Is prercognition of dreams actually possible?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Mogwell, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Mogwell Registered Member

    It occured to me last night the amount of pre-recognitions ive had.

    It also occured to me that i only know ive had a certain conversation before, after its happend.

    Is it possible that i am making up the entire dream in the first place... the sense of de ja vu, is just a mixed up memory....

    Im starting to question my sanity with this kind of sure that as i undergo the task that i have already done i do not realise it....yet once it is over, i can recall doing it BEFORE i did it.
    Hmm....something to sleep to tonight i think

    Ideas please>

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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    Thre are two possibilities:

    The first logical answer is that the information reaches to one half of the brain with a slight time delay than the other. When the mind analyzes the information, it thinks, it already has the same information before.

    The second is esoteric that you actually have precognitive ability. To test that, you need to write down your dream every time so as to compare it with your days events. If you can not or do not get useful information then go to the first explanation.
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  5. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    last night I was told that our universe is really a multiverse with paralel worlds and was told one characteristic about it. That was one CRAZY theory lol

    one guy told me that i my dream
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2002
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  7. kmguru Staff Member

    For many years I thought we have multiple earth with similar civilizations due to my weird dreams. In the past, the idea was that we could have earths in different galaxies of similar conditions. But now, I think there are other mirror universes as some scientists speculate.

    It could be also that instead of separate physical universes, we could have different time strings for this universe that results in different universes. Just like the electromagnetic spectrum, there could be different time strings that move at different speeds and form their own reality....

    Just some crazy thoughts....
  8. Rick Valued Senior Member

    In his book professor kaku has suggested that:

    at each frequency in a spectrum,there exists a world...

  9. ICARRYALOTOFBULLETS Quit smoking...:) Registered Senior Member

    yes, some people can see the future in dreams. I have many times. That whole deja vu thing. I've actually met people in dreams before actually meeting them.
  10. Mogwell Registered Member

    ... i guess the only real proof is to actually write down a description of the person you are about to meet....or the words and location etc....just a general description.

    I guess im rather sceptical, and believe its just amix up in the wiring of the brain....makng you think youve experienced a certain moment b4
  11. LephtShew Registered Senior Member

    Though that is very possible, many of us are in the process of recording dreams that we remember in the mornings, and if one comes along that we can verify it may very well help you change your mind

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  12. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

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    heyya Mogwell welcome to the board

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    the most important thing you can do at this point is to start to hold yourself to account to be absolutly honest ..
    which is almost impossible for most humans...
    and only then when you focus on the road you are traveling, you will then start to percive, the texture of what lies underfoot.


    if you make it a compitition, you cant win that which has no defeat!!!
    a lesson the U$A Govt could reap huge benefits from!
    and to win something that has been defeated is to accept the lust in place of love, of a broken hearted soul that seeks quick fix
    plasters so as to hasten thier passage to material wealth and spiritual poverty.

    to choose a path with an un-protected heart is as much to choose a path of heartlesness for the ends that never arrive are used as justification of the means.

    now thats out of the way

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    look at things like sense triggers of longterm memory and
    medication/polution ( :m: / acid hint ) of things affecting memory.
    the longterm memory can be used like a short term memory but to know which one you are using is the key... (and how)
    then you can start to filter more things...
    and clarify your answers..

    time travel is not just an expresion or fashion

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    groove on all

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    peace light truth love
    the path to that,
    we hold above.
  13. man_of_jade Psychic person Registered Senior Member

    i had a dream that some criminals would steal a mortgage payment from my teacher(way back before online bills) and the envelope of cash turned up missing... Was pretty wierd at the time hehe.
    EDIT: I didnt do it in case you got the wrong message heh
  14. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

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    heyya... man of jade
    that was your oppertunity to change the future!!!
    you missed it!!!
    it will happen again!!!
    you will get a second chance!!!
    you will choose again...
    what will you choose?
    spiritualism or materialism...
    there is a point of no return if you choose materialism too many times or in certain situations.

    good luck with your descision..

    groove on all

    peace light truth love
  15. man_of_jade Psychic person Registered Senior Member


    i was in grade 2 at the time lol... i shall not kiss the oppurtunity the next time... which could be soon...
  16. DerekHiemforth Registered Member

    I've experienced typical deja-vu sensations many times (like most folks), and they often leave you with a vague sense that you saw the scene before in a dream. However, you can't usually say that for sure. I've had one case in my life, though, where I definitely did see a future scene in a dream, and I have no explanation for how it could have occurred. Any input would be welcomed.

    It happened in June and September of 1986. I had graduated from Antioch (CA) high school the first week of June. Later that month, my girlfriend was house-sitting, and I stayed overnight with her. I had a dream in which we were leaving her father's office, and driving to Pittsburg High School (Antioch High School's main rival in a neighboring city). We were going to the theater there to see if I had been cast in a play I had auditioned for (The Crucible).

    At breakfast that morning, I told my girlfriend about the dream. It made absolutely no sense. Why would I go to Pittsburg High School to see if I was in a play? Not only was I now out of high school, but I hadn't gone to Pittsburg High School. The Crucible was one of my favorite plays, but no one I knew was doing it. We talked about it and basically laughed it off as a typical Weird Dream(tm). And, like most dreams, I promptly forgot about it.

    Later that summer, I moved away from Antioch for about six weeks for financial reasons. I moved back in late August, and my girlfriend was planning to attend the local community college (Los Medanos College, or LMC). I went with her to the campus during registration and so forth, and noticed flyers posted advertising auditions for the LMC drama dept.'s fall play.

    It was The Crucible.

    At this point, I still didn't think of the dream, but I certainly jumped at the chance to audition for one of my favorite plays. As it turned out, LMC had only a tiny theatre... large enough only for drama classes and such, not large enough to stage a play. The director also happened to be the drama teacher at a local high school, so they were going to stage the play there:

    Pittsburg High School.

    So in early September, I was riding with my girlfriend. We were stopping by her father's office (in Pittsburg) to drop off some stuff for him, then we were going to the Pittsburg High theater, where the cast list for The Crucible had been posted, to see if I'd been cast in the play.

    As we left her father's office, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of deja-vu. As I processed it, I remembered the dream from a few months earlier. And one of the unique things about this was, I had told someone about my dream when I had it, and that same person was with me when the actions from the dream took place!

    I told her about the deja-vu, and asked her if she remembered me talking with her about that dream a few months earlier. She also remembered the dream, and was equally astonished that the dream -- whose elements seemed so nonsensical then -- was coming true. The sense of deja-vu renewed when we reached the theater, and lasted until I saw the cast list, after which it faded again.

    I have no explanation for how this was possible. It wasn't just a sense that maybe I'd dreamed it. I had a "witness;" a person I'd discussed the dream with before it occurred.

    I couldn't have subconsciously created it by seeing a flyer for the auditions in June and forgetting about it. I investigated this possibility, and found that the flyers hadn't been posted until mid-August, and at the time of the dream in late June, the play and the director hadn't even been decided on.

    And it can't be a coincidence-style dream... where the events are fairly generic and it's not too hard to believe that later occurrances fit them by chance. The events of the dream were quite specific, and made no sense at the time of the dream. They only made sense later.

    I dunno. I know it happened, so I know that some kind of precognition is possible somehow, although I can't explain it and it's happened to me only once.

    Any thoughts?

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