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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Dork, Sep 22, 1999.

  1. truestory Registered Senior Member


    Thanks for responding. Our experiences are quite different in a general sense. Yours seems to stem from "seeking" or soliciting some answers while mine simply appeared, unsolicited.

    There also seems to be a difference in what you believe and what God (by any name) offers. Generally speaking, that would be a spiritual future.

    Have a great day!
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  3. rwh Registered Member

    Dork I have just found theis site. I find it amusing that people still quote the old standbys that keep all the gasrbage going around in their heads. I refering to the tree fallwing thing. Any one who knows anthing about physic, yes it is real knows that when an object such as a tree falls has to make sound waves and wither anyone hears it or not thay are there. These things remind me of when people were concidered witches if thay mixed two chemicals togather, or knew how to count. Of course back when the church controled ever aspeck of life if you were not of the elite and could read you died. It must hav been wonderfull back then/
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