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Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by quantum_wave, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    ISU (Infinite Spongy Universe) Model - SciForums Update 2018
    Post #1
    Opening post, new thread, re. questions on 2016 update thread

    The answer to your question encompasses the thinking of the whole layman science enthusiast’s model, the ISU, which is really a good excuse to start a new thread to update here at SciForums, and lay the story out. If you or others are of a mind to try to visualize it as I go, then I’ll work directly on answering your question.

    First, I visualize the multiple big bang arena landscape hypothesized in the ISU model:

    I hope you can see the arenas in their various states. Each big bang arena wave emerges from a preceding big crunch.

    In terms of the model’s preconditions to a big bang event, when two or more “parent” arena waves expand into the same space, that sets off a swirling gravitational rendezvous that ends up producing a big crunch out the shared galactic material from the merging mature big bang arenas.

    The model contains various limits and thresholds, and one of them is the limit on gravitational compression as a new big crunch forms; that limit is call the “critical capacity” of a big crunch (pretty self explanatory, but I’ll provide more details of the wave mechanics if the thread goes forward far enough).

    The crunch reaches critical capacity, at which time the gravitational compression forces the particles making up the crunch to collapse, giving up their individual space, i.e., the particles are said to be negated into their composite wave energy, causing them to collapse into a dense core of wave energy. As the collapse occurs, that hot, dense core emerges from the event and bursts into expansion; a big bang event has occurred, and a new expanding arena is “born”.

    Particles in the ISU model are called wave-particles, and I will explain them and other particulars of this scenario in detail, but first, to begin to address your question. The evolution of the standing wave patterns that represent the presence of wave-particles in our own big bang arena is the same as it is and has always been for each new arena that forms in the greater universe, across infinite space and eternal time. It is part of the “sameness doctrine” of the ISU, which I will emphasize in this thread as we go on.

    But readers should note that the model incorporates some quite alternative ideas, and the visualizations that I invoke assume axioms that I call The three Infinities: Infinite space, eternity (the universe had no beginning and has always existed), and is filled with an endless amount of wave energy (energy is carried by waves traversing space).

    Every thing in the ISU is composed of gravitational wave energy, and so “energy” takes the form of waves traversing space, as orchestrated by a set of invariant natural laws, that include limits and thresholds that determine when events happen.

    To be continued …
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  3. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member


    To continue toward the answer to the question, “How would you see standing waves arising in such a permanent theater?”, we immediately get into one of those alternative ideas. There are different levels of order in the wave mechanics of the ISU, and I think the “permanent theater” you are referring to would be at the level where the presence of wave-particles is established after a big bang event. That is the level where quantum gravity emerges in the developing new arena, moderated by the process of Quantum Action (not to be confused with the quantum of action in quantum mechanics).

    Try to visualize an infinite and eternal big bang arena landscape like in the image in the last post. Each new arena had the same set of preconditions as all big bang arenas have, the merger/overlap of two or more preceding “parent” arenas.

    In the ISU wave mechanics model, the counterpart to the process of Quantum Action that moderates at the quantum level of order, is the process of Arena Action at the highest level, the level of where the arena landscape is the permanent theater. It is at the arena landscape level where those big bangs produce natures greatest waves, the arena waves. Arena waves are quantum. That means that the amount of wave energy in the wave is equal to one arena quantum.

    When two arenas converge, there are two arena quanta caught up in the convergence, and as a result of the “critical capacity” limit of a big crunch, the “two arena” convergence is a “system” which produces an out put of one new expanding arena quantum of energy; a new expanding big bang arena composed of about half of the energy in the combined galactic material of the two parents. The other half of the parent arenas galactic material continues on expanding away from the new expanding arena, though that expansion continues to be influenced by the presence of the new arena within it. That is the process of Arena Action which accounts for the defeat of entropy, arena by arena, across the landscape of the greater universe.

    The expanding hot dense ball of wave energy is composed of the wave energy of the negated particles of the preceding big crunch. Can you visualize that ball of wave energy as being equivalent to the amount of wave energy that will decay into an arena full of wave-particles? They are the wave-particles that in turn are in sufficient quantity to produce all of the galactic structure that will eventually form and fill the new maturing arena. That is the case in the ISU model.

