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Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Tiassa, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. everneo Re-searcher Registered Senior Member

    No it is not science but my point is i won't get my candy if i don't agree with him that the candy is made of sugar from Cuba.
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  3. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Oh ok...

    but in a general sense I think he did have a point. Creationism/theists use (or rather abuse) science to prove their point but deny or ridicule any science that doesn't fit their point.

    In that sense you can't get your candy because you will first have to agree that all sweet candy is based on sugar. You cannot disagree with certain areas of the scientific domain because it doesn't fit your agenda and embrace others because they do fit. You cannot cut up science like that.
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  5. everneo Re-searcher Registered Senior Member

    The sugar need not be from Cuba necessarily. Personally i won't feel at loss or at shock if the missing link is found & proved scientifically to be the ancestor of homo-sapiens and other current apes. Till then the link is just an intersection of theoritical extensions of these 2 lineages at an ever receding point in already too distant history. The predictive science won't appeal as strong as the happening science and the later should not be denied to someone on the basis of his non-acceptence of the former. Sounds like Tiassa.?! OK, as you well know, it is not as linear as 2+2 = 4 as forced there in that thread. My stress was to point out the flaw in his circular (or repetitive or redundant or leaping or whatever) logic rather than the science as such.
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  7. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    I think that the whole missing link thing was thrown in to confuse matters (well, a sensitive person could even say 'inflame' instead of confuse).

    (And by confuse I mean confuse the non-biologists.)


    I reread Dr Lou's original post in the thread that is supposed to be inflammatory.

    The topic seems simple enough. All he asks for is consistency from the creationists.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2004
  8. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    The problem is though, that creationists think they are consistent. They are generally wrong I think, but it doesn't matter if you're wrong if you refuse to be so... that is until you are forcefully contradicted, and "evidence" in the abstract form simply isn't enough to do anything about it.
  9. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    It's a coin-flip. I can spend 3,000 words on one occasion, or 10,000 over fifty occasions and accomplish the same thing. And that's a theoretic condition that presumes others conversant. That presumption is seriously ill-advised, but it's one I owe people.

    Some folks say I'm insulting to their intelligence, and this is a separate issue from telling someone to brush up on their reading skills. The length of my posts is often a recognition of this. The First Argument, for instance, provides a general overview of why I'm doing what I'm doing, as well as providing a specific response for grounds for individual offense. It's one thing to call someone a prude if they don't like sex, but if you get up and start banging your cousin on the dining room table in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, the prudes have a right to be offended. So provoking the prudes in order to pick on them just seems like a stupid idea to me. Analogously, gays resent connections drawn between homosexuality and either bestiality or pedophilia, yet heterosexuals will not stand for the 70,000 heterosexual rapes on college campuses each year, or thousands of heterosexual child abusers, being held to represent heterosexuality. Similarly, in response to Thefountainhed's demand for an offended party, I'm perfectly willing to allow myself to be offended by Dr. Lou banging his cousin on the dining room table while he laughs at the prudes he aims to offend.

    And compared to the option of making vague complaints and then sitting back and merely saying the responses are wrongly-focused and ill-considered even though I would make the choice that people wouldn't have a clear idea of what I'm doing or why, I think that, technically, I'm weaving less of a web than I could through other methods.

    I could just say that Dr. Lou's post was offensive because it was a bunch of argumentative fallacies and a personal attack in support of a provocative and irrational thesis, but at some point, someone could have said, "How so?" or "What fallacies? What personal attack?" And then we start on the string of fifty short posts instead of one long one. And that, to me, seems a more tangled rat's nest than anything.

    To take Wes' response, for instance: His anger makes sense to me if I accept that he didn't pay attention to any of those parts of the First Argument or this topic's first post which discuss the reasons why. He doesn't really address those portions and asserts directly to their contrary while failing to account for issues of fact, all in order to maintain that I am inflammatory. Combined with the lack of any substantial argument on his part, his admission that he hates me puts his words and actions in context. No matter how long this topic gets, I'm pretty much repeating myself in these later rounds.

    So this topic gets long anyway, but if, in Wes' case, he just read the topic post and the First Argument, or at least not chosen to ignore the discussion of why, he wouldn't need to be so angry about why. His only apparent reason for doubting the discussion of why seems to be his own hatred, so we're left running around in this rather silly circle. But longer posts are intended to account for as much of the issue as I can see and feel compelled to account for. Quite often I find myself repeating prior posts throughout a topic because people just don't want to read things in a straightforward manner. I mean, you present a number of points suggesting the validity of your assertion, and what happens? Someone ignores one of the points, claims you're failing to address what the point covers, and then, when you direct their attention back to the standing point in the prior discussion, they call it an appeal to authority when in fact they've never read it in its proper context. Analogously, it would be like having DNA evidence, the murder weapon with fingerprints, a clear motive, and the suspect in the general area at the time of the murder. Taken together, the evidence presents a powerful indictment against the accused. Taken individually, isolated completely from the other pieces of evidence, any one point of evidence can be explained away. It's the argumentative equivalent of the really shitty lawyers that people complain about for defending and acquitting the indefensibly guilty.

    So there is, unfortunately, a difference between the reasons for longer posts and the situation we have at hand. But when people take their blinders off and crawl out from under their politics, or in the case of the bystanders who are just trying to pick up the gist of the situation, the information is generally there in the longer posts to address that first level of questions. I actually look forward to the occasions that I'm asked to consider something new, that I haven't accounted for. And while much of that going over old material is, indeed, innocent contextual differences between people, those issues seem to get shoved to the back of the bus.

    It's all a matter of what's important to people; each of us. In the long run, we can easily figure out a better way of getting along, but people don't seem to want to.
  10. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    You never answered my question:

    No thank you.

    It is strange to me that you'd bring that up, but when I bring it up you write it off. A large part of my intense annoyance with you is that you have on numerous occasions, including this one - completely failed to account for this. You apparently think you have, and that's great except for that I offer a scenario that contradicts your assertions - to which you ask me to provide evidence. Your premise is that lou's post is inflammatory. You can created a legal brief a light-year long but it's still just your opinion, as the term inflammatory is inherently subjective to the person percieving that aspect of it, if you follow my meaning. I stated that it is ridiculous to paint it as such basically because of this. Unless it's something obvious like "you're a bunch of jew cocksucks who should die" or whatever, making a case for a post being inflammatory is IMO, juvenile (and not just because YOU did it, because it's the playground mentality when we're supposed to be adults eh?). You have the opportunity to educate someone as to your "enlightened vision", which may somehow be the underlying point of your thread, but you have clearly, given this consideration given us: "a ridiculous amount of words for never intending to communicate.", rendering you hypocritcal since you were accusing me of such.

    And if I tell you I see them? What then? From our history, I tell you I see them and you write a thousand words on what a lying asshole I am. I'm an asshole for seeing different shapes in the clouds? Yeah well fuck you. That you would claim this argument as your own is yet another example of your hypocracy.

    The problem, young jedi, is that you do not listen to what you are told.

    I do not pursue you. You are here. There is no need to go looking for you.

    I am hateful to you as I feel you have warrented. It is my opinion that you are a despicable bastard, as you allow no defense of your perspective. The number of times I've attempted to show you an alternative to your own guarded, paranoid drama, I have tried to illustrate to you simply how you are drawing conclusions based on limited understanding (of what the other person is trying to say). Each time I'm met with this same argument, of how I'm an illiterate liar. Each time you accuse me of exactly of what you are doing while you are doing it. It annoys me to no end and the to best of my limited ability, I'm not going to let you get away with it. It's somewhat of a folly though, given that regardless of what I say, you'll just bury me under a mountain of self-preservatory horseshit.

