Is SciForums a 'front' for paedophiles?

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by zenbabelfish, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Someone should start a thread on 'Is sciforums a 'front' for gay people?'
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  3. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

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  5. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Hell no. You make an allegation, you have to find proof. Find a single image of paedophilia on SciForums posted before this day 8th of February 2007, and I will adopt a child after I've fathered a son.
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  7. mindtrick Registered Senior Member

    This forum has freedom of speech at levels some people can't stand. I haven't seen any sanction for saying something. I don't visit here so often but, from what I see in my short visits I didn't see any cencorship which I see often on other forums.
  8. Plazma Inferno! Ding Ding Ding Ding Administrator

    Hello everyone!

    Geez what a mess! This is all manboy's fault! I say let's shoot him!

    Put a joke aside.


    Man, what's wrong? Why you're so furious?
    You constantly seek reasons for confrontation with other members and persistently point your finger on something which is obviously far from the truth you strive to show to us.

    What's wrong with that picture?
    I don't see anything wrong there. I see only love among father and his son, real or adopted, I can't tell. But nothing that could be linked with pedophilia.

    I'm sorry if I'm indiscrete, but do you have parents? Did they ever hug you to show you their love?

    Or, how do you show your kids that you love them? If you have kids of course.
    With brief hair pat wearing rubber gloves or you are waving from the distance?

    Also, Devil found this picture when he typed 'manboy' in browser. That led him to this picture, which name is actually 'man_boy' which means man and boy.

    If you better look at the picture, you'll notice that little boy also hugs that man (his father I presume).

    I think that nothing's wrong with that picture.
    So, stop with silly accusations please!
  9. Bruce Beal Registered Member

    Open request to ZenBabelFish

    Please post your little avatar pic. it looks interesting but is way to small to even appreciate.:bugeye:
  10. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    i read the post in question and found it to be no worse than anything else in that thread. if you are easily offended by topics of a sexual nature then dont read such threads.
  11. Bells Staff Member

    How is the image bad?

    So if the man is the child's father (and judging by the resemblance in the photo, I would imagine a relation of some sort) and he places his hand on the child's thigh, he is a paedophile? So if I posted an image of my butt naked 16 month old standing up on my husband's shoulder, my husband will be branded a paedophile? Don't you think a father should ever show affection to their son at all?

    How do YOU know the image is that of a paedophile?

    Do you have proof of this?

    Why should the image be removed and the poster stopped from posting? You have given no proof that the image is that of a paedophile and a victim. Do so and action shall be taken immediately.

    Maybe YOU need to see a professional if every image you see of a man and child automatically makes you scream "paedophile".

    Are you for real?

    There is NOTHING to indicate the man in the image is a paedophile and the child his sexual victim. It looks like a father and son taking a photo.

    Do you have proof that the man in the photo is a paedophile? Do you have proof that this image was taken from a website frequented or run by paedophiles?

    The image was taken from an adoption site. Do you have proof that this site is one frequented by paedophiles and supports paedophilia? After all, if the image is taken from there and you are accusing US of supporting paedophilia, you are also accusing this adoption agency of supporting or aiding paedophiles by association. I would be very careful here Zen. The legal implications of what you are saying about this adoption agency could get YOU into a lot of trouble.

    No? You have been saying we support paedophilia by allowing an image of a man with his hand on the thigh of a boy, saying it is paedophilic in nature, when said image comes from the site of an adoption agency. The man's hand is on the child's knee. Seriously, if you think a father touching his child's knee makes him a paedophile or that the image of a father doing such is paedophilic in nature, you have some serious issues. Hell, imagine if the image had been of a father giving his kid a bath. What would you have done then?

    Does the term 'manboy' discuss paedophilia? From what I could see, it basically means a man who looks like a teen. Same as the term 'womanchild' would denote a woman who looks like a young girl. Nothing paedophilic about it. And if I recall correctly, YOU have been the one obsessed with the definition of the therm 'manboy', so much so that you appear to have taken to stalking a member and moderator to get them define it for you. YOU started the thread in question.

    The context in which Devil posted it was in 'manboy'.. as in here is a picture of a 'man' and a 'boy'. That you failed to recognise that astounds me. What astounds me more is how you see a photo of a father and son, taken from an adoption site, and accuse the man of being a paedophile and this forum of accepting and supporting paedophilic behaviour.
  12. Genji Registered Senior Member

    LOL!! Manboy is a slang term used by heteros AND homos. Pervert zenbabelfish thinks about sex with kids!! What a sicko.
  13. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    I think you've drastically over-reacted, zenbabelfish.

    It certainly seems the moderators and administrators are in agreement that the particular image you are complaining about is harmless.
  14. Roman Banned Banned

    Amen, bro.
    I'd give him an infraction for being such a douche bag, if someone hadn't took away my powers to mete out infractions. :bugeye:
  15. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Definetely reeks of vinegar and water in here. And from just one person. The force is powerful in this one.

    Now, shut up.
  16. Bells Staff Member

    It is insulting.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I like how he makes the accusation and then disappears. Typical.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I mean who in the hell looks at an image of a father and child, from an adoption site no less, and says it reeks of paedophilia because the guy has his hand on his child's knee and then accuses this site and the adoption agency (by mere association) of being a front for paedophilia?
  17. Genji Registered Senior Member

    I think he was turned on by the innocent picture and needed to vent at others. He's probably humping a teddy bear right now.
  18. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    OK, I'll defend him. A bit.

    First of all (and this is my strongest argument)... he doesn't seem like a bad lad.

    Second, this is easy for a new member to misinterpret, in the context of the 'offending' thread:
    I mean, he shouldn't have gone and got his knickers all tangled up like that but we all make mistakes, don't we? He wasn't to know that TheDevilInside has got a keeerrrrrrrr-rrrrrazy sense of humour and was just being his devilish self, now, was he? I mean, come on now.

    Well, yes - he has cast aspersions on our previously unsullied reputation, and I'm sure he's very, very sorry. But he didn't quite say the same about the adoption agency, did he? I mean, come on now..
    And now he's gone and got all huffy because everyone is shouting at him and picking on him just because he doesn't like little boys and we all do. I'm sure he'll come back and apologise now, having realised the enormous error of his ways, and then that'll be the end of that.

    zenbabelfish: you've got it horribly wrong. Come out of the corner, throw in the towel and say you're very, very sorry.

    Everyone else: shut up.

    That is all.
  19. The Devil Inside Banned Banned

    no way.
    you shut up.
    ha! you got served!
  20. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

  21. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    Aw, look at that cute little kid holding that big... erm, big... now, wait a cotton-pickin' minute!!!

    Always worth reposting, that one.
  22. The Devil Inside Banned Banned

    have any of you ever noticed that americans have their own selective breeding based on appearance? that cowboy and little boy above reminded me of this....

    they look uber american, regardless of their outfits. we just dont look like europeans anymore.
  23. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    I think I might vaguely look German. I have fairly recent German blood in my family. A grandma, some great-grandparents I think... And my last name is Dutch.

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