Is this a real science forum?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Futilitist, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. leopold Valued Senior Member

    anything is possible.
    but yes, disinformation combined with bans allows the truth about certain subjects to "fade away".
    the owners are zox and pseudo.
    if you are interested in funding the site then contact plazma inferno.
    is it really any of your business who pays the bills?
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  3. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    It was text, not audio. Maybe you just thought you heard "paranoid".

    How can you ever be sure that it's not someone else disguised as me?
    Hark! Beware! Do not go gentle into that good night.

    My virtual enzymes are specifically activated to dissolve styrofoam.

    Consistently you do keep remarking.

    Those sneaky little mods. I thought they were following me! You mean they're following you? Hrummph!

    Do you feel persecuted on the inside and on the outside? Oh, the humanity.

    Ah, the minions. It's all so political. And your 6th grade trauma with the teachers' pets comes home to roost.

    I know! Uber-fascist ultra-elitist pseudo-scientists are Blitzkrieg-ing your wunderbar.

    You mean illustration? Wow, I bet you can visualize pseudoscientists with a certain savoir-faire. It's all light, lines, perspective and--tension. It's all about the tension. Hey, are you the guy downtown on the heating grates who does portraits?

    Did you stay for a while, or were you cutting across campus to the life drawing class?

    Wow, the minion of an actual researcher. A social roboticist antipseudoscientist illustrator.

    You mean you carry a laptop around? Mine's sessile right now, but you never know when it starts pulling some gees.

    Does that include the time you toilet-papered the chem teacher's house? Is that why they tickle-tortured you on the playground, when you had your "accident"?

    They refunded your ticket to Shrek 15 times? Liar.

    The Army and Navy cadets in line for Shrek each gave you a fist bump. Fascist Pseudofistist.

    You rolled the TV into the kitchen during halftime, then back in the living room afterwards, during the commercials. Hahahaha. You missed the best part.

    The Kool-Aid stand and the newspaper route! Me, too!!

    Mr Spielberg! Steven! I love your work!

    A dime in the Salvation Army drum is hardly "major".

    Somewhere else I thought you said "autistic".

    Yes, they said you were out standing in the field.

    Sure you are. We believe you. Really, we do.

    Of course. You draw mechanicals. And pseudoscientisticalists.

    You play a harmonica on the subway for spare change.

    They gave you refunds on the bootleg 8-tracks.

    You can Google.

    Now that can't be true. Unless they're paying you to persecute me.

    You refurbish diplomas? Hey, whatever pays the bills.

    You're writing a paper on trolling.

    Good. Then you've learned something at SciForums.

    Hola, hue. Orale.

    Hugh who?

    I'm sure the Shrek box office worker is shaking in her boots.

    Oh, no bother. The pleasure is totally mine.

    You actually think people make stuff up? Another vile invention.

    They weren't supposed to show our colors. We had a vow of secrecy!
    /sniff/ looks like you've penetrated the site fascista polo club. Curses.
    I was just perfecting the Machiavellian nuanced pseudoscientistism.

    No, the Peter Max posters I ordered were delivered in time.

    You mean you can't tell? Word of advice: try not to act like one. It's a dead give-away.

    This coming from a Shrekkie. Still my beating heart.

    ° ° Brrrrrp ° ° Ah-hah. Yayyah. Sirius: Aisle 3, Astronomy.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2012
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  5. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    OK, this is going beyond "smugness", lol.
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  7. Futilitist This so called forum is a fraud... Registered Senior Member

    Yes, I think it is my business and any member's business. Science must be objective for it to accomplish it's goals. A science discussion forum should also be objective. I don't want to unknowingly walk into bad place and waste my good effort on things that will end up in a trash can. I don't see why I am seemingly the only person on this site who expresses a wish to be able to engage in polite, serious discussion and debate on scientific topics. Why do you all love this place so much that you want to kill this messenger?

    This forum, and the others I have mentioned should attempt to provide a public good. They should not do crappy science and they sure shouldn't pose as a science discussion forum in order to fool people into believing their politically motivated disinformation. In my mind, that sort of deception is almost criminal. The fact that all of these forums are so bad and so incestuous at the same time can only be seen as suspect, IMHO. They are either the result of a conspiracy, or they are the result of human nature gone ape-shit, or a combination of the two.

    BTW, how come you guys don't ever ask me about where I get my funding? I am pretty persistent, huh? Strangely, thematically, perhaps purposefully(?) so. Real scientists are never as incurious as you seem to be.