    How do you presume to comprehend the amount of effort I'm undertaking? I am a slow reader tiassa, it takes a lot of my valuable time to read what I do here, but I do because I've found myself a member of a community I didn't realize I was joining. You are a prominent member and I try to keep up with some of what you're saying. It takes a rather herculian effort on my part to try to communicate with you, given that you annoy the piss out of me and that coming in I know (by this point) that you're just going to ignore any points, ignore the subjectivity of the scenario and bury me under your rhetoric. Ah, but the pretentious pomposity allows no recourse, I understand. I believe that your vision is so vivid to you that you have lost sight of perspectives around you as to you, their signal is just too weak.

    It is your hypocracy and blindness to perspectives contrary to your own that annoys me on a fundamental level. Spurious nailed you perfectly, as you treated him the say way you treat anyone who doesn't agree with you:

    How loving of you eh? You're no hater though... make it your motra.

    What you fail to recognize is that most humans that I deal with tiassa, would help someone if they obviously missed some important detail. Let me try to think of an example:

    You see a sign:

    "come inside and we'll give you a thousand dollars!" but fail to notice on the other side it says "testicle donation required". Most people I deal with, were I on my way inside would say "yo wes, you weren't wanting any more kids ner nuthin were ya? yo man reads the back of the sign" or whatever. Instead, like the finger-wagging, pretentious, pompous asshat you are, you encourage me to go inside and then when I come out without the thousand dollars you proclaim to the crowd that's gathered outside "look at the dumbass who can't read", to which I say: fuck you, you're a despicable fuck. No it's not your responsibility to read for me, not at all, but if you had a smidge of info that would have cleared things up for me, you could have just offered instead of making a scene.

    LOL. My problem is with you. You spin it into an attitude problem because it is utilitarian for you while you work the crowd. You're a politician, seeking popularity. I am genuine. You get from me what I am in the moment. Sometimes I'm enraged, most of the time I'm pretty calm and almost always I'm a huge dork, talking trash in hopes of comedic response... because I love to interact with folks and make them happy, one at a time.

    A man who thinks he knows everything would say just that no?

    Just "more than me" eh? How can you be so sure when you do not listen? Remember, you aren't a hater. There's no passive aggressive tone to your post right?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    It's odd to me that you are so bright, yet so blind. Fascinating really, but highly annoying. Perhaps when you pass 30 you'll find yourself some character.

    Oh? Dishonest eh? Prove that I have once been dishonest. Just one time. Prove it or shutup about it, you hypocrite.

    Hence, you are demonstrably and supremely unqualified to decide what I am thinking.

    You have made no such case. You have spewed accusations and judgements. Then you accuse me of being a "judgemental twat"? Your opinion on the matter is rooted in your politics and is as such, irrelevant to the purposes of illustrating anything factual. You have not demonstrated anything but your own lacking character.

    That you do not find me qualified is wholly irrelevant.

    As you have said "your assessments are as worthless as your hatred", you imply that since mine are irrelevant, yours will have to do. I mean, you assessed the situation and told me my assessments are irrelevant - so which assessments are left? These must be the only assessments worth considering eh? As such, your nullification of my opinion by your own implies you would just have me accept your horseshit as the gold standard. You see, I made the assessment for myself. It is not irrelevant to me.

    Seriously? Oh well if you're serious I mean what choice do I have but to bring your attention to the fact that I can read perfectly well. I just don't like what you have to say.

    Please demonstrate how you can percieve that I have a victim's mentality here? I am your prosecutor. Your pity is pathetic. You have spent thousands upon thousands of words convincing me you are a useless jerk. That is not a complaint. It is a fact.
    I did not intend to imply you forced me to do anything. How could you have? I simply meant what I said above, that your investment in words has been exchanged fairly for my opinion that you are a despicable jackass.

    A little bossy too eh?

    All that to show that you are inconsistent and that you waffle as is convenient to support your politics. All that as another little chink in your failing armor of denial. Your armor is quite strong though, as you can apparently spin just about anything right off of it. Well, it's good for you in the sense that you will survive as you are, despicable, hypocritical, judgemental, pretentious, pompous, etc. You have good qualities too, you're konwledgable, eloquent, you have an excellent memory, etc. Your armor will keep all of those qualities safe.... so in that sense, good for you I guess.

    Yup, bossy. Perhaps a "would you mind" or a "please"? Right.

    Well, given that my reading skills have been touted as exceptional by standardized testing, etc... maybe you should consider alternatives eh?

    Perhaps I don't take what you say as seriously as you do until you start wagging your goddamned hypocritical finger? Perhaps I read very slow and skip things because I have little choice? My appetite for the threads outweights my ability to digest them all completely, so I read what I can and comment as I see fit. Rather than understanding that though, you judge it as inferior, and make a multitude of false accusations based upon it. Even when I explained it directly, you call it a lie. Maybe you make every goddamn miniscule little detail of what is spoken a goddamned pissing context in which everyone's opinion (as that is all that is really presented at sciforums) is shit compared to your own (that is unless they support you or you have something to gain by kissing their ass). You are certainly entitled to behave how you please... and I am entitled to call you on it. Here we are then, round and round. You label everyone haters, though you'd never act like a 'judgemental twat' and then go around hating them for being haters.

    I advocate that people should re-evaluate the reasons they are offended. As a matter of fact, I think "people who are offended" are generally offensive. Now what genius? That's the problem with people who are offended, once they're that way they can just string you along as they wish. Now, I can understand being offended, but a goddamned reasonable individual extends the benefit of the doubt that the person wasn't intentionally being offensive and perhaps dares to extend their understanding to encompass the reasons they offer. If you're from culture A, where farting is the big thing and I'm from culture B, where farting is wholly offensive... what do you do when I get offended for you having farted? Should you bend to my culture? Should you bow down and kiss my feet for me having been offended at you?

    My basis for complaint is not that you offend me. You do but that is not at all the point. My basis for complaint is that you're mistreating people. You're not farting in their area, you're pulling right of eminent domain by telling them they inflammatory... by claiming sciforums as your board. You evict them with your megolamaniacal pretense of "the way tiassa sees good outweighs the importance of the way you see good". Judging a post that you can support as "inflammatory" but requires a 4551 word page legal brief (just your first argument, counted with Word), is simply ridiculous.

    You undermine your basis complaint by not ever realizing that you have no firm basis for complaint if it takes 4551 words to explain it. Get it? I can feel the spin coming already. What will it be? Probably that I'm the one spinning? Perhaps you'll ignore it. Perhaps you'll appeal to ... well hell I don't know. I generally can't predict how you'll spin your way out from under what I've said. That's probably half of what keeps me interested.

    Hmm.. probably an attack on the reading skillz I'd guess. At least you'll probably surprise me.

    It is pretentious of you to think I feel "victimized". Do you think that anger only comes from a victim?

    You do not dictate my pace or actions son. I know you'd rather, but I do not yeild to you. I'm going out of my way to educate you, though I was agitated for a large part of the interaction here. You have a real problem with your perception.

    As to my attitude problem, you've got the wrong person. My anger with you is indicative that you are a jackass. There is no more to it than that. I am not victimized by that you are a jackass, I am vigilant that you are awakened to your folly. I doubt it works, but it's worth a shot. I think you have potential. Perhaps a few years from now you'll catch a clue.

    That you find yourself innocent of obstructing progress is simply laughable. Up until this point in time within our dealings, you simply don't care to hear what is being said. Your framework is rigid and unable to encompass or allow for alternatives that your pretense disallows. It's funny to me that you would say this:

    And not seriously wonder why you think it. I assure you, it is not your environment that fails to impress you. You fail to allow it, you smarmy asshat.

    LOL. Think about what you've said here. Can you demonstrate it with anyone but you, nico or hype? I have similar issues with those two as with you. It is not about disagreement, it is about a fair argument, which you three do not allow. You presume you have the answers before you start. You presume you cannot be surprised, and so you pigeonhole everything you encounter. No? How do you explain it then? I mean you did say:

    Do you really? How can you look forward to something you disallow?

