I am afraid to die

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Saint, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    I don't see how. He needs to accept death and stop worrying, the only way to be at the very peak of happiness is with God and the seven Heavens.

    While on earth, Live, Enjoy, Taste, Hear, Express, Play, Work, Learn, Blossom.

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  3. SnakeLord snakeystew.com Valued Senior Member

    Are you not? It's quite likely that what I do to enjoy myself won't be the same for you and in fact might make you outright miserable. Well-being is, as Harris rightly says, a vast landscape - not a black and white thing that can simply be pointed at.

    Life unfortunately comes with no 'user manual', (theists might disagree here but the texts they point to as 'user manuals' are all ancient, shoddy scribblings of nomadic shepherds, having little to no value in the modern world). Again it can only be said that what you'll find meaningful won't necessarily be the same as me. I find my offspring to be the ultimate meaning in my life - so much so that gods pale in comparison but you might not like having children hence I'd hate to tell you to have any.

    Good luck.
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  5. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    The first step would be to enlist the help of a psychologist. That's not something that an online forum can help you with.
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  7. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    Assuming you had an immortal soul, what would you be doing that would make life fun and meaningful?

    Do that.
  8. Saint Valued Senior Member

    i feel that the more I enjoy now, the more I will feel sorry when i am going to depart this world.
  9. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    Well, you know what they say... Life sucks then you die.
  10. John99 Banned Banned

    Perhaps. Then there are different types of people. You have your "happy go lucky" so thats one way to look at it.
  11. ULTRA Realistically Surreal Registered Senior Member

    Now look, people are dying every day that don't want to. Life is what you make it unless you're one of the poor sods that have to drink contaminated water or gets shot by thier neiboughs. Buck up. You get just one shot at this as far as we know, so grab it with both hands and don't let go, 'cos when you're on your deathbed wishing you'd done this or that, it's too damn late.
  12. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    or Saint...
    Cast your votes now
  13. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    To OP:

    Fear of death is why I choose to believe in metempsychosis and reincarnation.

    I am fully prepared to admit the two may be a bunch of hogwash, but it's hogwash that has utilitarian value for me: it makes me less afraid of my eventual end. It will make my passing on a lot easier to go through- provided, of course I don't just get flattened by a dump truck or something.

    (Life of course being one sexually transmitted disease that is 100% fatal.)

    As someone with major depressive disorder, it also makes me a little less likely to off myself-when having suicidal ideation I think to myself that I'd just have to come back and live through a slightly different craptastic life...so why bother pressing the reset button?
  14. Saint Valued Senior Member

    reincarnation is the only way to make life meaningful and you will forever have chance to fix your life each time you are born.
    probably we can Trust Buddha.
  15. jayleew Who Cares Valued Senior Member

    You are right.

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    Having children is meaningless..
    Meditation is meaningless..
    Fame is meaningless..
    Money is meaningless..
    Love....uh meaningless..
    Getting married...meaningless.
    Higher education...meaningless.
    Climbing Mt. Everest...meaningless.

    I could go on...but you are right it's all meaningless.....

    What you need is a life. You are the walking dead if you believe the only way to give your life meaning is to be reincarnated.

    I would die to live one more day.
  16. Saint Valued Senior Member

    there is proof of reincarnation is true, some people can recall their previous life
  17. starscream84 Registered Member

    Who wants to sleep forever though? It would be better to exist in some capacity.
  18. Kellisness Registered Senior Member

    Your consciousness, which is your awareness of yourself and your current surroundings, is not your body. It's you. Do you seriously believe that when your physical body ceases to function that you yourself will stop existing? It's a physical body, it's not consciousness. What will happen is that you will cease to be conscious of this reality, and your consciousness will shift and you'll become aware of another reality, that's all. You're not your physical body or your mind, so it's really no good to you to identify with it. Your body and mind are hardware and software which your consciousness utilises in order to function within the reality that you currently find yourself in. Identifying with it is like identifying with your computer, it makes no sense.
  19. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    Make up anything that's better than the truth and it still won't change anything after you die. Just get use to being "gone" forever and never coming or going anywhere once you are dead. It is strange how the truth can't be accepted even in real life many times as well. Just do what you can now and live life to its fullest.
  20. drumbeat Registered Senior Member

    And what would you do?
    You won't have any part of your current life.
    Learning history or astronomy or biology or another language or anything will become meaningless.

    To exist forever? After the Earth has gone? After all the stars fade out?

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