I want to be rich, very rich.

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Saint, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    Back to the OP, you can't take anything with you when you die. So be greedy, take it all, then leave it all behind.
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  3. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    gendanken, how exactly do pictures "complicate" scrolling down !?!?

    gendanken, inner peace, self-esteem, lack of psychological/emotional aberrations/deficiencies, experiencing unconditional love...just to point out a few. ( also your rant later on in your Post #37 about what "money" fails to procure - other than debt!)

    from : - http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/true

    1 true adjective \ˈtrü\

    : agreeing with the facts : not false

    : real or genuine

    : having all the expected or necessary qualities of a specifed type of person or thing

    Full Definition of TRUE
    a : steadfast, loyal
    b : honest, just
    c archaic : truthful
    a (1) : being in accordance with the actual state of affairs <true description> (2) : conformable to an essential reality (3) : fully realized or fulfilled <dreams come true>
    b : ideal, essential
    c : being that which is the case rather than what is manifest or assumed <the true dimension of the problem>
    d : consistent <true to character>
    a : properly so called <true love> <the true faith> <the true stomach of ruminant mammals>
    b (1) : possessing the basic characters of and belonging to the same natural group as <a whale is a true but not a typical mammal> (2) : typical <the true cats>
    : legitimate, rightful <our true and lawful king>
    a : that is fitted or formed or that functions accurately
    b : conformable to a standard or pattern : accurate
    : determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles <true north>
    : logically necessary
    : narrow, strict <in the truest sense>
    : corrected for error

    — true·ness noun

    Examples of TRUE :
    Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false.
    If their predictions are true, we'll be in for a long winter.
    Is it true that you were planning to go without me?
    Jobs are scarce, and that is especially true for managers.
    The true cost proved to be much higher than they said it would be.
    His true character was revealed.

    Origin of TRUE :
    Middle English trewe, from Old English trēowe faithful; akin to Old High German gitriuwi faithful, Old Irish derb sure, and probably to Sanskrit dāruṇa hard, dāru wood — more at tree
    First Known Use: before 12th century

    gendanken, idolizing celebrities and coveting their material possessions or being envious of their perceived and manufactured "Cult of Personality" are just a few of the very things that I find of NO TRUE VALUE!

    BTW, that is you grousing - I myself do not complain of my own inability to grasp the reality of brainwashing/merchandising/advertising/hedonistic behavior!

    gendanken, I can not, will not and I steadfastly refuse to answer for anyone but myself. So...

    ...everything below this point are only my thoughts on the remainder of your Post #37... they are not in any way, shape or form, to be construed as my trying to answer for Fraggle Rocker!

    gendanken, do you possibly mean the Reagan years? And, are you also trying to say that "a myth that's been cannibalizing youth..." only started in 1980 !?!?

    gendanken, the ^^above^^ is "your rant" I alluded to earlier in this Post.

    Again, gendanken, the ^^above^^ are your own examples of what you may or may not feel or believe to be things in life that have true value - I DO NOT CONCUR with those stated feelings or beliefs, nor do I hold them as my own!
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  5. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    dumbest man on earth:
    Good for you, Chopra.

    Because its easy for the little Chopras of the world to bray about the value of "inner peace" in a studio.

    It's as easy as silly, overeducated, suburbanites recommending you get a Ph.D.

    "Inner peace" is an arrogance of modern thinking--you have to work to carve an environment for you to pretend at it.

    You know, like a temperature controlled room with a computer for you to write about the complimentary mint of 'inner peace' you found on your pillow this morning.

    Is that so?

    "Unconditional" as in no price exacted if you were to neglect it?
    The price for love, Romeo, is a constant vigilance of catering to another's ego-- you have to pet it, accept its most abject stupidities, sacrifice your most sacred space.

    It's no different than tending fire-- neglect the work required to maintain it and the
    house burns down.

    Because, of course, that's effortless?

    Considering you can topple its walls with an insult.

    "Self esteem" was born in the 70's. It's an artificial concept stitched together from pop psychology and, like all things manufactured, requires maintenance.

    Self-esteem, as everything else, is a value that men exchange for value.

    It demands a narrative and material crap to subsidize it. "Crap", as defined, is bullshit paraphernalia like "the best things and life are free" and "love makes the world" something or other.

    You remind me of those Gatlinburg hics ogling at at the 'beauty of mother nature' from their SUV's.

    Or Caligula "hunting" crippled hippos.


    You've missed the point entirely, Beevis.

    My point was that to first assume the mantle of repeating "quotes of wisdom", one must first look up to see who's sitting at the table.

    You will find that all the seats are taken, while there's you on the floor with the dog wearing tablecloth repeating their banalities:

    "Seek and ye shall find....."
    "All the best things in life are free, my boy"
    "Treat others as they would have them treat you....."

    Lines written for children to be recited by children to ensure another generation of non-threatening consumers.

    Actually, seeing as how American politics is a mottled ball of white flesh, you can't blame a girl for confusing one redneck with another one.

    The cost of tuition exploded during the Bush administration so, in a sense, my point should finger Bush. (snort...god, I'm good)

    But it doesn't matter-- the Horatian myth of "rags to riches" is a beast that cut its teeth during the Reagan years. The most vicious robber baron of the Industrial Age would cringe at Reaganomics.

    Rants aren't alluded to.
    They're warmly received bent over and retained as medication.


    Then remember I don't tip if my bread gets smooshed because you bagged it with the milk gallon.

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    I've just made it that much harder for you to go back and find actual text.
    Toddler in the toilet? you. Evil mantis? Gendanken. Ah, the nostaglia....
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2013
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  7. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    Awww, don't underestimate the importance of inner peace!

