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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Revolution, Apr 26, 2003.

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    Ok I dont think this is the right forum to post this but its kinda about religion:

    I wrote a story about 6 years ago. Guess what its all comming true. Plus I am named after a biblical prophet.

    Ok Iraq, N Korea, and a former province near Russia..... Friends moving to Chilie out of the blue, its all stacking up right as I written it, and I was trying to write a fiction adventure but could happen in real life story.

    Oh did I meantion the terrorist attack in there as well? Yea I let that one go like ok maybe coincidence. But after last year, oh its on...... Guess I got named my name for a reason. Or I need AA and a shrink...........(But they are prolly both true I wrote this shit in 96 I think. And never let anyone read my story cuz I didnt finish it yet.) Yea I know go on to www.coasttocoastam.com tell Art Bell or what have you. (Its George now so fuck off

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    SO check it, if(and when) the shit hits the fan, head to Chilie(thats in S America West Coast).

    All right so, you religious people, do prophets of god know they are or could someone be a prophet, like Jonah, and not really know he is.........? Try to hide his whole life? Reincarnation? Or just crazy. But I wrote it, although Jonah didnt write anything as far as I know.

    Alright you all been warned, S America.

    Comments welcomed I am on the brink of going crazy. Or religious like my past life of Jonah it took a bunch of souls to throw me overboard, and as I remember reading, the sailors didnt want to do it cuz me/he was a good soul.......

    P.S. If anyone wants the cliff note version of my story they can PM me. Its actually a good story IMO, well story might be the wrong word to use. Do it before I shoot myself but it wont happen I try every day now and HE or SHE(god/allah/BUddah whatever WONT LET ME)

    ASSHOLE! Yea, thats right, I called 'it' that. IT knows where I live if he wants to bring it! But now that I meantion it, IT, well HIM, OWES me so *Looks at the sky with a mean eye look*

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