Looking for evidence of spirit in nature

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by Mazulu, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Mazulu Banned Banned

    If you're going to have an afterlife, after the atoms of your physical body return to dust, you're going to need spirit. Spirit is talked a lot about in New Age circles, the Bible, and is well known to mystics and those who have intuitive senses. But what is spirit and can we find spirit in nature? To be of any use, spirit has to be you when you survive the death of your body. Since science cannot detect spirit, it has to be subtle. It has to last forever, and it has to connect somehow to your brain. When I say it has to be you, we tend to think in scientific terms about "information". But that is useless bullshit. There is you, there is the rest of us, and there is God. God is Spirit, some would say the Holy Spirit. Now don't get me wrong. God created the "information plane" if you will. It's called the space-time continuum. It's that thing that scientists dismiss as a "quantum fluctuation". But really, the space-time continuum is a manifestation of spirit. It is subtle; Newton missed it, Einstein noticed it. In a way, the physical universe has a "soul" that will last forever. Quantum wave-functions and entanglements are also very subtle and can be considered a form of spirit, but quantum entanglements are delicate.

    When I say God, do I mean the hellfire Christian God of the Bible that hates homosexuals and has a long white beard? No. That image was created by early Christians to represent their best understanding of what they thought God was. They felt the Holy spirit move through them, and it did. But the spirit of each human being feels the physical body very strongly, and sometimes things get confused, like sexual thoughts, ideas of purity, the natural instinct to kill (want to kill); we are civilized now and have to treat each other the way we want God to treat us.

    So if you missed it, I will recap. The space-time continuum is this invisible, undetectable thing that is created from the spirit of God. It is as science has described it, but it is also a soul created by God, just as we are souls created by God. Whatever evidence you skeptics are looking for, you will first have to acknowledge that space-time geometry is an invisible undetectable thing that existed long before any mathematicians of physicists came along. And it will exist long after human life is gone. Such things exist and are easily overlooked by scientists. Wave-functions also exist as real things, but are also overlooked by scientists. Even dark matter was overlooked until the 20th century.
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  3. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    That is of course an assumption based on zero evidence.

    That is of course an assumption based on zero evidence.

    Of course the universe existed before people.

    Of course.

    What makes you think such a thing? It is absurd to think scientist overlook the obvious aspects of space-time and the universe.

    You really have no clue what you are talking about. I took a semester long course that was essentially nothing but the study of the Schrodinger equation!

    It wasn't overlooked, we did not have the tools to discover it until the 20th century!
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