    What? LOL. I worked hard to try to explain a simple concept to you, which you still insist is invalid. I got angry with you when after how many ever thousands of words you invested, you could not agree that "stuff takes time". That is the most bullheaded, assenine fucknut thing I have ever heard. Again, you come in with your pretense, disallow alternative explanations and claim superiority. If you're not careful, you'll spend the rest of your life doing that over and over. You'll end up taking the advice you offered Spurious because you'll have figured it all out so long ago that you can't bear another day of the same boring world, always fitting into your pigeonholes, never living up to your expectation.

    You have it all figured straight out eh? You can't face the possibility that you're wrong? You honestly think that my "tantrum" in that thread is all because of my hate? Does that really make sense? Oh, I've been stuck in the pigeonhole of "shallow dumb guy full of hate"? LOL. Have you really thought that through? Where is my motivation? I wanted to talk about my theories regarding the fundmental theorum of economics, but you came in with preconceived notions and insisted they are applicable to something you hadn't yet understood. Had you allowed for the possibility that you don't already know everything or even necessarily more than me, we might have had a nice conversation, but you could not. You argued repeatedly that impossibility of "shucking infinite corn" was irrelevant. That is just stupid and indicative of someone who isn't interested in conversing, but preaching. I don't see that as productive in a thread dedicated to discussing the merits of an idea, especially when you have as yet to understand the elegance and simple beauty of the idea. You'll claim otherwise though eh? I mean, you have to don't you?

    Here's a little of your own flavor as is applicable:

    I am stronger than you. It's that simple. That you do not see it does not affect it.

    Check your pretense at the door thank you.

    You are squat in the grand scheme of things, myself as well, but that does not mean that in the local scheme, people do not look to you for wisdom... only to find you standing there, wagging your finger telling them which pigeonhole to file themselves into. You've got all the stuff, no surprises for you.

    Your perception is locked into place... so vivid, so real that all the little perceptions around you just fall into holes... holes that you dug for them long ago. Holes that you will not let them out of. Thank you Agent Smith.

    I perform my function. At this time, it is to write this message to you. I do not know for sure why, but I know that it as of this moment, what I choose to do. I honestly want to open a door for your. I want you do let those people out of their holes. I want you to open your mind and trash your pretense. I don't expect that I'll get it, but you seem fundamentally worth a try.

    You think this is about me? Really? You honestly think that my self-esteem is in any way in the balance in my dealings with you? You know, a real jerk once said something to me one time that comes to mind. Here it is with one word's difference. From me to you:

    I hope I can find a point some day.

    Dirty work is not where I choose to place my creative efforts. It has to be done sometimes, but I do not relish it.

    That you would take issue with the creativity of my insults is perhaps revealing as to the "anemia of your argument", no? As I think your comments in that regard simply pointless, I shall ignore the rest of them.

    Ah yes. You get it already don't you? No surprises here. Tell me, how did you get so far ahead of the game eh? It's a gift? Perhaps a curse? It must be lonely for you.

    Oh I bet that number is high too. What a bunch of idiots to challenge the king (of self-importance). Not a one of them with a point either eh? Stupid Monkey is such a dullard, how could he have a point with you? Goddamned human hating lou, what an unwise dumbass eh? How in the fuck could he put a dent in your tower? All the other, so many have come, so many flailing themselves pointlessly against your unyielding wisdom. That must be burdensome, but you're man enough to bear it eh?

    Perhaps tiassa, you don't hear what is said. Maybe if you did we wouldn't all be so pointless eh? Oh no! I forgot we're not allowed to surprise you. That's quite a deal you've got going there. I'm sure it'll take you far.

    Yet never once had you seen a potential for fault in your own position. Goddamn you're good.

    LOL. I'm remembering that line again. You actually think I have misreprented myself somehow eh? I'm surprised you don't post in pseudoscience more... ah, it's probably too technical. I see. Well this may come as a shock, but I've never attempted to fool you. For a long time, I actually respected you. Perhaps you see my loss of respect for you as a "fooling" of sorts. I would think that for me to have fooled you, I would have had to intended to do so. I suppose since you have more insight as to people's motivations than they do, you must be right.

    Which is pigeonhole 202394A23B? Oh please can I move to section 2023409BC to be by Lou and the Monkey? Those dudes crack me up.

    "with me"? Hehe. I suppose I should have thought twice before engaging the great tiassa with a "bombastic argument". Please feel free to have sex with yourself, I won't watch - promise.

    "EGOS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!" - tonight on FOX! Your self importance is indicative to me that you are an intelligent person who didn't get the education you need to have the clout your intelligence warrents, and so you dig pigeonholes in that huge chip on your shoulder. get yourself in school, BOY. suck it up and fucking make something of yourself.

    This is a public forum? The crowd is hard to avoid. Besides, this topic is of interest to more than just me and you, as you have annoyed a fair number of people in this community with your hypocritical finger on auto-wag.

    You didn't mention that at the time? I see, a few more words might have clicked over your "assholometer" and you'd have to start all over? Well, whatever's convenient for you.

    Well, not being you, nor kissing your ass, nor having something you want... how could I possibly have a point? You bury them under your horseshit as fast as I can make them. What do you expect? Man you are awefully dim for a bright guy.

    Let's see what we've got here. Hmm:

    - passive aggressive sarcasm (so much for the 'high road' eh?)
    - feigned humility (because you're really never surprised)
    - ass kissing (because you're a pussy)

    Extremely efficient of you.

    Oh? LOL. How about this gem:

    Oh sorry, I meant:

    In general, yeah mostly.

    LOL. Uhm.. what was that line I used before?:

    Yet you persist? Eh, try as you may. You're really not very good at it though. I suppose that's no surprise eh? Er, rather, you have to think I have to say that and that my having said it is completely unfounded, or you're face a full interior examination of self and goddamnit man, you're not having it! You're already under the pretense that there are no surprises right? Oh.. I see, they're just rare. You're looking forward to it are you? At the rate you're going, I'm guessing your surprise is anything but forthcoming. Do you understand why?

    Uh-huh. Gosh darn, it's just that I can't really think ner nuthin big t so'ze I gotta just make stuff up and "define myself through" an asshat because I'm so very very bad. *sniffle* You're not getting any of this are you? That is an impressive wall you've got there... pink.

    I can shove your nose in it all day long sparky, but if you're "hard of smelling", we're bound for circularity eh? Ah, the circle walk has the smell down to a T. Kind of stinky but goddamned fascinating. I've never smelled anything quite like it.

    Wouldn't a broad hatred be even worse? Why narrow? What's wrong with hating an asshole? I suppose you find it offensive? What if in my culture, it's okay to hate assholes. We save the honor of 'hate' for a very special brand of hypocritical wannabe.

    I can? Why would I need to define myself through you? Is it the emptiness I feel inside? LOL. Dude, I'm surrounded by love and bonus love. Get a grip and consider that your comment above was simply stupid. "define myself through you"? I judge you. I believe that implies I'm pre-defined. Of course my definition is ever-changing, but I cannot stop time yet. I'm working on it.


    Ya think? What if you're wrong? Isn't possible eh? You did see all of this coming. It must be boring for you, all alone in your supremacy. Hey at least you can eat that cookie you offered me before.

    Here, I'll share mine with you if you'd like.

    Did you suspect I was typing from beyond the grave? That'd be a cool trick.
  11. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Your main problem is that you think you are a good writer, but you actually 'suck' at writing. Honestly, I start a sentence and get bored after 3 words. I don?t even want to read on. I start the next sentence and you lose my interest after 4 words. My advice to you would be to write sentences that are not longer than 3-4 words.

    Great! If you really want to you could weave an even stickier web. Good to know. No, just convey your point for a fucking change.

    I missed the point where you pointed out his argumentative fallacy. It got lost in the web of divine light that you spin.

    Maybe you should make your point instead of repeating your web.

    You mean you had a point? Could you repeat your best one?