    From that point, where the hot dense ball of wave energy has emerged from the collapse of the big crunch, we can discuss the crux of your question about standing waves arising in the permanent theater. It is just that the reference to a permanent theater isn’t so permanent as far as individual big bang arenas go. The arena theater gives way to the permanent theater of the big bang arena landscape, but the theater that is a characteristic of each expanding arena, where the standing wave action you are asking about occurs, is a new theater each time; the result of the recurring process of Arena Action.

    To be continued …
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  5. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member


    Which brings us to … the not so permanent theater … strictly in response to Nebel’s question:

    The permanent Arena theater gives way to the not-so-permanent theater that forms within, and emerges from every Big Bang. At that point, we are at the Wave-particle/Quantum Gravity level of order. It is the theater that is a characteristic of each expanding Big Bang arena, where the standing wave action you are asking about occurs. It is a new theater each time (a new third wave emerging from the convergence of two parent big bang arenas).

    Initially, the hot ball of plasma contains one (1) quantum of energy at the Arena Action level of order, and that equates to ~10^863 (just kidding about the magnitude, but who knows how many zeros are required) of single quanta at the Quantum Action level of the ISU. When I say equates, I mean they are both quantum, but the amount of energy in those two levels of quanta represent the opposite ends to the spectrum of energy carried by parent wave fronts as they intersect and form the wave convergences. The intersection at both levels of order is called the point of origin, and the point of origin expands into a new “third wave” that expands out of the convergence (at the local speed of light and gravity).

    You can see that it matters which level of order you are discussing when it comes to the size of the waves that participate in that quantum wave convergence. Quantum waves at the highest level of order, the Arena level, are equivalent to whole big bang arenas like our entire observable universe reaching out in distance to its own expanding wave front (which we can’t yet detect). Quantum waves at the quantum level, where wave-particles and quantum gravity hang out, are the tiniest of meaningful waves. Smaller, less meaningful waves are the denizens of the oscillating wave energy background which assists in the advance of the meaningful waves of gravity and light.

    Standing waves are a main feature of the landscape at the quantum level of order because wave-particles are nothing more than complex patterns of inflowing and out flowing gravitational waves that cause a lot of tiny wave intersections in a very small space (the particle space). Those gravitational waves have evolved since the big bang, through a process of wave intersections, third waves, and expansion, on the basis that wave energy cannot be created or destroyed, just converged or expanded.

    That evolution of stable standing wave patterns, each containing perhaps, (for talking purposes) up to a trillion or more quanta (wave convergences) in a single proton, evolve through an interactive process. The process is called quantum action, and features a growing number of smaller and smaller wave convergences filling the arena space at and around the particle surface at the same time as arena expansion is continuing.

    The fundamental particles around today, in their standing wave elegance, have survived as decay products from the single arena quantum of hot dense plasma that emerged from the collapse of the big crunch that marked t=0 in our home big bang arena.

    That is how I see standing waves arising in each new big bang arena of the multiple big bang arena landscape of the greater universe. I appreciate you asking that question, and hopefully you find this lengthy answer to be responsive and satisfactory within the context of the Infinite Spongy Universe model.
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  7. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Standing waves and wave-particles are the natural consequence of the decay of the hot dense plasma ball that emerges from a big bang event. It is gravitational waves that provide the inflowing and out flowing wave energy components that the standing wave-particles are composed of. What distinguishes gravitational waves in the ISU vs the definition of gravitational waves in GR was discussed elsewhere, but appropriately follows in this thread after the standing wave question and answer.

    Precising definitions for gravitational waves in GR and the ISU:

    According to “A Concise Introduction to Logic” by Hurley, under the category of Lexical Definitions, which are the common meanings that words already have, Precising Definitions are meant to reduce the vagueness of the normal definition in a given application. They are necessary to specify further meaning to the word, for example in an obscure science-like layman level discussion in a science forum.

    Take for example the word ‘wave’. You generally know what a wave is in the common usage; waves on water, sound waves, and even electromagnetic waves in the sense that they are defined by Maxwell’s equations as transverse electric and magnetic light waves that travel through space (at the invariant speed of light in a vacuum). But all of a sudden the word ‘wave’ became a little vague when used to describe gravitational waves like the ones predicted by Einstein in General Relativity, discovered on 14 September 2015 and announced by the LIGO and Virgo collaborations on 11 February 2016.

    In the science of logic according to Hurley, the discovery of gravitational waves would make the common definition a little vague because gravity waves are quite different from the familiar definition. In the ISU model, they are different still. What that means is that Einstein’s predicted gravitational wave, which is very well explained in the link below, is not the same as the gravity wave in the ISU, thus requiring the precising definition used in the ISU.

