Humour in defining the word "faith" and the situation in 2021?

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Dennis Tate, May 9, 2021.

  1. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    I have a humorous take on faith:
    Beware: St. Peter demands to see a no-vaxx passport at the gate.

    But seriously
    I have heard more than one "Christian" gripe about the closing of churches, even in terms like:
    "My spiritual safety trumps their physical safety." - actual caller to a radio show.
    What, your god doesn't know where you live? You'll start sinning and go all corrupt if your bum doesn't touch the usual pew once a week? What was Jesus even thinking with that private praying nonsense - as if it worked without your fellow congregants see you praying!
    and "How come you close the churches and leave the liquor stores open?"
    The liquor store doesn't deliver. If your god doesn't, you should consider changing religions.
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