    Viva postmodernism!
    Aha, I guess I should apologize to you because you told me to put a shotgun in my mouth.
  12. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    I'm sorry I can't stoop low enough to accommodate your comprehension.
    Takes more than 4 words. You wouldn't understand.
    Well, maybe you should read up on the topic before sticking your misguided two cents in.
    I can't dumb it down enough to meet your 4 word standard. Umm ... "Dr. Lou was bad." Umm ... "No cookie for Lou."

    Easy enough?
    Again, I cannot shorten it to accommodate your 4-words-or-less request.
    Actually, po-mo is so yesterday. And if we're going to throw back, we might as well find something more functional.
    Nope, but rather you might wish to consider the wisdom of shooting off your mouth in the first place when you don't know what's going on.

    See, I'm wondering what it is about people who like to boast that they don't read my posts that makes them think that somehow lends weight to their criticisms.

    It wasn't too long ago that a couple of different people cussed me out on the grounds that they couldn't understand my posts. These days its people who want to cuss me out but claim to not read them.

    No wonder you don't seem to understand what's going on.
    In other words, don't take your personal problems out on me, Spurious.
  13. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    I knew you didn't have a point. I'm glad you could confirm this.
  14. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Please show how I've confirmed this.
  15. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    By repeatingly not showing one.

    I didn't realize that you can't even make a short sentence that is interesting.

    What's going one then other than that you are an attention seeker and a hypocrite?

    And don't you mean 'reconsider' mr writer, or 'NOT shooting of your mouth'? No fucking wonder nobody understand you.

    Your posts are empty no matter how full of words they are.

    Your posts are fucking boring. I was hoping they might be more interesting if you kept them short. I was wrong. Of course you could never be wrong since you are the saviour of sciforums. Please save sciforums from the illiterate mob.

    And please would you READ my posts too then:
    I said I don't even want to read on. Did I say I didn't read on? Or are you actually not so good at reading as you think you are oh mighty Saviour of Sciforums.

    It is a miracle that anyone even reads your crap.

    You called my mother and now have a complete list of all my personal problems?

    I have a fucking hint for you;

    State your fucking point if you have one instead of trying to look good.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2004
  16. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    (1) Wasn't much of a question.
    (2) What does it matter if I answer your question or not when you don't read my posts anyway?
    (3) The answer is, Of course not. I can't get a coherent answer out of folks like you who have stopped trying.
    What in the hell are you talking about, Wes?
    Let's stop and think about this for just a moment. Let's take a look at our opinions:

    • Submitted for consideration in this topic was a documentation of a thesis, a broad attack, and several logical fallacies. I would urge you to demonstrate them otherwise.
    • Combined with Dr Lou's own discussion of the topic, it can be factually established that the post was intended to be mean, intended to make people at large feel stupid.
    • Submitted in response is your contrarian assertion of fascism, based entirely in your opinion which seems to be motivated by your hatred for me.

    You haven't argued against anything I've actually posted, just thrown a temper tantrum.
    Well, that's part of the issue this topic could have settled. After all, look at the shit people were trying to ban each other for. Look at all the crap Goofy took last year for trying to keep some semblance of peace. A disgruntled former poster messaged me to let me know other former disgruntled posters had apparently contacted him; and then he went on to talk about what horrible animals the moderators are. The observable fact is that people are really pissed off about some rather odd things. When SnakeLord started harassing me to start a topic, and then Dr Lou cheered the idea, well, that was the clincher that this might be the time to go ahead and do it.

    Of course, if you had simply read and considered the parts of my posts where I discussed the reasons why this topic came about, instead of simply assigning the context best-suited to your hatred, perhaps we could have avoided this irrational ejaculation of yours.
    Wes, quite technically, any amount of words I write is a ridiculous amount in your opinion. You seem to look forward to having a problem with me.
    So says you. Look at your own words: And if I tell you I see them? What then? From our history, I tell you I see them and you write a thousand words on what a lying asshole I am. I'm an asshole for seeing different shapes in the clouds? Yeah well fuck you. Actually, Wes, you're an asshole because you tell other people what they see in the clouds and then try to belittle them for it. You're an asshole because for all you tell me what you see, but won't tell me how you see it. If we're looking at that circle and you say it's a square, why the hell won't you simply point to the four corners? Why do you have to throw such a hissy-fit?

    The problem, grashopper, is that you're obtuse.
    Well why are you wasting so many words in this topic if you've got nothing to say?
    And you're welcome to waste yourself that way.
    And Wes, for all the times you try to tell me how to feel but refuse to tell me why, I consider that opinion worth about as much as your hatred: it's worthless.
    What, you mean when you tell me what and how I think and how I should change even though your opinion cannot be reflected in fact so that no matter how many times I ask you to point out what you're referring to the best you can do is get angry? The number of times you address me from some perverse, hateful pretense that you cannot show in reality indicates that yes, you do pursue me.
    Well, you leave me guessing what it is you're referring to. And if the closest guess I can figure is actually what you're referring to, you're quite illiterate. That you choose to omit or misrepresent facts in such a vague manner (hence the reason you never actually lay out your points beyond ranting about your opinion) is the reason I call you dishonest. I mean, really.
    This is one of your curiously, oft-repeated and ne'er-demonstrated complaints. I have no idea what the hell you're complaining about here.
    Get away with what?
    Don't blame others for your own actions, Wes.
    The lack of attention you give the issues you respond to; the lack of detail justifying your opinion and attitude; the general lack of a point aside from your hatred. If the number of words you waste on failing to have a point were given any real effort at all, I would hope for a better result.
    I honestly wonder about your intent; perhaps you find hating me a valuable contribution to the community, but I don't see its worth.
    This petulant, pouting routine is not one of your more endearing traits, Wes.

    If I'm prominent it's merely by number of posts. Anything else is arbitrary.

    I mean, really ... the best discussion I've had recently was a religious discussion that starts with something of a bitter joke of mine about Christian history. But guess what? No fight broke out. Nobody had anything bad to say to me, and I didn't have anything bad to say to anyone else. DId you happen to catch it?

    The thing is, Wes, that everybody gets more done around here when people aren't fighting. And yet here you are dogging me and helping inflate yet another topic into a discussion of how much you hate me. Maybe if you chill out, leave me be, let other people work out their differences with me, let me handle my problems with other people, you'll find that you have less to complain about. And I'll leave you be. Your behavior in your Econ topic shows me that taking your topics seriously is a bad idea; you're just laying in wait.

    Another option is that you could make your case. Do something more than tell me your opinion and then refer vaguely to a time that I did or said something. Because your tendency to characterize according to your own hatred makes it very unclear what you're referring to on those occasions, and suggests vital doubts about your perception. It's entirely possible that you're seeing something legit, but I would never know because you won't state your issues clearly. And it's best if I don't think for you and guess what you're referring to because obviously it offends you to be told you're more than likely reading something incorrectly.

    Yet another option is that we can keep doing this, over and over and over again. Until people lynch us.
    Interesting inasmuch as it's close enough to something thematically worth considering to ping on the radar. It's not nearly so sinister as you try to picture it. The signal is weak because they're broadcasting static. The noise ratio is so incredibly high that all I can hear through the haze is the preacher's screaming.
    So you say. So you fail to demonstrate.
    You are incorrect. It's entirely possible that you're so obsessed with me that you only read my topics when there's some fight afoot, wherein I can see how you might think disagreement is automatically met with harshness, but I think your hatred compels you to a greater dishonesty.
    What? It's true. People who chose to be lazy, apathetic jerks would better serve humanity by choosing to kill themselves. Besides, I don't see that Spurious actually disagreed with me. Spurious chose to tell me to piss off and get a life, yet based his venom in a presumption inconsistent with fact. If he had chosen to be communicative instead of simply bitter, I would have had a broader range of communicative options.

    I mean, poor Spurious, right?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Well, Wes, maybe if once in a while you would give some sense of the detail you're seeing, I can help you with what you're missing. Remember all those times I asked you what you were talking about? Asked you to cite some evidence? Asked you to show me how and why you arrived at the opinion you did? If only you would have responded with some information I would have been able to tell you what you were missing. But you've refused at least since you cussed me out for no good reason in the Miller topic, and in that topic you refused, I think, based on our prior disagreement.