    Go to this article and familiarize yourself with the precising definition of Einstein’s gravitational wave:

    In the ISU, the precising definition is that the gravitational wave physically changes the local wave energy density of the space that it traverses, thus changing the velocity of light through that space, while in General Relativity the precising definition is that the gravitational wave physically changes the length of the arms of the interferometer (length contraction) and thus changes the distance that light travels through spacetime as it passes (geodesics). That makes two different explanations for the same effect; the ripples in spacetime of the GR explanation and the changing of the local speed of light of the ISU explanation. Those two different explanations lead to the two different precising definitions.

    The ISU definition allows for an infinite universe that has always existed, just in case your view of cosmology allows your thinking to go there. If not, then you can be comfortable with general relativity which features a beginning to the finite but expanding universe. With GR you can ignore the problem of vagueness about preconditions to the big bang that the ISU alternative is aimed to address.

    In Big Bang Theory and associated with GR there is a zero volume, infinitely dense point of origin implied and/or assumed. In the ISU, there is a problem of vagueness vs that GR explanation because there was no beginning, and no zero volume, infinitely dense origin that nicely fits with GR and spacetime equations. Instead, there is an infinite big bang arena landscape where big bang arenas continually merge and mingle with each other during the process of Arena Action.

    The ISU definition of the gravitational wave, the part about them changing the local speed of light, is based on the premise that the local speed of light is governed by the local wave energy density; how many different waves from all directions are passing through a particular point in space. When a major gravitational wave passes, like those detected by LIGO, it makes a measurable change in the local wave energy density, and thus a measurable change in the local speed of light as it passes. That change in the local speed of light, a momentary time delay, sets off the LIGO alarm, and a gravitational wave is recorded.

    To be continued …
  8. amber Registered Member

    wrong ! go learn some science
  9. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Which parts do you believe are wrong?
    What science needs to be learnt in your view?
  10. amber Registered Member

    To be honest I was posting in this poor chaps post the same style as the regulars do, I actually like the ISU model. But heaven forgive I discuss it and agree with anything. I will be classed a nut job if I say anything that is not mainstream even in a new theory section.
  11. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    You impress me.

    One can if true and reasonable entertain alternatives without drawing critism from mainstream. ...the key is not to rant with out respect.

    If one feels mainstream is wrong it is possible to question and mainstream will respond even to admit the shortcomings however if one simply disrespects the effort mainstream endured to reach the current models then mainstream will attack you.

    And if gentle you learn with polite questions as opposed to wild claims that everything in the way of accumulated knowledge is wrong.

    Mainstream is not settled but that does not call for non compassionate rejection of all they have worked out.

    Umderstanding terms can be useful.

    A layman uses the word theory which is his way of saying "I just had a wild unsupported idea"...a scientist uses "theory" as synonymous with "absolutely proven fact backed by so much reasearch that you would not want to know".
    Do not over look is critical.

    So I have an idea about a spongy universe..thats ok but call it a theory and then you are a nutter.
    An idea is ok but if you mention theory it shows you have no idea...and almost certainly that you are indeed a nutter.

    I hope this helps.

    And if you have an idea please present it..if respectful others will help and if they do make sure to thank them. .they dont need to help so thank them...that is polite and respectful...if someone does not respond to polite and respectful approach well simply ignore big deal.

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  12. amber Registered Member

    Thank you for your kind words, I know all about criticising mainstream, I can tell you now that they will not reply kindly to any ideas, even if maths and models are provided. There is to many of them who put pressure on the mods to close the threads and ban the poster. They ignore the thread and attack the poster, I have seen this on many occasions. I can tell for sure you are normal and not one of these individuals. I must however keep my ideas to myself on this particular forum.
  13. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    All I suggest is there is a way.
    If you wish to discuss something off beat go for it.
    But do not let your passion for your idea blind you to the fact there are many ideas and none..none..will be treated kindly.
    But be patient and respectful...those who critise will point oit what you are up against...that is good so dont argue that they are wrong...take their words in..
    Work out what effect their words have on your idea.
    And sometimes we do have ideas that are wrong and being able to accept that and move on takes gutz.

  14. amber Registered Member

    Thank you for your advice, I will post a question or an alternative theory, I can't decide which section will be best , so maybe I will pose a question in alternative theories to cover it it alternative. Thanks .
  15. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    That is great.

