I'm ashamed of some of my fellow Australians

Discussion in 'World Events' started by jack54, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. jack54 Registered Senior Member

    I picked up the newspaper today and the main page was dominated by a story on riots in Sydney yesterday. About 5000 'Aussies', drinking on the beach started attacking and abusing anyone who looked middle eastern. "Fuck off, you fucking Lebs", is one quote.

    Then, when the police and ambulences arrived, they started destroying ambulences and beating up ambulence officers.

    I'm in shock! This is terrible! I can't believe that 5000 people would get involved in this.

    I always knew Melbourne was the better city

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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Most of the trouble makers were drunken louts, though I also read that neo-Nazi groups got involved (not surprising).

    And over what? Apparently, these "Aussies" were upset about people of a different skin colour coming from neighbouring suburbs to use "their" beach.
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  5. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    Yes, Australians ARE less violent than Americans..

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    - N
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  7. Harlequin Banned Banned

    Actually, James, you'll find there was a little more to it than that.

    A mob is formed after tensions have brewed for some time and a final spark sets things in motion. That "spark" was not someone else wanting to use the same beach. Don't be a fool.
  8. Nysse God is dead Registered Senior Member

    Actually, I think the problem erupted when some "men of Middle Eastern appearance” bashed up two lifeguards last Sunday.

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the fact that those men found the need to bash up two lifeguards, or the fact that a large number of “Aussies” seem to support these riots and openly justify them.
  9. jack54 Registered Senior Member

    Nysse: where did you hear that? I'm just curious because I hadn't heard about it.

    I don't support it. I think there is a lot of simmering racism in Austrlalia right now :/
  10. Nysse God is dead Registered Senior Member

    It's been everywhere, quite annoying really.
    It was on Today Tonight, that stupid "news" show, and in the papers.

    Yeah, I agree.
    To quote someone I heard on the train the other day :
    I though it was pretty sad that he couldn’t see that he was generalising the problem and blaming a whole race instead of the individual dickheads that caused the trouble. Unfortunately that seems to be alot of people’s opinions on the subject.
  11. leopold Valued Senior Member

    now that america has the patriot act riots don't happen here as often.
    the fbi putting the squeeze on them
  12. mountainhare Banned Banned

    James R:
    Actually, it's 'not over that', James R, although it doesn't surprise me that you are, as always, flapping your gums about things which you don't know a damn thing about.

    Perhaps if you lived in the suburbs where this mob of 'nasty white Australians' went 'wild', you'd know that the good white Australians are living in fear of gangs of immigrants, especially those of of middle-eastern descent.

    Perhaps if you had been listening into the news lately, you would have heard about the beach near those suburbs, where a gang middle-easterners were harassing the white women on the beach. Perhaps you would have heard about how when two lifeguards tried to intervene, they were severely beaten by the gang. These lifeguards would have instantly leapt into the water to save their assailiants if they had been drowing.

    Perhaps if you had paid a little attention to current affairs, you would have seen the same Lebanese/Middle-Easterners taunting the police, spitting at them, while the police done diddly squat in return.

    Perhaps then you'd realize that this 'angry' mob of white Australians had a damn good reason to be angry. Despite the mewling, politically correct politicians, the real average Aussies are sick of pandering and taking shit from the micro-minorities.

    Then again, as always, the world will pay attention only to the 'racist acts of violence' committed by whites. Because after the Australians rioted on the beach, Middle-Eastern gangs didn't ravage the suburbs of good innocent people, smashing property and cars, and anyone who dared tried to stop them. Oh wait a second, they did.

    But don't you worry, James. Your precious politicans will call for the blood of the evil, 'racist' white Australians, while allowing immigrant thugs and criminals to run rife, threatening good, honest, Australians. The police will deal harshly with white rioters, but will kiss the ass of the minorities, due to fears of being labelled 'racist' and 'brutal' by other countries, including, funnily enough, America. Or France, which sits on its hands while the immigrants who refuse to assimiliate burn their precious country to the ground.

    Yes, let's all hide in our homes, and expect the police and politicians to enforce the law, especially against (God forbid) the minorities!
  13. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Thank you mountainhare.
    Scrolling down this thread my head was about to explode untill I read your post.
  14. leopold Valued Senior Member

    we are the rootinist tootinist country on the globe
    ever hear of the wild west?
  15. jack54 Registered Senior Member

    Nysse: yes, I just heard about it too.

    You can't justify this as revenge. I don't think what these Lebonese gangs were doing is right either. Of course not. The fact is that you simply can't take the law into your own hands. There are a lot of issues that need to be dealt with, in both the white and middle eastern communities in Sydney. Giving the police more power (as one guy on the 7:30 report was just talking about) isn't going to do squat for the underlying problems.

    Even if you think you can justify rioting against middle eastern people (which, frankly, i find absurd), what about the police and ambulence officers that were attacked? Casualties of war?
  16. mountainhare Banned Banned

    It wasn't just revenge. It's also the fact that the law enforcement in the area has been ineffective. The Middle-Eastern gangs run around, raping and pillaging, while the police do diddly squat, due to the fear of being labelled 'racist'.

