hydrogen peroxide

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by dzerzhinsky, May 10, 2007.

  1. dzerzhinsky Communist Registered Senior Member

    I am looking for a method to synthesize hydrogen peroxide.

    After doing some reseach this is what I have found. Hydrogen peroxide can formed by dissolving barium peroxide in water or sulphuric acid. I have plenty of sulphuric acid, but how can I obtain barium peroxide?

    Is it true that by burning barium sulphate you produce barium peroxide? It just seems too easy to be true.

    Any other suggestions?
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  3. Positron Agony: Not all pain is gain Registered Senior Member

    Hydrogen Peroxide was first synthesized by Louis Jacques Thénard in 1818 by reacting Barium peroxide with Nitric acid, but sulphuric came around later.

    The new process for making it is reacting Barium Peroxide with Sulphuric acid.
    As for getting Barium Peroxe, that might be a bit difficult, as its only uses are belaching and fireworks. sorry, but I dont have any ideas on where to get it. Check eBay?

    Anyways, heres your reaction for Hydrogen Peroxide

    BaO2 + H2SO4 → H2O2 + BaSO4

    Make sure you use a Centrifuge to get the Barium Sulfate out after the reaction is finished.
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  5. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    Barium is pretty poisonous. You would want to be very careful if you plan to work with it. Disposal would probably be a problem.
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