Humans, War, Lemmings and ..... Christianity?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by RealBigOleDummy, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    that is a scientific fact
    unfortunately in places where power is idolised with no moral accountability
    no health care
    no social services
    no unemployment
    no housing
    those radical elements are nurtured like in the usa to become anarchist domestic terrorist who invade government buildings & create nazi partys.
    but such people have been normalized by the religious right wing conservatives & called normal & then they call them selves liberal to hide their extremism in plane sight.

    empathy & civic care & duty are all lies & faked to deliver absolute power to the dictator or lynch mob

    thus the violent horde is normalized as a function of society's basic moral response system

    its very obvious

    i could comment about other cultures, but what do americans know about other cultures ?
    almost nothing & thats the ones who claim to know something
    most are simply not interested & know absolutely nothing.

    american culture & society is still in the middle of a civil war against bi or multi culturalism as a position of self definition & cultural awareness.

    how many core cultures does the usa have not counting border cultures ?
    native 2 types, Hawaiian & native indigiounes americans[variants are pacific peoples])
    western European[invader zim & their minions]
    African[slaves re-located culture]
    Chinese [service workers & slave culture relocated]
    everything else is a variant or recent addition

    so thats how many ?
    5 basic cultures inside 1 frame work
    which makes it multi cultural society(science fact)
    but what is the majority opinion of opposition ?
    50%(rough average polling & political voting) oppose that reality & claim the usa is inherently a white European culture.

    thats just simple straight up insanity
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  3. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    It made a good illustration is all. I could have done the territory/ food supply/ tribe defending impulse without your barbeque, but wtf, it was there.
    But warring is not an overpowering kamikaze impulse. There is no 'kamikaze impulse' in battle: self-sacrifice is an adjunct of protective bahaviour and can be completely rational. The Kamikaze pilots did what they did, not from a desire for annihilation, but because it was (theoretically) a means to fight superior war machinery with inferior ordnance.
    OTOH, personal conflicts between individuals have a greater variety of proximate causes, most of which are obvious at the time violence breaks out. What's not obvious are the contributing causes, in personal experience, influences, circumstances, mental state, societal malaise and dysfunctions of every kind.
    Likewise, suicide. Sometimes the reason is rational; sometimes delusional, sometimes altruistic, sometimes a means of escape from unbearable mental anguish. The precipitating event may be obvious; the contributing factors are not.

    Where in the course of evolution is the discontinuity? Where did we lay down the Chimpanzee genes and what was substituted?

    How is that nonsense related to fighting for one's clan and territory? Gullibility (and the overheated human imagination, which also invents watch movements and ballet) may predispose people both to believe fanciful images and to believe that Red Menace or the Saracen is a real threat to their homeland (which sometimes it is) but those are separate issues. They don't go to war for green cheese; they go to war for their loyalties, for plunder and for their values.

    I doubt it.

    Fine, you're an exception. Just don't expect any status in or respect from your tribe after the dust settles.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i missed this but read it where jeeves replied

    think of it this way
    can you provide some type of anthro=-psyche links discussing this outside the realms of religious text ?

    the whole sodom & gomorrah thing is intrinsic to overt social psychological control by exploiting psychological manipulation to create social compliance & a point of absolute justification of absolute power over life and death(the serial killer making its own social culture)

    there are various human psychological concepts frame works & psychological design in this
    but i dont see you going anywhere near that level of tech for me to start discussing it.

    keep in mind around 40% of American voters think women should not be in leadership roles superior to men.

    THAT is a significant proportion of society.
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  7. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    We didn't even get into the whole hormone thing....
  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    hermiones ?

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    bitch will _uck you up !
    dont mess with her

    let me fix that for you

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  9. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    Be kind of interesting to know why they each think this.
    Okay, not all off them; just maybe 4 categories.
  10. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Ask Jan

    He will have logical explanation

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  11. domesticated om Stickler for details Valued Senior Member

    I agree with you. I’m sort of tossing a raw hypothesis out there though, so the jury is still out on the “scientific fact” part. Just seems plausible in light online conversation.

