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    Hi all,
    I want to hear your thoughts on the Mayan's Prophecy. First of all, let me begin by telling you that, myself and my thoughts are more inclined towards science rather than religious and mystical explanations. But, i am open to any thought, as far as it helps me satisfy my desire to find the TRUTH about our existence etc.,

    So, my question here, is about Mayan philosophy and their thought!! I've heard a lot about Mayan civilzation but up-until recently, when i have visited Mayan temples and got to see their maginificent work!!! That led to many questions and also changed how I view our ancient civilizations.. Please (if possible) help me understand the following points (or) thoughts which popped up in me when i visited Mayan temples.

    1. How did Mayans (who are supposed to have been lived so many years ago) build such an exceptionally, accurate temples and pyramids with almost precice measurements of astronomical data? (they are off by only 33 seconds as of today in their solar calendrical measurements)

    2. How did they gain such an immense knowledge? We, today, believe that technology has always increased linearly over time, but seeing Mayan civilization, i feel that statement is not true anymore. What is your say on this?

    3. Mayans predicted number of things, including the end of the world, to be Dec 23, 2012. How did they come up with that? How are we, today, able to decipher their predictions and come with a date such as above? Please educate me.

    4. We boast of such a great technological advancements today, but have we really progressed anything today, when compared to Mayans intellect?

    Please share your thoughts (and also share if you have any other thoughts to add to) and educate me in this area. I appreciate everyone's reply and will promptly reply, if you want me to explain anything more deeply (or) share my expreiences in Mayan areas in central america. Thank you all in advance.

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