Information Warfare

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Starman, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    Very good Skinwalker notice False and Fake are two distinct different words with different meaning. When I say there is a degree of "pseudo" in everything in life you are taking it a bit literal. A degree is by far, not 100%. Ignorance only becomes a factor, when we think, we know everything there is to know and yet remain close minded to other possibilities.
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  3. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    It is ok I am not without error in my assumptions. I only hope to learn from my experience within my own existence.

    I have often observed the need for conformity in society as a necessary ingredient to establish an organized population capable of sustaining its self.

    Basic life forms exist only to consume on an individual basis with little or no creativity.

    In order for us to be creative we must rely on others to provide what we are unable to spend the time or the effort to do for ourselves.

    This requires organization and structure of the populace so we are as individuals better to work together as a team with leaders and followers in order to find our means to an end.

    This is done by manipulation some good and some bad. And this is only according to my abstruse mind.
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  5. Persol I am the great and mighty Zo. Registered Senior Member

    But you'd need to comlpetely ignore the fac tthat people are obviously able to do this without using mind control... otherwise they'd never be able to develop the technology to start with.
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  7. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    Yes not as much control in the beginning, as the populace has increased so has the measure of mind control that is utilized.

    A portrait is painted for all to achieve, a common goal. World globalization of authority for instance, in order to achieve this goal a country may overthrow inferior governments to achieve a specific agenda. Their citizens such as the Hitler era are subject to mind control, to the point that the populace of Germany supported Hitler's agenda. This is nothing new however it has become more prevalent..
  8. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    If you wanted to do a complete historical disection of mass population control you would first start with identifying the "reins of power".

    Ancient Greece
    Those that seemed to have contact and favour with the gods were held with the upmost respect. Many kings had Seers and even travelled to see the Oracle.

    The Oracle and their kin of course knew that they would be invited to audience with many kings and their messengers, so the ability to play one off the other arised many times. This would suggest that the Oracle at that point was no more mystical than you or I, just very clever at deception and manipulation.

    The following will seem unfounded by some, however I believe it's an accurate depiction of events when this particular religion was founded.

    First a man of a poor decent want to change his way of life and that of others that had his hardships. He decided to express his tales of woe and plans in stories to people that would listen perhaps in a local market place and rivaling the site that could be seen at Hyde Park's "Speakers corner" in London.

    Eventually he makes friends with people that see how they can change their way of life for themselves and others (imagine such people aren't poverish, they are also apposed to having the influences of Rome dictate how their own country runs)

    With that the group emerges and a plot to gain power from numbers and money from those that are willing to support their cause. The "Leader" tells them to spread some doctorines far and wide, and such doctorines are seeded to be taught and "easy listening" in the sense of gaining support. Such doctorines and stories merged some inttuative material with just material that would capture the imagination and cause the stories to be spread. As stories do however, some of the facts are vastly exaggerated and their leader no longer comes from humble stock but is their messiah to their religion with unquestionable sightings of unnatural feats.

    Any new followers give coin to the "cult", and the money accumiliates allowing for new shrines to be built in new cities across the empire. With each province however came people that spoke different languages and dialects, this meant that the doctorines had to be converted to allow the best interpretation per province.

    Rome eventually takes note when the new "cult religion" has massed a following and reports of the number of shrines across the empire start to circulate within closed chambers. Such Cult group could be a political assassination of Roman policies and Order which of course can't be tolerated by the leader of the day.

    The Roman Caesar decides to find out who the leader is of this Cult group and have him put to death in one of their most painful ways imaginable to make an example out of him to all that followed him.

    However the followers of that cult weren't so easily supressed, they utilised the death of their leader as a Martyred example, both disinformation throughout their religious order and the removal of their leaders body for fear other rival religions would parade it caused yet more stories to spread across the empire and of course Unrest within the provinces of Rome.

    Roman Empire
    As history dictates the Rise of Rome, meant the assimilation of many different cultures and countries. Such assimilation meant unrest, unrest due to people being enslaved or not taking kindly to becoming "new citizens of Rome".

    For those provinces successfully controlled by Rome, the people continued to have their beliefs, religions and traditions. The problem was that for a vast empire of multiple provinces to survive, the differences within each province had to be put to rest.

    Such differences if not "nipped in the bud" could eventually spin out of control, for instance if two opposing religions "argued" their doctorines it could rise to bloodshed, which depending on the size of the religion could spread right across the Roman empire.

    It's suggested that the installment of a monothesitistic religion based upon it's accumiliated power-base and unrivaled stories created based upon the martyring of it's founder was enough to settle most of the conflicts over time, and bring stability to the empire at that time.

    It wasn't that the Roman Caesar of that time believed in the religion, but saw what "control" that religion had over it's devout followers. Allowing one religion over all others also broke down religious disputes within Rome, only leaving disputes with Empires not of Rome.

