to succeed at the game. However, both use different tactics and strategies and have different traits and abilities, the gameplay of each character is different.

    Boys and girls, pre-puberty, have almost identical brains. Some claim that boys inherently like boys toys, some claim that boys have different brains than females at birth. I am not sure I believe, I am more inclined to say boys and girls have almost the same brains pre-puberty. There has never been an honest scientific study that raised hundreds of children as gender-neutral. At least none that I am aware of which proved that boys and girls act inherently different. Because we live in a socially conditioned, gender-ized society, thus saying boys and girls are inherently different can be a result of tainted experimental conditions.

    However, it stops there. After puberty, males are flooded with high amounts of estrogen and testosterone, making them violent, horny, and moody. Females are flooded with mostly estrogen, making them horny and moody. From there their brain is forever altered to fill into prescribed gender roles of nature. Depending on the hormone balance, males flooded with more hormones than usually, some males are effete, feminine males, such as transsexuals, the more masculine males, jocks, factory men, and such. Excess Testosterone converts into estrogen, therefore, excess testosterone males often become effete, or feminized.

    As far as brain size, women have the roughly the same amount of neurons as males, more densely packed to compensate for their 9% smaller brain size. Like videogame class-types, female brains seem to be more talented at language processing, and males, more talented at spacial processing.
    Of course, if the female brain was to be doubled in weight, it would obviously exceed any male at both language processing and spacial processing, even if it had a dominance at language processing.

    The problem is not women's ease of birth, that is a seperate issue altogether. The main goal is to furiously expand the human mind. Once humans are so smart we will be able easily figure out a solution to remove pregnacy pain altogether without even having to do C -sections, a solution that is both organic and not loveless test-tube babies devoid of the natural element.

    Now you say we are slowly getting bigger as a species, but I have watched some youtube videos which claim humanity is evolving smaller brains and smaller bodies.

    Is there some way to develop a serum, which will mutate our brains to partially have bird DNA?
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