    So tell me what sympathy I owe the spitting, cussing fool on the corner who would rather strike me than tell me what the hell his problem with me is? How can I help him if he won't tell me what is wrong?
    I have to admit, Wes, that would be funny if it didn't suggest a serious problem.

    Personally, I'm having trouble believing you actually see the world that way.

    And yet you argue and get all pissed off when I point out that you seem to expect the worst potential and aspects in people?
    Obviously, it's your problem
    I see. Did your Biorhythm test tell you that, or your Starscroll?
    What is the sound of one hand clapping?
    Remember those occasions you pointed out my own stance on the responsibility of the transmitter to make the communication clear to the receiver? I'd say passive aggression has a certain utilitarian value; for some reason, it's a preferred dialect for many.
    Valuable input from someone motivated by hatred.
    • "I'll gladly be your friend on one condition only: YOU CANNOT QUESTION MY CHARACTER." (Wesmorris, Private Message, 12.22.2003) - What an honest friendship you offer, eh?
    • "I just stopped reading . . . ." (ibid) - A constant theme of yours, how, then do you know what you're responding to with such ferocity?
    • "I support this position wholly." (Wesmorris, "Dennis Miller on Politics," 12.22.2003) - You would later back away from it and claim that the position you supported wholly was something other than the text you cited; this "misunderstanding" resulted in much acrimony between us.
    • "I used to think you had some class bro, but your accusational vehemence and unprovoked attacks on character are simply out of freakin control here." (ibid) - Your use of the word "unprovoked" was never substantiated, and rather an offensive sleight.
    • "I don't want to insult you . . . ." (ibid) - Coulda fooled me.
    • "You know what's jacked up is that I have a hard time even voicing my opinion about this, as I can see it as a springboard to Tiassa exploding again." (ibid) - Playing the victim at the same time you're seeking to provoke with an inaccurate and condemning post is very dishonest, Wes.
    • "I suppose I'm a liar? Are you going to "firestorm my character" again? What is sad dude, is that if you knew me if you really read what I'd said, if you could feel what I'm saying right now you might see it as wrong, but you simply could NOT question my character. I do not lie T. I am however, frequently mistaken." (ibid) - See prior note. Also consider the titanic magnitude of your "mistakes." At some point, I would think you would break the pattern. The alternative, of course, is to simply consider you so stupid that you can't figure it out.
    • "You remember the couple of times where you said "you can't dispute the facts" or whatever? Yeah, you see your interpretation of other peoples words in a manner that isn't as they were intended... that's not a fact. It's your interpretation, which of course you're entitled to, but you prolly owe the author at least a chance to explain himself. You are a child because you don't allow this because you have already decided how you see it, even though it has nothing to do with how it was intended." (Wesmorris, "Dennis Miller on Politics", 12.23.2003) - All else aside, the one thing you never did was provide any sense of fact. Like in this topic, I can't believe you're still disputing the intent of Dr. Lou's post. In his own words, he sought to be mean and to make people feel stupid. I quoted that bit. It's a fact that such was written. For all the dispute you wanted to take with "fact," I find it very dishonest that the one simple thing you could not do while maintaining your vicious assault was provide any simple sense of fact.

    These are just a short foray into our recent and acrimonious past. Primarily your dishonesty comes when you try to argue what I'm doing because the way you do it seems to imply that you know how I think. And it causes you to be inaccurate:

    • "Straight into paranoid accusations. Where is it a lie?" (Wesmorris, Private Message, 12.22.2003) - The line to which you responded was well-explained. You ignored part of a paragraph in order to misconstrue a sentence into a "paranoid accusation."
    • "And now he's an idiot! Didn't you say you banned someone for calling you an idiot? It's okay if you do it though right?" (ibid) - Funny, the word "idiot" didn't appear in the text you cited. And that's the other thing; on those occasions that you have actually tried to put some evidentiary argument in front of me, you've been rather detached from reality; like I said, the word "idiot" didn't appear in the text you were responding to. And yet you mount your bitter implication of hypocrisy on a circumstance that doesn't exist? Right, Wes, that's not dishonest.
    • "Actually I went out of my way in an attempt not to be rude, but I understand that it may be hard to recognize." (Wesmorris, Private Message, 2.20.2004) - I can't possibly believe that; if you had told me, "this is why I think your assertion ignores the point," that would be one thing. But simply ignoring the assertion that addresses your point and then asking me why I'm ignoring your point is, in addition to being dishonest in and of itself, going out of your way to be rude.

    That's a start.
    Actually, you've made your basis for your assessments quite clear. Was it really worth sacrificing honesty in order to aim for a zinger, Wes?
    You made the case for me.
    Well, if you're going to be so condemning merely to satisfy your need to hate, what would you call it? Wise hero?
    Hmm ... my opinion roots itself at the edge of metaphysical nihilism in which nothing is relevant to anything; your opinion roots itself in hatred.

    You're not helping yourself here, Wes.
    I can't recall a time that you didn't presume that lack. Something goes here about your tendency to seek the worst aspects and potential in people.
    Then why waste the breath cussing and making a fool of yourself over something that is irrelevant?
    Something goes here about you seeking the worst in people, as well as your opinion, as well as your appearance of dishonesty.
    Make your assessments from a more rational basis and they'll have greater validity. Not everything is a coin flip.
    It's entirely possible. A more rational discussion of those assessments would be helpful in making a conclusion toward their validity one way or the other; yet this issue is independent of the paucity of your hate-driven assessments and character assignations. If you think you're assembling from example, try listing the examples.
    Try thinking a little more broadly than your hatred is accustomed.
    And yet you make it my business in pursuit of your vice.
    Your ... ah ... assessments suggest quite differently:

    • "You know if you simply showed him where his logic is flawed he'd likely even have thanked you for it (regardless he might have actually learned something other than to ignore you)." Actually, I did. In the relevant topic. Too bad you didn't notice that. Did you ignore it, Wes, in order to launch this latest campaign, or did it slip by you entirely?

    • "Did it at all occur to you tiassa that you might be wrong, that he wasn't trying to piss people off, that he wasn't concerned if people were pissed at all but just putting what he thought?" This stands contradictory to fact, that Dr Lou wrote, by his own will, that he sought to be mean, and to make people feel stupid.

    • "That amounts to character assasination, as you claim knowledge you can't possible have. You are not privvy to Lou's intent, yet pretend you are." This is a contextual issue that I'm happy to reserve to your hatred. Normally you're more attuned to my broader swipes.

    • "How did it not occur to you that it is inflammatory to call someone who isn't being inflammatory, inflammatory?" A very interesting question in light of Dr Lou's encouragement to hold this topic in the first place. But let me guess ... you didn't read that part, did you? Or did you just ignore it in order to pretend a basis for your inquiry?

    • "I can't wait to hear this one. What the fuck? Okay, being a stupid bitch is inflammatory, that's a free clue for you. You're welcome. You're the stupidest bitch around. Got it? You seriously don't see what you do eh?" As substantive as it is coherent.

    • "No, you SHOULD however, give me the credit for having come to a reasonable conclusion from my perspective and try to understand it such that we can actually communicate (or not bother trying to communicate at all). After all, that's how communication actually works. Since you don't get that and presume you're the authority on all perspectives, you can get judged and fuck off." What reasonable conclusion did your hatred lead you to?

    Here, let's quote this assessment of yours in full:
    Now ... what I find so amusing is that the text you chose to respond to asked you what your thoughts were on the first section of the "First Argument" post. Your "assessment" does not even touch on that post.

    So if you can read perfectly well, are you choosing these diversions? Something about your dishonesty goes here.
    Well, let's take a look at these couple examples:
    That's from this topic.
    That's from the Dennis Miller debacle.