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Also, my serious question still hangs, embarrassingly. Here it is again for those who were distracted by the last few posts.

    Will someone please respond to this?:

    Here is some interesting stuff. Bear in mind that I wouldn't even be looking for stuff like this if I wasn't so bored after my thread was disrupted.

    SkinWalker is a mod on this site. He is also the owner and administrator of thescienceforum.o r g.

    If you click on "SkinWalker's Acitivity", this is what you get:

    So SkinWalker is a mod who has no posts. That makes no sense.

    If I pick a name of a banned member off of the newly revised ban list, I get similar results.

    First, an advanced search for a name:

    Here is the result:

    If I do manage to get to her profile page, here is what comes up:

    If I click on "Find latest posts", I get this message:

    If I click on "seagypsy's Acitivity", here is what I get:

    Yet if I do a google search:

    I get lots of listings:

    Why are you guys trying to hide personal profiles and posting histories?

    People that hide information usually have secrets that they are embarrassed about.


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Last edited: Dec 23, 2012
  8. Syne Sine qua non Valued Senior Member

    You have not demonstrated any facility with being objective since you have joined, so your judgment of the matter is highly questionable. According to an objective assessment of the responses you receive (apparently similar on other forums as well), you should seriously consider that it may be you who is the problem, rather than the paranoia of thinking the rest of the world is out to get you. Your efforts end up in the trash because they are garbage. Posting on an online forum is a privilege, not a right. People here have tried to engage you in polite debate, only to find you making unfounded claims that you have supported your bare assertions.

    It is not the message that warrants such response. It is the messenger's (your) behavior.

    From your first post here, and regularly repeated, you have conflated several science forums. That indicates that you had a certain mindset even before posting here, and you have behaved accordingly.

    You have not asked about my funding either, but I assume people posting under pseudonyms generally have a mutual respect for privacy. Not to mention the warning about sharing personal information in the forum guidelines.

    Already did. Your paranoid and trolling attentional bias missed it.
  9. Futilitist This so called forum is a fraud... Registered Senior Member

    I wasn't asking you.

    Just to remind everyone what we are talking about:

    People that hide information usually have secrets that they are embarrassed about.


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  10. Randwolf Ignorance killed the cat Valued Senior Member

    I see no evidence of anything being "hidden". I do see a lot of paranoia on your part however. And what is your obsession with SeaGypsy? Your own "research" turned up a link to find her. Go ask the Squirrel. His nest is actually a nice forum albeit a little sparse...
  11. Bells Staff Member

    Can you stop spamming this same post over and over again?

    And why are you so obsessed with seagypsy? If you want to talk to her, I'm sure you can find her elsewhere.

    Could you also please stop posting this information about her? You are invading her privacy.

    As for SkinWalker, yes, he is/was a moderator here but he has not posted here in a long time.

    We do not hide personal profiles. There are there for members to see.

    There is a reason why it is called "Personal Profiles".. Emphasis should be added to "personal"..

    And no, we do not hide secrets. We don't need to Futilitist. You have no secrets from us. I am currently parked outside your house, stealing your internet and going through your rubbish bins to learn even more about you.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Nice bedside lamp by the way.
  12. Syne Sine qua non Valued Senior Member

    So all your pleas for "someone" should have been more specific. And of course you do not want any answer which could possibly shatter the paranoid little fantasy you have created to justify your own ineptitude.
  13. Futilitist This so called forum is a fraud... Registered Senior Member

    I am trying to keep it on topic. I am the OP. I made a short reminder message to carry the meaning of the longer posting. It appears toward the bottom of this post. It will continue to appear until the question is answered.

    I am not obsessed with seagypsy. I sure didn't want to use RealityCheck as an example, since you guys all seem to think he is me. My first try was with phlogistician, but that turned up two posts, although there are actually many more, but it made the example less clear. I tested a bunch of others, too. I know that seagypsy is at thescienceforum.c o m. That is where she went when she was banned from here. I came here from thescienceforum.c o m when they banned me there.

    The information I posted is available to all members, even if it is hard to find. How am I invading her privacy? That doesn't even make sense. And it avoids the question that you know I am asking.

    I already knew that. I was able to see his last posting date, but not his last post. He is the owner and administrator of thescienceforum.o r g, or so he tells me.

    Yes you do hide the personal profiles of banned members. I have documented that. Why do you do it? What are you trying to hide?

