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    Orgasms and drugs? Mercury poisoning? I'd hate to be an impotent man...

    I don't look towards Youtube for references -I'd look at Wiki, but anyway It can be like watching a WTF kinda' train wreck.

    The videos are identical; the first part of the longer is the is the entirety of of the shorter. (The second vid has 20 more pieces of medical advice.)

    Tobacco smoke enima? Eating dog poop? The etymology of ABRACADABRA (12:40) I did not know this: I can do that with a 3D printer that can manipulate metal or use faux semi precious stone in a mold.

    Tape worm weight loss? Drinking radium or inserting it in you bum? Texting inside a dead whale?


    (Ebay here we come

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    And of course it wouldn't be proper list of medical procedures without drinking your own pee.

    Were they really Snake Oil Salesman or, were they actually this dumb?

    Is it safer to trust doctors in a hospital setting as they are amongst peers over one in private practice?
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