    If my idea is valid, the current way stupidity is playing out in America may not be common across every time it’s happened in history. More like there will be *some* type of stupidity (Easter island wasn’t Christian or Republican) and spin the wheel on the particulars of how it went wrong that time.
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  12. domesticated om Stickler for details Valued Senior Member

    I agree. In my last reply to Rainbow, I proposed that the “how did we get here” part may fall under the umbrella of the base idea of “higher ratio of self destructive people over time”.

    There is a slightly separate discussion on the whole tendency to inject animal traits into rational concepts brewing here. My gut tells me maybe its a popular fad that’s not going to survive the test of time. I know that’s an unscientific thing to say, but - you know that moment when you realize something is going to take a lot of effort? That’s not to say I wont do it, just.... gimmie a minute and I’ll throw it into formal debates or something.

    I was just making a humorous statement about the folly of belief.
    Getting a bit of a “struggle with understanding the context and subtext of conversational or printed situations” vibe here, but sometimes what I’m saying in my head doesn’t translate on paper .

    I know we’re drifting off the OP’s core discussion a bit here, but have you ever been in the social situation where somebody says “don’t be a wuss” in an attempt to talk you into doing something monumentally dumb? Example:

    “let’s smoke a joint while driving”.
    Me: “are you out of your mind?”
    “Cmon. Don’t be a wuss”

    Let’s call the person proposing smoking the joint the tribe. Yes, I will gain status and respect if I smoke it. Yes, I will gain those things if I don’t NARC him out when we get pulled over. I’ll be considered a hero to my peers for being the kind of guy that will go to jail for someone.
    You know what I like better? NOT going to jail. Smoking my joint in the privacy of my home. Spending the month I would have spent in jail smoking more joints. Watching the tribe get arrested on TV from the comfort of my living room.
    I personally don’t care about status or respect among idiots. I’m actually more familiar with the idea of being “special in one group, but not special in another group”. IE - grandma thinks I’m a master gardener, but master gardeners think I’m a novice.
  13. domesticated om Stickler for details Valued Senior Member

    I don’t have any to dish up on demand. Hold that thought though (this just just a “read your message” acknowledgement)
  14. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    I don't see a difference in stupidity level from one revolution/civil war to the next, one international incident to the next, one invasion to the next.
    If you want to include other disasters besides armed conflict, you might leave Easter Island on the doorstep next to the lemmings:
    ‘There’s no real evidence of a population decline prior to the first European contact in the early 1700s, before that it seems they lived sustainably.’
    Stupidity doesn't necessarily play a part. How do you figure intelligence rises and falls in populations? If by genetic selection, what's the driving mechanism? If by environmental factors, is it intelligence that changes or education?
    And how does intelligence quotient affect behaviour? Are stupid people naturally more aggressive than clever people, or do they just have more stressors inflicted on them? Or is it that clever people are better at avoiding injury by getting the stupid people to fight for them?
    Are there? How would you diagnose self-destructiveness? Suicide statistics? Or by your own arbitrary notion of what was self-destructive in an age, a culture and a situation of which you know only hearsay?
    Inject? Are you unaware that we are animals, descended from other animals? Our genes were not imported, specially created or invented; they were inherited. What makes you think aggression and conflict are 'rational concepts'? In fact, religion is only half rational - that is, a reasoned response to unreasoning primal needs.
    Of course. Peer pressure works at all stages of life, though it takes different forms over time. The "daring" behaviour you mention is typical of adolescent males in the process of establishing their relative status. Much of this behaviour, of course, showing off to the impressionable, nubile females of their cohort. (The process is strikingly similar to the way young bison bulls and wildebeest bucks to it. Coincidence?)
    The pressure to conform presents in other ways - punishment by authority figures; resentment from peers; rejection by potential mates; shaming and mockery. Social animals [obviously not you] need to feel part of a group. Ostracism and exile have always been nearly as devastating as as a death sentence.
    Fine again. It's a trivial example. Most of the conformity required by the tribe is not to foolish pastimes, but to serious committment. If the bus were on fire and you chose - very sensibly - to run away instead of helping to rescue the people trapped inside, that would be a more serious example.
    Nobody's forcing you to ride with idiots, are they? There were people who stormed the US Capitol last month - but there were also people defending it; both kinds belonged to collectives with a shared set of beliefs and rules of conduct.
    This is relevant - how?
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    india & china moving its people into modern world systems will simply wipe the human species out.

