Journey of a Fool(a friends story)

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Inta'twalamayah, Oct 24, 2003.

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    Since I went online almost a couple of years ago I've been looking for something, clues to a place I'm seeking. I'm looking
    for not just evidence that the old legends of gateways to the Dakas and alternate worlds are real, but for clues as to how to
    get there from here. In my journeys into spirit I've been to a place I know well, a place I love, where my people live. I'm
    looking for the way home, and I've been soundly criticized for doing that. It's understandable, since my vision quest no one
    has really understood what I'm saying. Some of the old legends about the Heyoka talk about this problem, they say that
    Heyoka can only understand you if you speak backwards. The reverse is more true, people don't seem to understand what
    I say any longer. I use the same words but they have acquired different meanings and levels of meaning. It's very frustrating.
    So, when I say I'm looking for the way home it doesn't mean the obvious. Maybe when I'm done with this it will make
    more sense. Mostly it's an action of the heart.

    I've found only three websites that deal with any of this, the gateway problem. All three are sites I came across because of
    chance encounters with people who knew about them. Some people are devout believers in what is written on these sites,
    but I'm not. In all three I see evidence of fraud. Some of that is obvious fraud, including altered photographs or false
    statements. Some is a bit like stage magic, and some is commercial fraud. One of these sites,, was
    initially an effort to produce interest in a story concept destined for movie production, like the Blair Witch Project. None of
    these websites admit that they are related to one another, but certain articles on each are very similar in style and content
    and purpose, so much so that they must have been written by the same author. Possibly there is some money involved in
    these sites, but I would not think they bring in a lot of income. Wingmakers was never completed, and the products
    marketed there have not been wildly successful.

    A number of people have told me that there is another purpose behind these websites. In their opinion, these sites are traps.
    The people behind them are looking for the people who seek this information, because they are also on the trail of
    something. Possibly they seek what I do, but for different reasons. In my Dreaming I have seen a lot of evidence that
    government agencies and private institutions are involved not just in psychic research but actual gateway research. The
    concept of wormhole travel is not invalid. Possibly they are looking for one that naturally occurs, to study and replicate and

    There is a fair amount of evidence, even though some of it is legendary, that the gateways once existed. Old Mayan cities,
    for example, have networks of roadways that are not designed for physical travel. These roadways radiate outward from
    the city center and end without having reached any destination. Similar constructions exist on the Nazca Plains in Peru, in
    the American Southwest, and in England. Some say they once existed worldwide, but I've not seen actual proof of that.
    The intent of these special roadways is to provide guidance to people traveling out of body. The roadways take travelers of
    this sort to destinations in other worlds, not in this one alone. According to the Rainbow Legend, these gateways should
    now be active again, and I've heard stories that make me think this is true. It is not always a good thing, the gateways are
    associated with stories of hell and demonic forces as often as with forces of benevolence and realms of Heaven. Sometimes
    it is difficult to judge whether the beings in question are good or bad, and the early medieval Christian elders gave up
    dealing with angels because of that problem. They even redesignated some angelic beings as demonic. The Dakinis of
    Tibetan tradition are known as powerful and positive entities very much like human beings, but their power is foreign to us,
    their values are different than ours. They had a fondness for wearing human skulls as decorations, in necklaces and belts.
    That has been explained as symbolic victory over death, but that explanation is easily doubted. In my own travels of these
    gateways, in the spirit body, I've seen much that makes me cautious. Not everything out there is benevolent towards
    humanity. Like it says on the old maps of the unknown, "Here, there be tigers."

    Truth is still truth, and if the gateways are open now we have to deal with them. A long time ago they either closed naturally
    or were shut down, and now that they are opening, this is a new problem for us as a world culture. Some people are
    making foolish mistakes, and the reaction to that is a hint of the truth.

    Maybe you remember a grisly story from a decade or so past about a number of American college students who vanished
    on Spring break in Mexico. They went over the border for some wild times and never came back. Eventually it was
    discovered that a drug cartel had kidnapped them for use in black rites, involving murder and cannibalism. The cartel was
    shut down and the people involved have either vanished into prison systems or worse.

    Officially that is all of the story, but I happened to be listening one afternoon when a report came over the local NPR station
    from an on the scene reporter at the cartel's warehouse in Mexico. He had been about to tape a final statement about the
    story, all the action having been completed, when a convoy of Mexican Army trucks rolled up and a company of soldiers
    jumped out, immediately setting up positions around the warehouse with rifles and machine guns pointed at the building and
    ready to fire. This surprised the reporter, because no one was there at all.

    From one of the trucks two Indians climbed down, a shaman and his apprentice, who carried a white dove in a cage. The
    shaman entered the building alone and everyone waited, very nervous. According to the reporter, it was as though they all
    expected the gates of hell to break open and the demonic forces come flooding out.

    He asked the apprentice shaman what was going on, and was told that a gateway had been opened by the cartel (young
    people playing with black magic) and the shaman had gone inside to close it. The dove was linked to his life, if he died in
    the effort the dove would die and then the Army would stand between this world and what came through the gap. It took
    about half an hour for the shaman to do his work, then he came out without any great drama, everyone jumped back in the
    trucks and sped off, leaving the reporter standing alone in the desert in amazement.

    People take this kind of thing seriously.