    Folk here understandably get upset if you post non mainstream in the real science section.

    You said this is not a science forum but we need to preserve the science sections for mainstream or we have no claim at all on being a science site...

    Its hard to get science posted every day...there is new stuff but really the opportunity for discussion will always be limited because really the work has been done and usually there is nothing left to discuss...but folk like you and me can go to the appropriate sections and discuss our wild ideas..and maybe some times if we find a gem..a new discovery we can bring it to attention and post in the science section...

    And further mainstream is not some sort of enemy...dont make the mistake and think it is some sort of conspiracy by them..its not.

    Give respect and it will be returned.

    Good luck.

  16. amber Registered Member

    I have no problem ignoring the main section, but my post I have just posted in alternative, should only be considered in an alternative manner. There is many who will just go into that thread and quote mainstream back ignoring the alternative.
  17. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Be at peace and try not to predict what others may do for to do so conditions you for immediate responce and given you mull it over before hand you may be too ready to fight.
    If you find a responce confronting it is best to wait a long time before responding and when you do be polite even when you may be first at being polite.
    Relax and think good thoughts.
    I have to go now.
    I hope all goes well for you and certainly I look forward to talking to you in the future.
    quantum_wave and amber like this.
  18. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    There isn’t anything short of moderator action, that should keep a person who has studied and given thought to cosmology, from posting ideas for layman level discussion. But the key there is that those ideas should be internally consistent (don’t contradict yourself), and not inconsistent with generally accepted scientific observations and data (not already falsified).
  19. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Post #16

    Isomer depletion as experimental evidence of nuclear excitation by electron capture

    For those interested in this kind of thing:

    Page 218 | NATURE | VOL 554 | 8 FEBRUARY 2018

    This is interesting. A look inside the nucleus that is excited by the forced or coerced capture of an electron, and the pattern of the subsequent decay.
  20. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    This post isn't new. It is somewhere back in my threads, and was originally written and posted here years ago, but i have been occupied for a couple of months on an off-line project so I went back and read it again to get my mind back in tune with the ISU. I decided to post it again to summarize the ISU for any viewers that might peek in at this space:

    The Universe, Infinity, Life, and God

    The Cosmology and Philosophy of the Infinite Spongy Universe (ISU)

    The Infinite Spongy Universe (ISU) is all inclusive, all there is, all matter, energy, everything in one infinite and eternal, life and consciousness producing expanse of wave energy that does nothing but carry out its own Eternal Intent.

    Thresholds and limits of energy density govern natural processes that produce matter and gravity in environments characterized by the opposing forces of expansion and contraction to produce dynamic and evolving arenas that are continually forming and playing out across the infinite arena landscape of the greater universe.

    The ISU is governed by natural law, and natural law is described in three categories, Quantum Wave Cosmology, the Generative and Evolvative Forces of Life, and the Concept of Eternal Intent.

    Overview of Natural Law

    In regard to Natural Law, we have an advancing boundary between what has been achieved by science, and what is yet to be achieved. What has been achieved is the quantification of the known physical sciences. In the realm of the “yet to be achieved” is the discovery and quantification of the unexplained and/or unknown natural laws. It is the role of science to confront the problems it faces and to advance the boundary into the realm of the “as yet” unknown.

    When addressing the unknown, it is an axiom that the laws of nature are invariant. Based on that axiom, invariance is a characteristic of both the science we know and the natural laws we don’t yet know or understand. Science is advanced using the scientific method and according to that method and the invariance axiom, it follows that anything that is as yet unexplained has natural causes that we don’t yet understand.

    The physical aspect of the ISU is described by Quantum Wave Cosmology (QWC) which envisions the universe as it would be if all of the as yet unknown physical laws of nature were known. It is the life hosting feature of the ISU where the generative and evolvative forces of life flourish on a grand scale, undaunted by the inevitable local cataclysms that characterize the eternal process of arena action.

    Across the infinite and dynamic arena landscape which hosts a potentially infinite number of life hosting environments at any given point in time, there exists conscious, self aware, intelligent, highly evolved life forms whose individuals contemplate the concepts of the universe, infinity, life and God, and act and interact with freewill that is moderated by their individually developed consciences.

    That is the Eternal Intent.