    In both cases you construe the circumstance as if people have little or no choice. You choose to keep reading. You choose to respond. You choose how you respond. "After the number of words" I've "spent ensuring" that you hate me? Oh, please.

    Right, Wes. You're that important. Stop casting yourself as a victim. How have I "ensured" that you hate me?
    Then I'm sure you can demonstrate it by citing some of those words and accurately (for once) representing the circumstances surrounding them. It should be simple, Wes. Go for it.
    Wow. Says something about your standard of currency.
    Nope. Just wanted to try and help you avoid getting lost. I know how much difficulty you have reading entire paragraphs; after all, you cut them into little pieces in order to ask generally irrelevant questions and then get all huffy about phantasms invented by your own hatred. So, since it was useful to come back to that point later, I made that note so I wouldn't confuse you. Of course, you're quite determined to be confused.
    This from somebody who considers--

    • "You spin it into an attitude problem because it is utilitarian for you while you work the crowd. You're a politician, seeking popularity. I am genuine. You get from me what I am in the moment. Sometimes I'm enraged, most of the time I'm pretty calm and almost always I'm a huge dork, talking trash in hopes of comedic response... because I love to interact with folks and make them happy, one at a time."


    • "I am stronger than you . It's that simple. That you do not see it does not affect it."

    --viable arguments?

    I love your use of the word "politics," Wes. I really didn't think there were any new definitions left. Congratulations, you've surprised me.
    Yet you're a slow reader who skims through my posts at best if not skips them outright? Technically, you could do wonders for your reading comprehension if you just stop presuming the worst potentials in people.
    So ... perhaps you ought to reconsider the wisdom of your cheap pseudo-moralizing drawn from your admitted hatred. You're undermining your own credibility here.
    Well, since you're reacting to events not demonstrable in the history of various topics, it might possibly be helpful if you would explain to me what compassion I owe your rhetorical violence?
    To what are you referring?
    No, Wes, it has to do with some dumbass who thinks he needs to get all high and mighty about things that he feels no obligation to inform himself of. You don't read the posts completely, get all freaked out over points that you would find are already covered if only you would read what you're responding to, and you seem to celebrate your ill intent. No substance from you, only vile hatred ... oh, that's right, I'm supposed to take everything you say in blind faith and never question your character.
    Indeed you are. I only wish that once you would get a clue before you charge up that attitude machine. Just once it would be nice if your complaint was legitimate or at least arguable. As far as I can tell, you're just out trying to stir trouble.
    Tragic, eh?
    You and your exaggerations. Stop using words like "everyone" so dishonestly.
    Please demonstrate this.
    Actually, I'm just going to refer you my response to Everneo's post.
    It's not pretentious on this occasion. Victimization is part of your argument.
    What does this have to do with anything?
    I'll get back to you on this one when I stop laughing my ass off.
    So you keep suggesting, but fail to demonstrate.

    I believe that is the paramount of logic.

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    (You're almost up there with Ignatius of Antioch.)
    I'm a big fan of silence. It's part of my monistic outlook. But it's hard to hear what's being said when you aren't saying anything.
    Look, though it does not suffice as a definition, it is fair enough to say that the relevant functional reality of gravity is that it keeps me on the planet's surface.

    Now, what I have in your argument is a child who predicts that an apple falling off a tree will fall upward, who obviously cannot tell me why it should be so, but who is unwilling to perform the experiment in order to find the result. Yes, my framework is rigid; until someone gives me compelling evidence that something elsewhere in the Universe will have the stronger attractive force, I insist that the apple will fall generally downward, even if you take it off the tree with a golf club.

    If you're going to tell me that the apple is falling upward, there's a number of things for me to consider:

    • What does "up" mean to you?
    • What has happened in the Universe of late that I am unaware of?
    • What new reality has just been discovered?
    • Can I see the apple fall up?

    And when my answers are--

    • Up means up
    • Nothing
    • None
    • No

    --I might just possibly have cause to doubt the prediction.
    See? I cut 500 words out of that post addressing just that issue. What do you want, Wes? Long or short?
    Your economics thread about the anthropic principle. You assigned context, ignored parts of the discussion, gave bullshit rejections of source material (apparently a university econ textbook is too far left-leaning, or too much like a conspiracy theory; Adam Smith discussing impediments to opulence is impertinent to considerations of resource scarcity; oh, poor you, why is Tiassa ignoring your point? Well, Tiassa addressed your point and you eventually lost it. You never countered the argument; you ignored it altogether and then started whining that I was ignoring your point. Beyond that, hold a topic, take a vote.
    Actually, I first noticed Nico as a source of conflict when another poster went after him in the same way that poster had come after me, insulting Nico for saying something that offended his sensibilities. Everything else that came after, all of that headline controversy, seemed to start there. I can't figure the story before then, and nobody cares about the detail. Your fracas with Hype puzzled me; I'm still not sure what your problem was.

    But inasmuch as you're talking about a "fair argument," what do you think constitutes a "fair argument"?

    Maybe I should tell you you're a prick? Maybe I should talk about how you behave? Maybe I should base an argument solely from hatred and avoid evidence of the legitimacy of my argument until I'm absolutely cornered and then make wild accusations that have nothing to do with the text I'm responding to?

    Would that be a "fair argument," Wes? There's a difference between a fair argument and siblings fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first on a Friday night before a date.
    Substantiate the basis of the question.
    You listed an invalid presupposition. I pointed that out. You then ignored everything I offered in support of that and complained that I was ignoring your point.
    How about in comparison to the assertion that air is scarce because the involuntary act of breathing requires effort?
    Um ... Wes? I'm a Sisyphan Camusite. I thought you were paying attention.
    On this occasion, it's likely. You merely reinforce the assertion.
    Of course I can.
    Irrational behavior never makes sense. That's why it's called irrational.
    No ... you qualified yourself as hating me.
    Hatred is irrational. I don't expect its motive to be. Personally, I think it's a sublimated self-esteem issue, but you seem to have a problem with that. On the other hand, why ask where is the motivation when you're perfectly willing to argue against the asserted motivation elsewhere?
    What would have constituted talking about your theories, Wes? Nodding and saying, "You're right. What a bright boy you are!"
    Another of your assertions that you have not demonstrated because you cannot.
    Infinity is an inapplicable goal.
    Actually, I noted a possible source of conflict, but you discounted it in preference of your hatefully-derived perspective. Remember? I made the mistake of thinking you were talking about an applicable theory, and not one to be left solely in the abstract?

    Oh, that's right. You wanted to nitpick the idea of abstractions.
    In other words, the only way to discuss the thread was to nod and say, "You're right. What a bright boy you are!"

    Saying "God created the Universe" is elegant and simple and beautiful, as well.
    Such a convincing and objective argument . . . .
    These sorts of meanderings of yours reinforce your appearance of dishonesty. People look to me for wisdom? I'd never know it, from the way of things around here. To the other, I have a great appreciation for honest seekers of knowledge, and a thick disapproval of the insincere. You are, of course, familiar with the latter.
    Nope. I'm just waiting for someone to come up with something new. Obviously, what I've seen hasn't changed my mind so far, so I'm unsure what about the mass repetition of, for instance, your drivel, is going to change about that. If it was a backseat-driver comparison, someone's going to need to give me a better reason to drive from Portland to Seattle by taking I-5 south toward Los Angeles.
    People are perfectly welcome to bury themselves. Don't blame me for it.
    It's a pretty stupid choice; maybe it wouldn't be if you actually had something to say aside from hating me, but thank you for considering me so inferior that you need to rescue me and teach me how to hate like you do.
    Quite obviously it is:
    Sounds to me more like you're trying to convince yourself, or pitching to the gallery.
    No, Wes. In order for that to apply, I would have to be something more than a stimulus for a symptomatic response. Again, you're walking a tenuous wire in an effort to mount an attack. I'm merely the most obvious target you can find in the ill haze clouding your vision.
    I hope you can, too.
    If you're going to put this much effort into hating me, at least do me the courtesy of not showing reruns.
    No, actually, it helps me keep track of who's insulting me. When y'all start sounding like clones, I start treating you as such. And I'm pretty sure that won't go over well with you.
    This is different from when?
    Again, this is news?
    Yes. Surprise me, then.

