Merging forums?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by wegs, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    I wonder if it would be too much of a task (and if the owners of SciForums would be interested) to merge The Science Forum with this one. That site seems to be suffering a slow and painful death, but could the content be saved if it merged with this one?

    It’s sad to see a once vibrant forum, waste away with little to show now than tumbleweeds.

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  3. parmalee peripatetic artisan Valued Senior Member


    You don't get that sense about this forum? It's not exactly dead, but there's certainly far less traffic than there was, say, 5/6/7 years back.

    I'm not really much of active poster anywhere--my posts are generally short and rather infrequent (I think? I've been here over ten years and have fewer than three thousand posts. I'd venture that nearly 80 percent of my posts were made before, say, 2012?)--but I peruse a number of forums. Most are far more focused (subject-wise), some even quite specific, so "general discussion" is sort of kept to a minimum. Here, there's a number of science topics, but the discussions overall seem more diffused.

    Perhaps the... "generality" of the discussions is off-putting to many people? I honestly don't know. I just know that if I, fer instance, post a very specific query regarding sealing a woodstove on another forum--or, say, a query on various methods and means for extracting a fundamental frequency from a complex waveform--I'll get like a dozen responses within a couple of hours. It's kinda weird, honestly. I suspect that there's an awful lot of kids who essentially complete their homework by posting qestions on various forums.
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  5. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    I believe that this appears to be the case on most all science forums. In fact others that are far more restricitive of nonsensical, unevidenced and unproven claims then this forum is, see even less traffic. Here, we bend over backwards for such nonsense...well the site admins do anyway.
    Perhaps [sadly] that not too many people are really interested in science? I mean take out the pseudo and and ghosts and goblins sections, and the traffic here would be less still.

    Thirdly and more personally, it is far better for me to spend less time here, which enables myself to take care of other things that I sometimes forget and/or sacrifice because of continued interactions here.
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  7. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    In thinking it through, TSF has a very different vibe than SF. I’m wondering if the two styles would gel here. And then there is the tedious chore of locating TSF’s owner. He has gone MIA for quite a while, now.

    I don’t post as often as when I first joined here and in general, forum-life is dying since it competes with FB and IG.

    Meh, it was just a thought.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2020
  8. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    TSF had quite a few teens at one time, maybe five years back, posting homework questions. Hmm, maybe they made up a large part of the forum and once they graduated high school, they stopped posting. Lol

    In truth, I haven’t been active there for a while but it’s nice to return like I’ve done here, and see some familiar usernames. You know?
  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    could load it like a adjunct library attachment kinda thing
    edit/post rights exclusive to their members
    so it becomes like a tool bar to the sciforums
    (just musing)

    culture, trends & fashion
    covid has driven some hard changes in human cycles of behavior for the ordinary life style people.

    equally they could have been cheating scammers who were paid to sit exams for foriegn students being paid to do their assignments

    billions of dollars worth of cash being paid to buy foreign student qualifications have stopped
    that is liable to shift things a little.

    how recently was it that some govts cut off research funding which would have directly kicked the legs out from underneath all those science students in high school & college ?

    giving cults a free pass to creationism ...
    science has been banned
    Queue stage entrance ... corona virus

    audience cheers !

    im listening to your music
    i am attempting to repair the stretch marks(& some lacerations) on my mind from uploading nearly a terabyte into my brain yesterday

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    or ...
    being smashed into oblivion by an administration that has directly targeted government science institutions and its systems to smash it into rubble in some blind lemming like desire to bring on the great (second coming)apocalypse

    i would expect most half informed scientists are hiding wondering when the witch trials will be started by government

    nasa then niwa then some other weather and geo like orgs, then govt administration that was independent, then parks and environmental orgs
    then freedom of the press...

    when do the brown shirts get distributed ?
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  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    not really
    it is a few specific members who act like barking dogs pissing on peoples posts
    under a guise of pretending to stick to the subject
    the difference between derision and investigation seems to be directly mixed to service their own bizarre ego or intentions
    you get that in most human groups
    sad or damaged fragile egos needing to lash out at weak looking people to make themselves feel strong
    living the lie
    faking it

    thats a bit of the puritanical mind bent
    last century
    "you cant do anything properly unless your only doing one thing at a time"

    it is a dying mind set which borders consciousness and limits intellect
    it is a majority generic social culture that lends its self to trapped in syndrome in a psychological manner
    less is more control because control was faked
    so instead of growth and learning
    they try to smash all other things to keep themselves as the cult leader of their bully school boy reality.

    social era is a mix of pre 1990s mixed with a materialistic concept of late 1980s where gadgets like new ideas took on new meaning
    materialism of the 90s holds the only truth aspect of their consciousness in a form of gadgetry

    im sure it shall pass, ... like slavery ... or be the death of us
  11. parmalee peripatetic artisan Valued Senior Member

    You see a fair amount of that on other types of forums, as well. Maybe not homework specifically, but close enough--like, "What happens if I do this?" I don't know--why don't you do it and find out? It's annoying.