    just 1 of them moving the majority of its people from 3rd world to 1st world will be enough by the looks of things

    & the current global pollution & Co2 use rate is going to do it anyway.

    so its either push or be shoved

    and what do aging 70 year old power crazed people care for the average citizens grandchildren
    i read a very gently softly written sentence inside an article that clearly details usa has deliberately prevented hundreds(statistically thousands) of covid19 deaths from being recorded as covid19.
    and i turn around & then look at supposed food shortages in the country that lead the world in selling "farming equipment" globally for decades.
    & they cant feed their own people, not from lack of food, but from lack of care, motivated by greed & selfish psychopathy.

    i have read quite a bit of eastern philosophy & quite like some of it
    but the modern indian is little different to the modern self interested greedy anything-else type of person

    looking at the farming lord protestors
    driving their bently tractors showing off how they are soo rich they dont need to work & they dont need to use the bently ferarri tractor to do any work.
    and all the western living indian heritage people are supporting them ideologically playing elite privilege human rights games
    as if its all fair & even over there.
    im sure modi is no ghandi but they know they need to upgrade their farming process to start to even pretend they can feed all their own people.
    look at the usa
    they cant
    all that fake ideology housed inside surfdom portrayed as fake socialism as a form of capitalism inside a feudal pretense of democracy lol
    cheer squad, i think modi is doing a good job holding the edges together.

    how many years would the average farm worker in india need to work to afford to pay cash for one of those tractors ?
    200 years ?

    what would be really funny to watch is
    if modi told the police to confiscate all those tractors used to push the busses & fences over,
    brought in flat deck trucks & trucked them all off to impound yards then sold them off & donated the money to food banks for rural poor.
    what sweat irony that would be
    all the maharaja farmers on their bently ferarri tractors that dont need to be using them to feed the starving millions

    clearly publishing pictures of those tractors used on TV being used as battering rams and media saying they are being confiscated.

    indian culture & commerce & black market currency bribery systems enjoy the complex half mad intricacys of the British imperial bureaucracy, so they could get the local civil government to demand all maharaja farmers store their tractor diesel in a different place rather than in the fuel tanks of the tractors while they are camping & protesting.

    and because it is clearly obvious with unlimited video evidence, the tractors are no longer being used as farming equipment, they have now been classed as personal motor vehicles and will start to become policed as such, including taxation not limited to & including emission control regulations for air pollution & noise, seat belt, indicators, breaking systems & all private motor vehicle safety regulations.

    "im just going to drive my electric combined harvester to the local dairy to hawk my covid vaccine for a greener planet"

    uh huh ... thats a bicycle & its not your covid vaccine

    maharaja luxury private tractor government impound auction
    would be better if the govt held ownership & operated a raffle system where they use the tractors for free on farmers land to do the work.
    like government social welfare but using the tractors they confiscate.
    each small holding farmer can co-ordinate with their neighbor & the tractor can be trucked in, used there for the surrounding small holdings, for free
    then moved on to the next group of small holdings.
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  16. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

  17. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    pure genius at work there
    the guy in the fluro jacket is obviously not worried about loosing an arm or leg to a breaking tow rope

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