Minguizzi's Simultaneity Method

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by Mike_Fontenot, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Jonathan Doolin Registered Member

    You may be right, that I have a contradiction. It may be due to my own sense that the Lambda-CDM may be self-contradictory.

    I am sorry I can't easily point to descriptions of the Kinematic model on the internet. It seems to have very few vocal contemporary proponents. E.A. Milne wrote two books on the subject; The first was called "Relativity, Gravitation, and World Structure", and the second called "Kinematic Relativity".

    I have done some of my own descriptions of the Kinematic model, but it hasn't quite caught on:

    Here is a video called "SN1a Data, Minkowski Style" which considers the implications of the coordinates and redshift/distance relations found by the High-Z supernova team in a Kinematic Universe.

    Also, after my post #49 above, I decided to write a more complete calculation of the temperature necessary to achieve "inflation" in the primordial universe.


    These consideration of temperature of the primordial gas helps to explain how it might be possible that distant galaxies did not leave the r=0 until well after the big bang.
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  3. Halc Registered Senior Member

    Well, I personally had never heard of LCDM until now, although I've seem the diagrams from it, or at least the ones from which they were taken, which are typically in color.
    I've never thought of it as a theory as much as simply a more useful mapping of events for what is otherwise the standard model of cosmology, and as such, I don't see how it is likely to be contradictory. It significantly resembles Minguzzi's method AAMOF, which is why I find it interesting to find this discussion in this particular thread. Minguzzi also posits a frame independent foliation of spacetime, just not all of it, but only because he allows the choice of any reference event.

    That aside, I've not heard of this Kinematic model either, and really don't know what it proposes.

    No idea what you mean by "leave the r=0", but perhaps that would make more sense with a brief description of the terms the model uses.
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