    I'm not sure that I agree with Paddoboy's contention about this forum being less "restrictive." I think, oftentimes, that specificity just naturally limits the amount of bs one is apt to encounter: people are there for a particular reason, and they know what they want to discuss. I have no idea as to what other people are thinking, but I suspect that very absence of focus here (this isn't really a "science forum") is really off-putting to a lot of people. There are a number of topics I find best to avoid altogether on this forum: religion, obviously; but also philosophy to anthropology, and everything "in between," so to speak. Such discussions (here) tend to disappoint and/or depress, and there are far better forums for such, where posters are more apt to have the appropriate background.

    Then there's stuff that simply doesn't come up. No one is talking about Joseph Conrad, say, but neither are they discussing Tana French. This isn't really the place for cinephiles, or ethnomusicologists, or molecular gastronomists. Maybe it's not as "general" as I imagine it? I suppose it's more like some science, some sociopolitical, and a little bit of everything else, on rare occasion?
  12. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    If I remember correctly, TheScienceForum I got banned from after telling a mod to "F*%@ Off" in a PM. I forget exactly the reasons for it, but I felt like it and the forum was filled with despicable people anyway.
  13. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    I think that specificity on any forum, can cause traffic to decrease - I’ve seen this on running forums, as well. People tended to congregate in the “miscellaneous/talk about anything” sub-forums. (The running topics had the least posts, sadly.)
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  14. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    I’ve wondered why you were banned.
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    in science "anyway" needs to come after the repeatable scientific method

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    without moderation is sterilizes the interaction presenting a barrier to those who may think they are required to know the answer before posing a question.

    fairly standard human behaviors ...
  16. parmalee peripatetic artisan Valued Senior Member


    Kind of a hot topic these days: Is fruitful discussion on the internets, outside of one's bubble (in a manner of speaking), even possible anymore? Ideally, I'm anti-essentialist--or, at least, that's what I'm aiming for--but practically... domestication and long-term (millenia rather than centuries or decades) trending towards herd-like social being rather than pack-like makes that rather difficult. I shouldn't have to work so hard to maintain what is in all likelihood a delusion, but self-preservation is a stubborn impulse. "Solace" and "repetition compulsion" probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence, but...

    Have you seen Pascal Laugier's Martyrs?
  17. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    statistics & sales manager weekend retreats
    are we(society et large) booming or busting in this part of cycle (lol)?

    schrodinger's theory of homicidal cats ...

    if no one sees you steal other peoples stuff
    did you really steal it ?

    consciousness verses material needs
    the battle will always remain as it is the blending between the conscious mind the the physical needs to create the container in which it dwells

    just because we can see nirvana(someone else's shit) doesn't mean we can obtain it without effort(stealing it then pretending we didn't steal it)

    even crazy smart people have sex clubs and cults
    (the mind likes to lean on things as a natural part of how it works in conjunction with the emotional mind & often that thing that appears needed and solid is a group of things which may be inherently morally corrupt)

    most of the crazy smart(top 5% of the population intellectually) people i have met are extremely non xenophobic
    the concepts of those leanings are intellectually morally and culturally repugnant to them.
    however, in times of emotional trauma and stress, they might find humour or escapism in something that on the outside may appear prejudicial and potentially created by someone with prejudicial intent
    note different from a dark sense of humour
    more like a basic human instinct that is fashioned to be sidelined to achieve better and greater things.

    not that i recall
    i have lost my appetite for horror in general
    though i use to be a big horror movie fan
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2020
  18. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Was I right?
  19. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Sometimes even mods and admins are selfish, irresponsible, lie, and are wrong.
  20. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    But it would be more satisfactory to argue that, wouldn't it?
  21. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Sure! and speaking for myself, I have done just that.
  22. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Let's hear it.
  23. paddoboy Valued Senior Member


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    Do you want to get rid of me that badly?
    The threads are there for all to read...I'm sure someone with your technical know how and skill can find.

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