    And they are available(mostly) to all members. People read my profile too. So what? And I had to show you the documentation somehow, even if you are now choosing to ignore it in favor of this distracting "privacy" issue.

    I don't have a bedside lamp. I think you have the wrong address. And yes, you do hide the profiles and posting histories of banned members. I documented that fully. Why do you do this? What are you afraid people will see?

    Just a reminder:

    People that hide information usually have secrets that they are embarrassed about.


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    PS---The question has been hanging for 12 hours and counting. I guess the management doesn't care about their reputation. That does not look good to me. I wonder what other people think about this.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2012
  14. Bells Staff Member

    I do not care if you are the OP.

    This is the last time I will tell you. If you spam it again, I will moderate you.

    If you wish to see what they posted and when, you are free to click on their profiles on this site. It is not hidden. What is possible is that the search functions for their posts may have expired, with the software being what it is, it would not surprise me. In fact, I just did a search of my own posts and it stated that I do not have any.

    You are googling members and former members of this site and then accusing this site of apparently hiding their profiles. We are not hiding their profiles.

    What he does with his time is no one else's business but his own.

    No one is hiding anything. It would seem the forum software is stuffing up the searches. According to the search I did on my posts, I apparently do not have any.

    No, we do not.

    You have established nothing except your own paranoia.

    You are invading her privacy by posting information of where she is apparently posting now without her explicit consent.

    So cease and desist.

    And I am going to give you one final warning now. If you persist in spamming this same question over and over again, even though it has been answered fully (there is no conspiracy or hidden profiles) and wasting my time and everyone else's time and making a fool of yourself, I will moderate you.

    Have I made myself clear?
  15. Futilitist This so called forum is a fraud... Registered Senior Member

    You have. I guess I'll just shut up then. Thank you for the feedback.


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  16. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    After looking at the first thread and noting a complete and utter absence of Plazma Inferno, I can only presume that the path that took you from that thread to the belief I had quoted was a result of some kind of cognitive failure.

    When you have had the time to thoroughly review these, please let me know what you think. Thanks.

    Usually when someone learns something they can either utlize that knowledge in some productive fashion or explain the details of it. As neither appears to have happened, I can only specualte that you really haven't learned anything.
  17. leopold Valued Senior Member

    are you serious?
    uh, bells, programs do not "expire" unless they are knowingly and deliberately programmed to do so.
    correct, but given the above it is clear that sciforums is indeed knowingly and deliberately preventing a banned members posts from appearing with a name or profile search.

    it's my opinion that the search for posts function is disabled for a banned member.
    like i've stated above, this has to be knowingly and deliberately done.
  18. Bells Staff Member

    Am I a banned member?

    Since I am posting, it would appear that I am not banned.

    And yet, when I attempt to do a search on my name, it comes up with 0 posts.

    Which leads me to believe that there is something in the software that is doing this.

    While it may be exciting to believe that we are deliberately hiding people's posts and profiles, reality tells us that the search function appears to not be working properly and you may just have to dig through the site and find the posts manually.
  19. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i must admit that the current "beta" version of the site could prevent posts from appearing without any deliberate actions by the staff.
    but is it really the explanation?
    i've searched for banned members posts before the current upgrade and the posts were still not visible.
    hiding a banned members posts doesn't do much for site transparency.
  20. Bells Staff Member

    I can't remember having an issue finding it in the past.

    At the moment, even I, someone with moderator access, am unable to search for even my own posts.

    It is not deliberate. There is no conspiracy. The posts are there. They are not hidden. It just seems as if we are just not able to use the search function to find posts when doing it via a 'name' search.

    As I said, even my own posts are not showing up when I did a search on this site for them. So are my posts being hidden? No. They are there. It is the search function that appears to be not quite right.
  21. PhysBang Valued Senior Member

    I haven't really looked at the political parts of this forum. I have to admit that the vast majority of right wing positions can only be supported by pseudo-science. If these permeate the forums, then one would have to admit that this is a pseudo-science forum.
  22. leopold Valued Senior Member

    nice opinion, but i wasn't commenting on the political slant of the board.
  23. Syne Sine qua non Valued Senior Member

    Leopold, as I told Futilitist, most likely with the software update the index would have to be rebuilt to once again include older posts. Inadequate server space would easily cause the indexing to fail, even for mod posts, as Bells points out. And yes, it is pointless to take up server space indexing the posts of banned members, regardless of any conspiracy accusations about transparency.

    Many forums have faulty search functions. Using Google with "" will find you anything you need.

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