    Julius Caesar
    I'm not going to go to great detail on the times of Julius, however his demise was caused by the Roman Senate and their "Deception".

    All that I have mentioned are before times of High-Tech equipment and high-tech power struggles, My reason is just to prove that Control/Manipulation of people and corruption in power has been a human trait from Ancient times that seemingly has never been over thrown.

    Perhaps one day people will wake up to find out that the only truly free society is one that doesn't keep secrets and is truthful about it's operations. However with much to be lost by the corrupt (like power and money) from having to be legit, it will alas be nothing more than a proposed freedom.
  9. duendy Registered Senior Member

    anarchy means 'no leaders'. it gives the individual acknowledgement of their own intelligence for contributing to a community without oppressive measures. i believe anarchy is the most intelligent form for a community to thrive.....look what leasders have done for us. not only in the large mass, but as in gurus and masters and disciples, where you get the one who is 'OK' and the who believes they are 'NOT OK'. ie., it disempowers the follower
    I asked you to look at the 'father of spin' Edward Bernays, cause his theories are a very recent example of hwere the idea of elitist leadership can take us. In that he openly declared -at least to the other spin-ers-that manipulating the 'masses' SECRETLY was for their own good/

    That is some two bit shitty arsed dude treating me, you like childrren. do you WANT that? i don't

    this is a big subject and involves myth, and politics, the whole shebangle, cause BELIEVE it, elitist heads have been working togther over the generations finding ways to manipulate and keep their power structure going. that some genuinely believed it was for 'order' and our own 'good' is NO excuse. as i say, they are not my betters, or parents, or gods, so why the livin fuk should i be happy with such a set up. i am NOT

    look at the shit it is creating, the war on Drugs on Terroism, war on this and that and tother. and is it making things better or something. Not in my mind. it is blatanlty short sighted and creates more problems

    this power structure HASN'T gone back to year dot. that is reductionist. there HAVe been peoples who have lived in anarchistic communities, and much freer communities than ours. Also much of our history has been suppressed By the very mindset that demands total control over the individual. to assume therefore this is how it always was, defeats any potential for radical change

    our paradgim is held togther BY pseudoscience. pseudoscience as in when it philsophizes how life IS. that it is just chemicals cause our scientific method tells us so (notice it aint the bible now)....but they base that criteria on a method thaT LEAVES OUT meaning AND experience. BOTH ARE NOW MERELY CHEMICAL REACTIONS WHICH THE WHITECOATS ARE WORKING ON --SO AS TO CONtrol....make NO mistake. theres a dark side to everything, and the more ignoreant the belief, the more the ignoreance
  10. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    Very nicely put Stryder.

    I think you hit the Nail on the Head. Secrets have no place in an organization, that is to serve those whom the truth is not being told.

    The Constitution of the United States needs a new amendment.

    At no time past, future, present, for any reason, shall the Government of the United States of America or any agencies thereof, ever withhold any information from the citizens of the United States of America.

    This proposed amendment to the US constitution would be the first step in reducing the amount of mind control the leaders of this country can assert on its populace.

    Today is the information age and you will be hard pressed to keep anything about you or I the American Citizen secret or private. It is high time we hold our leaders and their organization to the same standards.
  11. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member


    If I understand you correctly, you are saying that in early times of humanity, people existed in small groups with limited leadership, a society with out a large overseeing governing body and this is ideal in your opinion.

    I would like to think that if the mind control and manipulation could be reduced, then a central governing body that served the people in their best interest could work.
  12. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Anarchism is not just a body lacking a head, but also any hierarchical structure.

    Anarchy could never allow a civilization to move forwards because anarchy breeds chaos. I'm sure you've seen enough fictional post apocolyptic tales of ruined civilization with pockets of mankind fighting either for their own personal survival or own gain.

    Such anarchy breeds destruction through the lack of social order, of course this does impose that their has to be some form of hierachy. This is what Democracy was developed to achieve, however true democracy wasn't to rise a speaker as head of a state for all to follow but to generate a melting pot of ideal's and weed out the worst plans and opinions to develop ones that would be acceptable by a majority.

    You can however suggest that not all would be pleased from their "minoritized" perception and this has been proven in the most recent news articles about Fox Hunting in the UK.

    Small fragmented groups are usually the ones responsible for plotting how to breakdown the whole social structure because their views and opinions were met with resistance by everyone else.

    So in all you can suggest two opposing forms of civilisations path, one that would see the downfall of social structures which would generate more widespread corrupt from people only concerning about themselves or the other where the suggestions for rule and order are eminated by the mass (not a head).

    Originally the latter would have been impossible, but with the growth of information technology the views of every person on this planet could be heard and catalogued in the future to generate the "Mean" of all rules.

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