    Practice; I've seen this cheap routine many times before.

    It can be lonely sometimes, but it took me until my twenties to realize that calling that loneliness necessarily a bad thing was erroneous. It's not worth listening to Britney Spears all day just to have friends who will sell you for a dime; it's not worth blind obedience and allegiance to someone's character just in order to have friends at all.
    Well, of the method I'm describing, of course none of them had a point. That's how this routine works. Say lots of stuff, make opinions, but never really look at the words one is allegedly upset by and explain what makes them so difficult.
    He could have tried making that point.

    What was his point? "Piss off?"

    You're right, Wes. He had a point. What use it is, I'll leave to anyone else to explain.
    Well, he obviously wasn't expecting an argument he would have such difficulty defending against when he encouraged the idea of this topic.
    Actually, it's funny you should mention that. I wrote a post reminding people that certain argumentative goals were impossible when engaging Muslims because they're far more dedicated to their religion and considerably less prone to consider objective fact. Dr Lou chose to read that as ass-kissing, or some-such. He chose to read the post as he did; he chose to let another poster's response define his perception of it. That's actually irrelevant, except that you mention the "dent in the tower." Look, if people want to throw rocks, fine. But all I ask is that they have an actual reason. Why not kick the shit out of some guy for kissing your wife and then say you had no obligation to stop and think that he might just possibly be saving her life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?
    It's odd, I admit. I'm no Sethra Lavode.
    I don't think masculinity has much to do with it.
    You mean that once I decide what someone said, instead of simply reading what they write, and then assigning my own definitions of words with the intent of construing them as poorly as possible, in order to find offense in damn near anything simply because I would choose to hate them, people will stop seeming so pointless?
    Whatever you say, Wes.
    Actually, you're just not reading closely enough to see the adjustments.
    If I doubt this, it's because you've always been willing to presume that I am in fact the object of your hatred. You prefer to assign me a context instead of read my posts.
    Perhaps that "loss of respect" is the day you stopped fooling yourself into believing that presuming the worst possibilities in people was somehow respectful.
    No, not at all. Watch and listen to people closely. If you take people at their word, they're quickly revealed to be liars. So you try to figure out what it is they're actually saying, which amounts to taking them at something other than their word. This can fade into the give and take of daily life, but is accentuated when someone, as you have, makes a point out of vague inaccuracies.
    To a certain degree, there is some truth in that, but it's not absolute.

    Would you assert that my associate, who is a classically-trained 'cellist a student of the best sound-engineering school in the world, is a better musician than me?

    How about one who simply practices his instrument?

    I mean, I'm capable of playing a trumpet and enough chords on a guitar to record a garage album, and I certainly understand the industry more than some of my neighbors, but I would say the people who spend their days practicing their instruments and studying their crafts are better musicians than I.

    Sure, I never finished my degree, but the reality is that a certain degree of removal from the power structure in the herd that critics tend to exploit as signs of weakness through irrational desire also compels those who consider themselves disenfranchised to study the game.

    It's the reason Commies can nail Capitalism to the wall and vice-versa; it's the reason atheists purport to discuss religion at all; it's the reason I'll never get married. (The one condition under which I will is so removed from reality as to not constitute a real reason; essentially it would be the culmination of a private joke with a very close friend whereby we would get hitched in order to say that we actually finally did; in that form it would best be described as a sham marriage.)

    So there is a certain degree at which I watch people that others don't. The reality of it is that unless you're an artist stuck in a world-flight mode, you generally don't pause to look at these aspects. But think of it this way:

    • Walk into a bar. Buy a drink. Tell Tom the Tender all about your miseries. At the end of it, he'll nod sagaciously and say, "Sounds like you're human. Everybody's got those problems. You're among friends here." Turn to the guy on your left, try out a few on him. He'll tell you something similar: "Everybody's got the same problems." Turn to the guy on your right, same response. At some point, it will occur to you to ask one of them why nobody is doing anything about the problem. At which point, they'll usually look you in the eye and ask bluntly, "Well, what are you doing about it?" And, of course, it won't occur to any of them that what is apparently just occurring to you is something that apparently they've known for a long time, so why the hell are they asking you what you're doing about it? In all those Vietnam films, I never saw a buck private come into a camp and start telling his Lieutenant what to do; yet the seasoned vets seem to be waiting for the greenhorns to draw up the game plan. Is it cynicism or just sheer idiocy? The counterpoint, of course, is the midwestern charm of a young boy asking his grandfather about something that mom said, and Grandpa says, "Boy, I've lived ten of your lifetimes, and I still don't understand women."

    Nonetheless, I've recently seen that process actually happen to someone. It's a little tough to feel good about one's own perspicacity when that good feeling comes from someone else's suffering.

    Now, interestingly enough, you're actually looking at a wonderful place in rhetoric; I'm stopping the bulleted digression because I'm quite sure that by the time I get to good feelings and someone else's suffering, I've most likely lost you on the relevance. If such is the case, that's the point; it is all interrelated if you spend enough time with it. In such an interrelationship, seeing the connections is merely a matter of familiarity. If, however, you're still following me up to that point, then you know what I mean; there are some people who would have no idea what that's about. And in that sense, yes, I have some insight into other people. It's not special inasmuch as it's merely a matter of practice.
    You'd be amazed at the unfortunate parade of tattered banners.
    I figured our own history together was enough to make the point without resorting to the larger overview. Pomp and bombast may look good to some, but they lack substance.
    I make sure to once a day at least.
    Close, but still too invested in your hatred.
    Not really. You seem to have little to say with the generalizations I assert in relation to Christianity. Of course, when it's a civilized discussion of two or three parties, and there's no standing record of acrimony for you to exploit dishonestly, I understand that such a topic wouldn't be attractive to you. Why think about anything when you can hate me instead, right?
    As I have stressed, I have some question about the nature of those folks' issues. They seem to be either ignoring or rejecting certain parts of my posts without telling me why. If they're ignoring the relevant portions, well, that explains the lack of mention. But if they're rejecting it, they won't come off sounding any better until they make some explanation of why.

    Take your Economics thread, for instance. Notice we didn't settle in and fight right away? What if my first post was, simply, "You're wrong. Get your head out of the clouds, get a clue." I mean, I did challenge the fundamental presumptions of your theoretic considerations; you could have addressed those issues in their context. You chose not to, but at least I gave you the opportunity.

    I mean, let's see ... I annoyed Dr Lou by not hating Islam enough, and by not challenging his topic post in the context he expected me to. I annoyed a few people apparently by being inflammatory insofar as I followed up on Dr Lou's encouragement to hold this topic. I annoyed you, apparently, by existing in the first place ....

    Come on ... give me something to work with here.
    True, but your pandering to politics is showing through again in this latest rhetorical atrocity of yours.
    If your anger was honest, Wes, that would be a start.
    I expect, at some point, some freaking honesty from you, Wes. Can your damned hatred. Get the hell over yourself and put that mind to use.
    Any response I could make is precluded by the severe detachment your comments have from reality.

    Three words, Wes: Learn to read!

    Whether it's some legitimate learning disability or just your damn hatred, it would help your position greatly if you made some sense.
    Yeah. How about it?
    No problem.
    Your choice.
    Did you just call yourself an asshat?
    Wes, you're overlooking the simple fact that you've admitted to hating me. That tends to color your perception, and it has for a while.
    Well, look how many damn words you're wasting.
    Show me one occasion on which you've backed your screaming and wailing factually.
    That's because it's your own unique invention.
    Isn't that rather beside the point?
    Nothing. It's just that when you go out of your way to tell someone that you hate them because they're an asshole and then show yourself utterly incapable of explaining why you feel that way, well, it would just be nice if you found the time among all these words to actually have a legitimate point.

