I was born 3 times

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Asexperia, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Is that why it stopped working properly?

    I hope you know not to give him your brain else you may need open brain surgery and probably there is no point in asking those doctors who you have pissed off for not giving them the credit for your last fix.

    I know I know but arnt all life saving proceedures annoying ... now if only the lord could step in and do something ... you would think he would ... there he goes saving you in spite of the efforts of the doctors and nurses and turns the last bit over to some machine...heck talk about being absent...again and again absent..and when you talk to him its just as though you are talking to yourself given the lack of input from his side...and look I ask is that lord the one and the same as JC? Well dont believe him if he promises to return...he made that promise to a croud over 2000 years ago and never came back... never..dont you hate folk who break their promise.

    And you know what is even worse? Its pretending that you are the son of someone important...

    And worse still pretending that you are God.

    Still its great that you believe in something even if it is bullshit.
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  3. Asexperia Valued Senior Member

    Thanks also to them for being the instruments that God used for me to recover my health.
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  5. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Now thats better.
    Give them at least some small recognition for the small part they played.
    How did the lord pay the bill?
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  7. Asexperia Valued Senior Member

    Today 12-23, I had my surgery done 2 years ago.
    Thanks God I'm still alive.
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  8. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Well I hope you give more to your church than you pay in health unsurance.
    Anyways arnt you disappointed to be still living given that a beautiful after life awaits.
  9. Asexperia Valued Senior Member

    Alex, are you atheist? If yes, why?
  10. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I am not an atheist I just dont believe any of the countless gods humans have invented are more than myth.
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    only Christians can be Atheists
    if your not a christian then you cant be one.
    a "non believer" is also subtext of biblical reference to define the individual to be of not believing of the fact.
    this renders quite a difference to the reality of belief.

    it puzzles me somewhat how most Christians seem to be unaware of this yet claim to know the bible in a common understanding.

    it is intellectually equal to calling a Hindu, Muslim or Jew an atheist because they are not christian.
  12. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I like the utube show " the Atheist Experience" and note some of the christians know zip about the bible but others are like lawyers as to certain parts but ignore stuff that is inconvenient.

    Anyways a few of them are crazy and ignorant of the simplest facts.

    For example...
    None of them know that the JC MO was common place and all these human gods were based on the Sun worship rendering the christian faith just another Sun worship astrology cult.

    The fish they have on their bumpers is from astrology not any reference to JCs alledged speech.

    They claim bliss and that comes from ignorance is bliss☺

    They refer to themselves as sheep and that is because they are clipped of their wool (wealth) and lead to the slaughter by a lead sheep.

    The new testament is a con based on a lie ... at least the old testament makes no claims that any human is a god...I mean really a human god that is unbelievable.

    ..you could understand ancient folk buying it but to think in this modern era people fall for such a transparent con means some humans have not evolved past cave man status.

    Then they claim immunity from thinking with " thats my faith" and sadly that allows them to continue with their delusion and rejection of reality.

    They may as well put their hands over their ears an say "lalalalalalala"

    Faith is what you must hide behind when you have absolutely no evidence for your claim ... its like if you have a drinking problem and your answer to those trying to guide you away from the bottle and help you recover your dignity, to answer them with " I know its bad but at least it keeps me happy".

    Religion is however worse than drunkeness as at least with drunkeness you wake up sober and with a realisation you were stupid the night before.

    But here in this thread we have testimony of how god working thru doctors saved a life...what I wonder when god saves a life is why he just saved the odd one or two...like what was he doing during the second world war that he let 60 million slip away or to allow the catholics to gas millions of Jews and after blame the politics of these catholics moving the blame to nazi ... but they were all catholics responding to years of anti semetic teaching ...who gave a special mention to Hitler each year on his birthday...???? Why is the churches endordement ignored? how history ignores that fact goes to show the horror that is christianity... sure there are breakaway christian groups but it is the catholic church that built christianity not the myth that was JC.

    Christians bullshit to others and bullshit to themselves to ignore their begining with a fake astrology human god and their involvement in the many horrors resulting in persectution and killing of those not christian.

    Look at this thread...the doctors presumably could not save a life with out god.. ..bullshit.
    What an insult to the men and women who were involved in the operation to believe without god they could not have done it.

    If I was saved by these people I would be sending them a thank you note on each anniversary and not talking nonsence.
    Merry Xmas from scrooge aka Alex☺

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