Mathematical Relationships are Reality Itself

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Spellbound, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. river

    But what increased the radius of the garden in the first place , physically ?
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  3. Spellbound Banned Valued Senior Member

    The radius would not be a radius if it were not a circular garden plot. It would be an entirely new shape and thus relationship altogether. When the gardener increased to radius, the circle's area increased accordingly.
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  5. Xanthippe Registered Member


    Language is art, metaphor, symbol...

    Language refers to the mental abstraction, the interpretation, the perception – noumenon.
    The mental abstraction refers to the phenomenon, which is perceived partially and known incompletely.
    Flux renders the phenomenon unknowable, in an absolute sense.
    The noumenon symbolizing the continuing reinterpretation is static, coded, formalized, ritualized, by simplifying/generalizing, and by utilizing ambiguity.
    The phenomenon can only be perceived if it is dynamic, if it continuously changes and so is other than itself.

    Consciousness is a discrimination, based on patterns.
    This is also true of mathematics, the most abstract language of all, besides music.
    For instance in mathematics 1+1=2 is definitely a logical conclusion but only if one takes it for granted that the #1 is a singular, absolute thing, or a symbol of it.
    Similarly the Law of Identity makes sense, is logically consistent, if one takes it for granted that similarity is possible because an absolute state of inertia or a core or a thingness is a given and when any symbol can be applied to represent this absolute static the letter A.
    In fact A is the favorite English symbol for just about any singularity: a tree, a car, a man, awoman, a dog.
    The A can be applied to anything implying a simplified/generalized state of dogness, treeness, humanness, and so on.
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