    Overview of Quantum Wave Cosmology (QWC)

    QWC is characterized by two processes, quantum action at the micro level and arena action at the macro level. These two processes are strikingly similar in mechanics but the vast difference in scale makes quantum action look toward the infinitesimal and arena action look toward the infinite.

    Quantum action works on the infinitesimal scale and orchestrates wave energy to establish the presence of matter and gravity. The key is that the universe is composed of nothing but wave energy and the tiniest meaningful waves have roles in the establishment of matter and gravity. The existence of particles and gravity demonstrates the success of quantum action.

    Arena action works on the infinite scale of the landscape of the greater universe. The key to arena action is the existence of the opposing forces of expansion and contraction that play out in the great waves of energy that traverse the infinite landscape. It is the multiple arena landscape that prevents the eternal inflation of the universe and avoids the ultimate Heat Death.

    As galaxy filled arena waves collide and overlap, cataclysmic events surround the collapse of galactic material under the compression of gravity. As big crunches form in the overlapping spaces where arenas converge, they reach a finite capacity of matter and energy density and collapse and bounce into expanding arenas of wave energy. It is the natural law of critical capacity that makes crunches finite and prevents the entire ISU from falling into a final Big Crunch.

    Overview of the Generative and Evolvative Forces of Life

    Arena action produces galaxy filled expanding arenas where it is natural for solar systems to host habitable planets and where the conditions are conducive to the generation of life.

    Given the right mix of chemistry and environment, physical iterations of all the finite possible combinations occur and the combinations for reproductive life inevitably arise. Life is adaptive and evolvative, and as early life takes hold, and as evolution occurs, life forms take full advantage of the hospitable environment across the host planet.

    Evolution proceeds toward the natural characteristics of advanced life forms, bringing the consciousness and self awareness that mark highly evolved individuals.

    Overview of Eternal Intent

    The existence of Eternal Intent does not require any violation of the invariance axiom. All of the natural laws of the ISU are invariant, and in an eternal and infinite universe, that means that the natural laws that are in effect now are the same laws that were in effect before, at all times in the infinite past.

    Reason and logic of the highly evolved life forms is sound, and when those individuals contemplate the universe, infinity, life, and God, the concept of Eternal Intent emerges as the reasonable and responsible view of the common ground between all contemplative life forms across all space and time. No one religion that is peculiar to one sect on one planet in one age will serve that universal purpose. Eternal Intent must emerge time and time again to show the way.

    The definitions of God within organized religions and their doctrine become the basis of the beliefs of their followers. There are sacred unexplained events specific to the history of each religion that lead to the God concept that differs among religions, but there is no evidence of any violation of the natural laws when evaluated by the scientific community as a whole. Specific definitions of God become a matter of faith associated with each religion, but organized religion cannot lay exclusive claim to the natural and inevitable contemplation of God. God and religion are not one and the same.

    A non religious, scientifically compatible definition postulates that Eternal Intent is a characteristic of the universe, and the natural laws and Eternal Intent are one and the same. It is the ultimate universal common denominator, not just among peoples here on Earth, but among contemplative and conscientious life forms at the height of the evolvative process across the infinite and eternal universe.

    The definition of nature which includes Eternal Intent is not in violation of the scientific method. It acknowledges nature as the potentially infinite and eternal universe whose Eternal Intent is carried out by invariant laws which provide for the perpetual existence of habitable environments where conscious life is generated and evolves to self aware free willed intelligent and conscience bearing individuals who are capable of contemplating the universe, infinity, life and God.

    Therefore Eternal Intent would be the quintessential feature of a natural invariant universe and the view that God and the universe are one and the same are fully compatible in the ISU.

    Many aspects of the universe that are attributed to the invariant natural laws point to the Eternal Intent of the natural laws:

    The perpetual existence of hospitable and habitable environments

    The generative and evolvative forces of life

    The existence of consciousness

    The existence of intelligence

    The existence of free willed beings that interact with each other

    The existence of our own consciences to moderate our actions and interactions

    Within those few aspects of the ISU there is room for hope and faith that the future can unfold as we would have it. Beyond the boundary of scientific knowledge, in the realm of the unknown laws of nature, all things seem possible. It is that realization that makes room for eternal hope for those who care to call upon it in their daily lives.

    As a corollary to that, there is no clear right and wrong at every turn of life, and where there is room for eternal hope for well intended outcomes, we are free to seek council from beyond the boundary to guide us through life as well. We consciously seek acknowledgments from beyond the boundary of known science and receive personal, individual, unexplainable guidance from the unknown in accord with invariant natural laws that we don’t yet understand.