    A very simple question, Wes: Are you stupid or are you cruel? And remember, you must be the former in order to be the latter.

    Give me something to work with.
    I find your utter lack of foundation to be offensive, and if that isn't clear to you by now, well, don't bother with the simple question above.
    It's a pretty cheap culture, Wes, if it chooses to hate without knowing why.
    Only you can answer that question, Wes.
    Only you can answer that question, Wes.
    Just who are you trying to convince?
    Right. You haven't spent this many words pretending to have a point while feigning outrage that you were determined beforehand to feel.
    And you seem to invest a lot of energy in that judgment.
    If you really want to box yourself in that way.
    And this is significant ... why?

    Really, you argue so emotionally; as you wrote once, it hurts you to read me when I'm on a tear. Why do you put yourself through it? And then why do you choose to rescue everyone else from your own pain by vomiting it all over the place?

    By the way, you never answered my question: What are your thoughts on the first section of the "First Argument" post?
  17. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    There's a substantive argument. Hell, you're entitled to your opinion.
    Some ideas require more words than you're willing to undertake.
    No. I mean "consider."

    "Reconsider" would imply that you gave thought to the issue before.
    Again, you're showing that amazing mind at work, Spurious.
    And your feelings are your own.
    I'm working on it.
    I did.
    Look, if five words can burn you out and screw your attitude like that, don't make it my problem.

    In the meantime, you pretty much went on to admit the point, Spurious:
    I'd say you didn't read on. It was pretty big:
    In other words, I do read and pay attention to your posts.
    Better than you think I am, quite obviously.
    You'll notice that most of the people who don't, however, are also smart enough to leave those posts alone.
    Nope. I just read your post and it was pretty clear:
    Seems to me your stylistic choices don't really warrant your silly abuse.

    You don't like the way I respond to your attitude problem? Then don't start, boy.

    If you're not smart enough to figure that out for yourself, what credit do I owe that magnanimous mind of yours?
    Learn to read. You have a four-word tolerance. It's your own problem to remedy, so take that attitude and cram it. Pout all you want but f@ck, man, have some dignity about it.
  18. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    You are claiming that 'Nope, but rather you might wish to consider the wisdom of shooting off your mouth in the first place when you don't know what's going on.' is a fucking proper sentence????!!?!???

    'Consider the wisdom of shooting of my mouth????'
  19. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Do you have any qualifications to assess its absurdness other than being an asshat? No, you know shit about evolution or any biological science. Or could you list your publications and qualifications in this field please?

    Obviously they can't. They attack a view on evolution that doesn't exist but in their own minds. Or did you think he meant it literally?

    Are you nuts? Shall we start asking for statistical data on all your absurd claims?

    He asks for consistency in the treatment of science. It is fucking inflammatory and insulting to science to see it abused over and over again.

    Obviously you dropped out of school early. Obviously 2 +2 = 4, and 2 is always 2.Or did your teacher allow you to make bold statement such as 2+2=5 and 2+3 = 5 because it says so in the bible?

    You are the ignorant one here. You know shit about evolution.

    I missed how you reached this conclusion. And since when is ridiculous the same as inflammatory?

    Where is the inflammatory content then? Where is the personal attack? I didn't see any names. Do you decided what is good for profitable discussion here? Are you the messiah? Are you an expert on this topic? Have you ever posted anything original (no)? Why don't you stop posting. We have seen your crap already 8000 times. Are you claiming to be original? Could you give some examples? Or maybe just one?

    We are allowed to be unoriginal. We are not gods unlike you.

    They are all inconsistent. Give me a quote form any creationist and I will demonstrate it. I dare you.

    Gosh, he is offended? I doubt that Dr Lou gives a shit about these people. You are the one who is offended. Did you recently see the light or something? Did an angel whisper in your ears? Why are you offended? Is it an attack on your believes? Do you feel threatened by your own inconsistency?

    Is it inflammatory of him to start a topic you can't handle? Maybe you should go back to school and educate yourself?
    No because science doesn't work in separate vacuums. You can?t have your cake and eat it too. He made it perfectly clear. You seem to be the only person who missed that point.

    So what is inflammatory here? He offended you. Big fucking deal. You would be offended if someone farted in your presence.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2004
  20. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Thank you for your post, Spuriousmonkey, but as I cannot find a portion of it that is rooted in reality, there is nothing to respond to.

    In the future, if you wish to treat me like shit, please find a legitimate reason and advise me of it. Frankly, your incoherent flailing is more suited to a four year-old being told he can't have another cookie.

    So have another, calm yourself down, and think about the lack of wisdom in your actions.

    Maybe next time the idea that you can as a human being be useful might occur to you somewhere in there.

    In the meantime, stop telling people what they believe in order to be a prig to them.
  21. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Oh, yeah.
    Learn to read, Spurious.
    Yes, as you failed to do before entering this topic with unnecessary anger most apparently rooted in your obviously-incomplete understanding of what was already written.

    Now, whether your literacy problems are an affliction or a choice, Spurious, you ought to be more considerate in recognition of your own difficulties with comprehension.

    I mean, I did remind you of fact, Spurious, and you said, "So what?"

    Deal with your own self before taking it out on me, Spurious. I'm not responsible for your deficiencies. You have no right to be upset at me just because you feel cheated by evolution.

    I mean, the one thing you really haven't done in this discussion is provided any basis for your condemning attitude.
  22. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I fail to see how you have the authority to make that claim.
    Seeing as how it is my post that is the subject here, I can confidently say that spurious understood it perfectly and his points were firmly rooted in reality.
    I am the only person that can decide whether sm's comprehension of my post was adequate, and after reading it I am sure that it was.
    The thing is YOU didn't understand it, I also have the authority to make that judgement.

    You say I was being inflammatory, if I say no I wasn't then no I fucking wasn't.
    You have misunderstood, I know what I was "being", why you think you know more about me and my intentions than I do I have no idea.
    I was being mean by being brutally honest, the fact i can predict that the truth worded bluntly might hurt some people does not mean I was being inflammatory.

    And you showed numerous times you failed to comprehend the point of what I was saying.
    Now that Spurious has confirmed that it is possible for a person other than myself to understand my post I now have no doubts that I adequately presented a valid point.
    The fact you don't understand is really not my problem. I wish everyone understood, but if it is hard to understand then that actually reduces the way in which it could possibly be inflammatory.

    The only way it was ever inflammatory, was that it was pointing out the flaws in a belief and lack there of in another.
    People tend to take their beliefs and lack there of of those that contradict their beliefs pretty seriously, therefore my post could undoubtedly upset someone. It is innocently inflammatory, I made points that might attack the emotions of some, but I did not attack anyone. I attacked the concept of not believing in evolution. That might wind up offending someone, clearly that is not my responsibility though.
    Maybe if facts and logic offend you its about time you were offended.

    I just put a skateboard on the stairs of ignorance, my intentions with that is anybodies guess, but it is not your place to state my intentions as though you know for a fact what they were.
    You have in fact shown that you were incorrect.
    A source? I am the judge and jury on this matter, the source is my head and there isn't a better one when we are discussing my intentions.
    Got it?

    You saw a cucumber in my hand and assumed I was being obsene, i was just holding a cucumber.
    Maybe it was to freak out the old women in aisle 4, thats not your call though, and there is no law against holding a cucumber.
  23. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    Logic would dictate that at this stage of the game that a poster would be able to recognize that maybe, just maybe, the argument that no one else on this forum has decent reading comprehension skills is indeed quite a lame argument.

    People believe whatever they need to believe T. You've obviously chosen to insulate yourself from inescapable realities of human interaction by suggesting that anyone who can't see through the intentionally obtuse language you choose, must suffer from inferior reading comprehension skills. Whatever it takes to get through the day, right? Good luck with that strategy, asshat.
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