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Too many locked thread are showing on some sections.
Have a limited number. On one section it is nearly half the threads.
When you lock a thread, transfer the contents to a relevant sticky.

Objection. But that would make too many stickies.
Correct. There are already too many of them.
Shut most of them down too.

When people go onto a section, they should not be looking at tired old posts that are still there, regardless of merit, because someone with the power to do so is preserving them.
And they should not be looking at old posts which are closed to new posts.

It's boring.
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There are 8 years of threads at Sciforums, the vast majority of which are unlocked. Go to the Main Page, select a category, and start digging. Or, you can Search for topics of interest.
hey I have an idea...instead of locking a thread lets create one ginormous thread were all of these "locked" threads will be collected randomly with no purpose at all...so that people will totally be in chaos if they decide to reply to any of it...
IN im sorry but some things SHOULD be expained to new members posting in a section

Take B&E for instance. In there there are 6 stickies,

one is deleted and so doesnt show up for guests and members
Another is a list of resorces for the section
then there are 2 i have put there, one being about how to properly source material and the other explicitly saying that if you lose money following advice given we will laugh at you because its on your own head
the last one is a long term thread on the evolving state of the global economy.

So which one of those shouldnt be there?
So which one of those shouldnt be there?

Let's go through them one at a time.

1. Global Economy in 2008

I'm not a fan of of stickying 'interesting' topics. If they're interesting, then they don't need stickying. I suppose I can agree with a short term stickying, but a thread that was started three months ago still sticky because it's so damned interesting?

2. Useful Links/Resources

Link threads are rarely utilized. They just take up space. The links generally fail to persevere. One of the links in the opening post is no longer viable and few links have been added in all the intervening time. I can understand the urge to provide helpful links and resources, but care should be taken to ensure that the helpful resource threads don't overwhelm actual topic threads.

I have an idea for the Art forum where I planned unstickying most of the stickies and instead providing links to them and others in a single or perhaps two stickies. I've been too lazy though.

3. Standards for Academic Integrity: Source material: quotes, citations, hyperlinks, etc

I know you and Tessie got your broccoli all steamed up over this idea, but it's not going anywhere and is just taking up space. Maybe make it an announcement. Announcements are a good place for rules and whatnot which you might feel like making stickies. Announcements are all tacked together into one link and won't be mussed up with gobs of inane one liner replies.

4. What do you need for a patent?

An 'interesting' thread that hasn't been posted in for a month. And even then wasn't really that exciting.

5. Sticky:

Your deleted sticky but still stickied and visible to moderators. Annoying and taking up space. Please unsticky.

6. Please Read Before Posting In This Forum!!!!!!!!!!!

This thread should be an announcement and spellchecked...
And lose some of those exclamation marks. Or you could add a 1 in there to make it purposefully funny interweb stylee.

Looks like I don't think any of those threads should really be stickied.
IN a) i dont know HOW to make anouncments and i dont think i would even if i could. An anouncment goes across the whole board and i dont have to right to impose that level of souce standeds across the whole board. I havent even done it in WE and P yet. Its just a trial for the moment

As for the Please read again that only relates to B&E not to the rest of the board. Yes there wouldnt be any harm in the rest of the board seeing that a) i request that reports be sent by PM rather than by the reported post button and b) that if you take advice from B&E without checking it your an idiot but why would i want to send it across the whole board?

As for the other 3 i like to be able to find that deleted thread when i need it, maybe its not relivent now that i have implimented the whole thing so i will unstick it

Im not sure who stuck the patients thread but it wasnt me so i was leaving it there
As for the global ecconomie it was a reasonable request so i leave it there and link threads i think are usefull so it stays
edit to add the patent thread was stuck by plazma and im not going to go up against HIM for one sticky
An anouncment goes across the whole board

Just your forum.

As for the other 3 i like to be able to find that deleted thread when i need it

Bookmark it.

As to the rest, it's your forum. I just gave you the opinion you asked for.
I dislike stickies. Especially too many stickies.

edit to add the patent thread was stuck by plazma and im not going to go up against HIM for one sticky

He probably thought it was interesting at the time, but that doesn't mean it should be stickied forever. He's stickied threads in Art before too and I let them stay for a while and then unstickied them after a while. If you're unsure of yourself, then ask him.
Man up.