    I'm a skeptical person and Wingmakers looked to me like a fraud from the beginning. A writer I contacted about it swore
    to me that people working for the government had unofficially confirmed that the essential story is true, that in the fairly
    recent past a cave had been found in the American Southwest that was a vast system of tunnels and rooms filled with
    ancient technology and artifacts and symbols of a magical and spiritual nature. Things happened within these rooms that
    changed the people who visited them, they were forcibly evolved, you might say. This complex had been sealed off by the
    government researchers dealing with psychic phenomena, using a reality barrier. If you happened across the entrance today
    you would see nothing but solid rock, feel nothing but solid stone, bounce off it if you tried to walk through. Actually that is
    illusion, I was told, an energy field that alters the perception to produce that physical belief and sensation. The entrance is
    open wide, and in plain sight.

    Of course I don't believe that, even if it is theoretically possible. But, in out of body travel I've found such places many
    times. In old Asian traditions there are simple systems for building such barriers to spirits, using the weaknesses of
    perception that spiritual beings acquire. False walls called spirit walls are commonly placed in front of doorways and gaps
    in garden walls. Unless a ghost actually sees the gap directly it will not recognize the entryway, while a physical being has
    sense enough to go around the barricade.

    The whole story sounded phoney to me, though, and I decided that trap or no trap it wasn't worth my time to study. Then,
    this Spring, the story of the Lost City of the Grand Canyon began to emerge, and I started to wonder about that. There are
    actually two such places known and a third rumoured to exist. One is a recent archeological dig near the Pyramids in Egypt
    which follows the same architectural patterns as the Lost City is said to have, but this site is nearly totally collapsed. Very
    little remains in it, tomb robbers in the old days cleaned it out eons ago.

    The third is in Tibet, or is rumoured to be in Tibet, and only remains as a little known traveler's tale from the memoirs of a
    Nazi emissary who went there in the days before WWII, sent to Tibet in search of occult knowledge and magical weapons,
    just like the evil guys in the Indiana Jones movies. He is said to have entered a vast underground city, a second culture alive
    and well beneath the mountains. It was a place of dark magic, and may still exist.

    As I started reading about the Lost City of the Grand Canyon, a number of details jumped out at me, statements I did not
    expect to see. One of these details is the mention of tools and weapons made of hardened copper or tempered bronze, soft
    alloys that somehow had been altered to be as hard and strong as tempered steel. These implements were said to have
    been left in place in the abandoned armories and workshops of the complex. That should be a wild enough statement to
    discredit the entire story, because everyone with any metallurgical knowledge will tell you with certainty that copper and
    bronze cannot be tempered. I only caught this detail because of some experience of my own.

    I used to work for an old time foundry in the Northwest, a family business that hired laborers like me from time to time. The
    owner was a Canadian immigrant who had worked in his grandfather's foundry in Canada instead of going past the sixth
    grade in school and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the business, the only one left who knows the old methods.
    When the NORAD Command Center in Colorado was being built he was hired to cast the steel blast doors, thick enough
    to withstand a direct hit by an atomic bomb, simply because no one else in the world knew how that could be done. Or so
    he told me, maybe he was the low bidder as well.

    A story he told me about ancient techniques did not ring true to me at all. He said that in the ancient times, pre Roman days,
    there had been methods of tempering copper and bronze, creating tools and weapons that were hard as steel but much
    lighter and faster. Those methods had been lost, and his grandfather had spent a lot of time trying to recreate the method,
    with no luck. Anyone who could do that, he said, would be a rich man. Maybe not true, the reason the technique was lost
    is probably that a heavy iron sword could defeat a light copper one and was cheaper to produce. Economics usually wins
    over tradition. In the books I've read about ancient technologies, I've never seen this belief mentioned, not even in the
    books theorizing about the construction methods of the Egyptians who built the pyramids.

    I have a good reason for believing that tempered bronze is a reality. I have held such a thing in my own hands, at that same
    foundry where I worked like a slave for seven years.

    One day at lunch break a fellow about my age, wearing a bizarrely out of place Sherpa's coat, walked into the shop and
    asked if we could replicate a pair of prayer bells. He handed them to my boss, who rang them critically, observed the
    result, then passed them back to the owner. He told the man, No. Can't be done. I argued about that immediately because
    the casting job would have been simple. My boss explained that these bells were tempered bronze and can't be
    reproduced. The owner of them smiled and said that the University of Washington had done a series of tests on them and
    had said the same thing. He just thought he would ask, he'd been offered fifteen thousand dollars for them and wanted to
    sell a copy of them instead of the originals.

    He came about them in a remarkable way. He had been a soldier in Vietnam, about the same time as me, and had been
    wounded in the chest. He was lying in the "expectant" ward of the field hospital waiting to die when a Vietnamese Buddhist
    monk walked in, stopped at the foot of his bed, looked at him critically for a moment, and then smiled. Without explanation
    the monk placed the bells on his chest and then walked away. This fellow was so confused by that, that it gave him the will
    to live, he couldn't die because he wanted so badly to know why he had been given the bells. Since his recovery and his
    discharge he had wandered through South Asia looking for their origin, had tried to enter Tibet where the Indian
    foundrymen had told him the bells originated, but was turned away at the border by the Chinese Army. On coming home to
    the U.S. he had made the rounds of laboratories, industries, and universities, trying to find someone who could duplicate the
    strange metal. No one could. The alloy was ordinary, but the properties of the metal were not.

    Kincaid and his expedition are said to have found many weapons and tools in the Lost City, all of them cast in the ancient
    bell metal. That was a detail I couldn't ignore.
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  3. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I had to post a reply because all that writing just....well needed some reponse.

    I guess the only question is why is it called a journey of a fool (friends story)

    May be there is a story behind the story but I wouldn't have called it a foolish journey.
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