    No, the only 'issue' that needs to be dealt with is for immigrant thugs to have a respect for a culture, and actually assimilate. And while they are dealing with this 'issue', honest Australians aren't going to cower in their homes, and allow their own beaches to be taken over by ruffians and gangs. In the 1940's, we fought against the threat of foreigners trying to impose their will on us, and we will damned well fight against it again, despite the willingness of the politicians to engage in fellatio with minorities who won't assimilate.

    This is our country. If they don't like it, then they can leave. There are plenty of other countries in the world where Islam is law.

    And it is, because I said no such thing. But then again, it's natural for people who love to cry 'RACIST!' to misrepresent their opponents views. Next thing I know, people will accuse me of being a Nazi.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2005
  17. Roman Banned Banned

    So what do you define race based mob vigilantism as?
  18. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Oops! 'Race based' does not = racism. Were the Allies racist when they indiscriminately killed German soldiers and civilians? What about when the British targeted Irish terrorists? What about the how the Chinese killed foreigners during the Boxer Rebellion?

    'Racism' is a term thrown about a lot these days, yet few people understand it. Racism = Believing that one race is superior or inferior to another.

    Ironically, I never mentioned that ALL the rioters didn't have racist motives for attacking middle-easteners. Isn't it strange how all of my opponents just continue to distort and make shit up?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2005
  19. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Shouldn't the "5000" number make you people stop and think?
    Most weren't drunken louts, most weren't skinheads or white supremecists (a very slim minority used the event as an excuse to vent their racial hatred), most were normal people.
    Just the everyday white people of that area in sydney who were finally pushed over the edge after YEARS of harrassment. Years of living as second class citizens, walking the streets trembling with their eyes nailed to the ground.
    In the footage some of those involved are well dressed hot chicks, clearly this is an extreme situation.

    This is the backlash of ridiculous political correctness (aka the anti-white person movement), it's people like james r(and pretty much everyone here for that matter) who are to blame for this.
    If white people were allowed to treat other ethnicities as normal people none of this rage would have accumulated, ethnic groups wouldn't be such obnoxious, brazen wankers either.
    This is happening everywhere, with every group the coffee drinking college faggots have a boner for.
    The government and police won't do anything to control ethnic minorities, and it's a crime worse than baby rape to stand up to them. So what you have is a "superior class" feeling like they can do whatever they want wherever they are, and a downtrodden "inferior" class grovelling at their feet and taking their abuse gratefully.
    The perverse and disturbing element to this is the inferior class are the ones with the true power, they're just taking the aristocratic notion of being fair and kind to low lifes to a ridiculous extreme.

    It's rare white people stick up for themself like this, this event warms my heart and restores my faith in mankind.
    I hope we haven't heard the last of this, I'm sure we haven't, I think the whole world will start experiencing more and more retaliation from downtrodden white people.
    There was always going to be a backlash to the insanity, just as the insanity was in response to real racism in the past.
    The pendulum has to swing back some time.
  20. jack54 Registered Senior Member

    Whatever, I maintain that mob violence isn't an acceptable method inciting change.
    Furthermore, why would you quote:

    "Even if you think you can justify rioting against middle eastern people (which, frankly, i find absurd), what about the police and ambulence officers that were attacked?"

    but leave off answering the end part? ie, the point of that sentence.
  21. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Why would he bother? It doesn't warrant answering.
    There were 5000 people, obviously some were there just for the excitement and to cause trouble.
    Thats got nothing to do with why this happened though, it's largely irrelevent to the issue and I have no doubts that is why it was excluded.

    Besides, the police were trying to prevent the middle eastern people from being beaten, the paramedics were trying to heal their injuries, thus rendering their beating a waste of time. It actually makes alot of sense to attack them.
    And there is undoubtedly a sense of resentment towards the police for sitting on their hands when it comes to ethnic crimes.

    But even if it was unbridled larikinism which was behind the attacks on police and paramedics, that's not relevent to the issue. Just like the fact skinheads and "ethnic cleansing units" showed up isn't relevent.
    Most were normal people putting their foot down and taking their livelyhood back.
  22. Teri Curious Registered Senior Member

    The police aren't sitting on their hands.... their hands are tied. One word - politics.
  23. Nysse God is dead Registered Senior Member

    I agree with that.
    Also, I don’t think anyone would have a problem if those 5000 protested calmly and soberly to get their obvious frustration heard, and they might be taken seriously, too.

    There is obviously an issue that needs to be dealt with in Cronulla and other Sydney suburbs that clearly isn’t being taken into account, in fact, a lot of areas around Australia as far as I can tell. However, I think drunken rioting and the use of violence is not the way to go about it or get the issue taken seriously by the media, who they could actually use to their benefit, but instead they are attacking the media as well.

    I can understand why the community would be pissed off by those gangs in question, there are a lot of those types in my suburb too, and they really are smug little bastards, running around abusing people while all the time hiding behind the Laws fear of being labelled racist, however, these Aussies really are not going to achieve much by violently rioting.

    The dickheads that are being shown to the world have also managed to take the focus off the Gang issue and how we could fix it, and instead have put the attention on how violent, drunk, and racist Aussies can be.

    I personally have no problem with drunken violence when it's all in good fun with mates, but when you are using it to try and prove a serious point it is a complete waste of time and energy, and will not achieve a thing.
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