    It is the Eternal Intent of the ISU that we do so.

    To be continued ...
  21. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Continued from previous post ...

    In Conclusion

    When I talk about Eternal Intent, and seeking acknowledgement and guidance from beyond the boundary of science and understanding, there are some things you should realize.

    In order for something to be science I mean that it has to be quantified or quantifiable under the procedures recognized as the scientific method. It should subject itself to mathematical equations that are compatible with all aspects of known science, or at least that cannot be shown to be inconsistent with scientific observations and data. So when I say "we don't yet understand", I am referring to as yet unquantified science from the perspective of the scientific community; theories that are not tested and repeatable but that are suspected because of the way outcomes often seem to be favorable responses to our needs and desires.

    Further, there are prerequisites before Eternal Intent can be considered:

    The universe has to be infinite and must have always existed; it doesn’t work otherwise.

    The universe must be governed by invariant natural laws that are in effect in all places at all times (no supernatural events are possible).

    There can be no violations of natural law (apparent violations are caused by as yet unknown invariant natural laws).

    There must be conscious, self aware, intelligent, contemplative individuals.

    There must be as yet unknown natural laws associated with consciousness that trigger some unknown equation; a combination of conscience, intent, emotions, love (or maybe just love of something, even love of power or money, etc.), and expectation or hope or faith that somewhere in the unknown natural laws there is an equation that yields an invariant response guided by our seeking.

    The act of seeking acknowledgement from beyond the boundary of our understanding should be differentiated from prayer (in its religious sense) because the source of the response is invariant natural law that has always been in place and is not a response from a personified, conscious God who can pick and choose responses or that has any real time decision making power at all.

    That does not mean that prayer will not work for the religious. It means that there are certain combinations of natural law that must come together in a successful equation, and there might be counterproductive aspects involved when prayer is based on a plea to a God within the framework of a given religion.

    The stimulus for favorable unfolding of Eternal Intent from beyond the boundary logically includes the quality of the individual intent.

    I seek an acknowledgement that the natural and invariant laws that enable the Eternal Intent of the ISU, will serve as the quintessential source of hope and council for all who have faith that there is Eternal Intent.


    Comment freely.
  22. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    From the opening paragraph of that essay, “The Cosmology and Philosophy of the Infinite Spongy Universe (ISU)”…

    “The Infinite Spongy Universe (ISU) is all inclusive, all there is, all matter, energy, everything in one infinite and eternal, life and consciousness producing expanse of wave energy that does nothing but carry out its own Eternal Intent.”

    The American Heritage Dictionary definition doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the ISU. Their definition doesn’t touch on the most important part of the definition, i.e., infinite and eternal.

    They say: universe (yo͞oˈnə-vûrsˌ) n. All matter and energy, including the earth, the galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.

    Their limited definition opens the discussion to anyone who would like to take the position that the universe does not necessarily feature the infinities of space, time, and energy.

    There is nothing new about the idea of the infinities in regard to the nature of the universe, but generally, theories must be testable, and you can’t test for infinite space, time, or energy; it will never be more than a logical possibility.

    On the other hand, when you consider the alternative, i.e., that the universe is finite, and that there was a beginning to space, time and energy, then the ISU view featuring the three infinities can take on a little more credibility. The fact is that there is no testable scientific theory about any explanation for a beginning of the universe either, but because something from nothing is largely considered impossible, the “always existed” scenario takes on a logical advantage in the debate.

    There is a set of people who agree that it is not possible for something to come from nothing, and to them, consider the ISU, and begin to contemplate the meaning of an eternal past.


    Comment freely.
  23. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    One meaning of an eternal past is that the greater universe (ISU) can be visualized as a perpetual motion machine, featuring the two ongoing processes of quantum action and big bang arena action. Given the premises that every event is finite in space, time and energy, and the universe is infinite in space, time and energy, the contemplation of the three infinities and an eternal past hold a promise of new thought experiences; and possible mental rewards.

    If you are in the set of people I mentioned in the last post (who agree that it is not possible for something to come from nothing), one reward is that you start gaining a growing appreciation for the meaning of, and the implications of infinity; you begin to grasp the reality of it, and you will soon appreciate its power to bring new revelations.

    For me, accepting the concept of the infinities of the ISU opened a door to a place from which I have never cared to look back.

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