    Of course, as long as a person's inner peace depends on the color of their living room walls matching the color of their sofa - then that's a tough predicament indeed.

    Maybe I am romanticizing, but it seems to me that all the great men of history had inner peace - otherwise, they couldn't have accomplished anything. Think of all the great warriors, explorers, scientists - they were up against enormous odds.
    In that sense, inner peace is similar to courage or a sense of determination.

    It's just that in the olden times, inner peace wasn't something like

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    but more like

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  8. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    I'm not.
    Only slapping his annoying dilettantism around-- "serenity" is not free.

    Neither is "love" or whatever else he's got up there.

    Don't know, though.

    Define it.
  9. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, those modern gurus can be a real mystery ... I mean seriously - how can someone utter so many big words with little or no substance to back them up?

    Like I said - 'similar to courage or a sense of determination.'
  10. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Gendanken, sorry that I mistook you for someone a tiny bit less than perfect!

    Gendanken, on a more serious not though, I really must admit that your superiority, like flatulence, escapes me.

    Gendanken, I humbly ask that you take your name calling and your baiting and set off to find someone else as obviously superior as yourself to to play your puerile, inane games with.

    Gendanken, please do not be sad that I do not care to "play" with you - with all of your learning and intelligence though, you must be aware of the hollow victories that are suffered by winning a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

    Gendanken, may you and yours enjoy a Happy Holiday Season.

    Good Day and continued Good Living to you.
  11. MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke Valued Senior Member

    I know just the man.

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    Duuuuuuh...gee George, you wanna play?
  12. Jaylis Registered Member

    It is not a bad desire , it is the wish of all human I think. In fact, you'll have to make great efforts to reach this goal since life is not easy nowadays.It has much to do with luck too.
  13. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member


    MacGyver1968, how does that old adage go? ...we can pick our nose...but we can't pick our friends... - or - ...we can pick our friends...but not pick our friends nose...!?!?
    Meh...takes all kinds, I guess.

    anyway, MacGyver1968, may you and yours have a Joyous and Happy Holiday Season!!
  14. billvon Valued Senior Member

    No, he's saying that a PhD has higher earning potential - which it does. Average salaries are 50% higher for PhD's than for bachelor degrees. Is it for everyone? Definitely not. Some people don't need to get a PhD. Some people cannot get one without burning themselves out. Some cannot get one, period.

    But for the people who are mentally, financially and emotionally equipped to get one - they can be both fulfilling and lucrative. Get a PhD from MIT or Stanford and name your salary,

    Or he will teach during the day, make enough to finish his degree, then write and defend his dissertation and graduate - then get a high paying job doing what he likes.

    I know more undergrads who fit that description than graduate students.

    Even more so! Even most campus housing is considerably nicer for graduates than for undergrads.

    That's another way to make lots of money. I sure wouldn't want to do it - especially since some of those people are in jail now for their role in the financial collapse. But if that's your thing, go for it.
  15. someguy1 Registered Senior Member

    Move to San Francisco, learn to code, hook up with a hot startup, make millions if not billions. People do it. It happens a lot.
  16. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    So you don't want to personally contribute to the financial collapse directly, but you support others in doing so. Okay.
  17. river

    Follow the markets and trends

    Not only within the country you live but globally

    Not at all

    One caution

    Can you draw the line between greed and keeping your Humanity ?

    Would you sacrifice children , for your wealth ?

    And do you understand the reality and implications of spread the wealth ?

    A good philosophy of business is the Magna Corp. , philosophy
  18. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Well it is more than just following trends. One has to be able to predict trends as well. Not everyone has the intelligence, knowledge, or temperament necessary to be a successful investor.
  19. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Well sure. I was just being conservative. I don't want him to take my advice and find that I exaggerated the return on his investment. Nonetheless, these days in the USA it's not easy to earn a lot more than 1% interest on an investment until it's up in six figures.

    Bass guitar. I was a guitar-pickin' folksinger back in the 1950s and 60s. In those days nobody set his sights on being a bassist because most of them played bass viols. Then one day I saw a Ventures signature-model bass in a music shop, and being an old Ventures fan I had to fondle it. After a few minutes I said, "I was born to play this axe! Why didn't somebody tell me?"

    There is no one thing that will make a person happy, and on top of that it's different for everybody. Nonetheless, money is the technology the human race uses to record and manage transactions, debts and surplus wealth. The vast majority of people find that prosperity is one of the dimensions of happiness, and prosperity is measured in units of money.

    Admittedly, it's a cliché, one of the telltales of wealth. The public school system in the USA is not unanimously respected, perhaps to some extent for the precise reason that there is no national public school system. They're all local, or state-level at best, and some of them really are not very inspiring. Remember when the Kansas state legislature ruled that all the public schools in that state had to teach creation "science" as a respectable alternative to evolution?

    Most families with an income of $200K do indeed send their kids to private schools--but of course not 100% of them. And sure, some private schools (the ones run by the more primitive branches of Christianity) teach creation "science."
  20. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    I always thought Saint was an elderly gentleman, because he always asks inane questions, easily answerable by googling the problem. Maybe he is exactly the opposite and is very young.

    So the correct answer is: I want to be healthy and happy, wealth can come later, but not that important. After all you can be happy without being rich and you can be depressed with 100 million.
    Also, the trick to life is not having what you want, but wanting what you can have...
  21. Saint Valued Senior Member

    I assume money can buy anything.

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  22. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    It can't buy you muscles, at least not yet. You need the muscles to make the money. You get your start by mugging elderly ladies in the subway, then invest the profits in hydrogen fuel cell startups.

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