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Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by goofyfish, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    You may be underestimating my reputation. The ranks that would actually prefer someone other than me specifically are probably larger than any actual voting base I might somehow carry in my favor or those who would pitch me a vote in a field of good candidates.

    I have no known fan base or support bloc, and a growing chorus of folks who just plain don't like me.

    That, more than anything, should hopefully lighten your concern.
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  3. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member

    Awww come on can one Not Love you?..Isn't possible.

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  5. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Well ... y'know ....

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  7. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    No your victory is pretty much assured. Considering the 3 other times and using Craterchain Novel logic a conspiracy must be going on

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  8. Hathor Banned Banned

    so if others can banter inanely in this thread, why can i not? eh fish?

    did you catch my post in which i slam your ass before it got deleted?
  9. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    You can banter inanely; most of your posts are inanane in any case.
    What you cannot do is insult other members - hence the deleted post.

    :m: Peace.
  10. Hathor Banned Banned

    from here

    the reference is in regards to quotes of this nature

    that is policy adopted by the lord high grand poohbah himself. the suggestion is made that if content offends, "skip over" it perhaps consistency would be best served if you and others were to adopt said strategy.


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  11. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    The word is spelled "capiche."

    (This public service announcement has been brought to you by House Tiassa.)
  12. Hathor Banned Banned

  13. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    "Kapeesh" is just another dumbing-down of the culture. Kind of like luv, gr8, and LOL. Great link. It really explains the intelligent path that leads to kapeesh. Of course, I haven't had the problem with people around me saying "coppish." That, too, is a dumbing down of things.

    On the other hand, what does it really matter? After all, my partner went to a religious school when she was young where "thru" was acceptable because that was the way the world was going. This is also the partner who stopped me in the middle of a discussion to ask, "What's a centimeter?"

    When we wrote "phuck" in the 1980s, we got it from skate magazines and it was an effort to duck the obvious censorship. These days people write "fuk" because they can't figure out how to spell the most useful vulgarity under the sun.

    It's not like spelling Ghadafi.

    Why should colloquial language also have colloquial rules? Generally speaking, people should at least know how to spell the simple words without referring to an "urban dictionary" designed to cater to those trying to understand what illiterates are saying ("coppish") and writing ("kapeesh").

    Remember that ignorance is one of the driving forces in lexical evolution. Literally, m8, u need to git it thru yer hed that theyre r certin wayz to comunick8.

    I don't deny that "kapeesh" is modern day slang and "capiche" is the older version. It's just that "kapeesh" comes from a bunch of people who were too stupid to spell "capiche."

    Watch the American dictionaries over time. They do accommodate bad spelling and public trends. After a while, words people insist on using creep into dictionaries. Like "d'oh!"

    It's a little like watching Americans use the word "terrorism" or "ad hominem." The incoherence of the present is brought to you by the illiterates who insist that they have a god-given right to respect. It makes sense that a colloquial word like "capiche," left in the hands of society's most transitional colloquial elements, should be distorted and degraded to accommodate yet another level of ignorance.

    I mean, if I said, "Fuck you, you fucking rapist," you probably wouldn't take it as praise, would you?
  14. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Tiassa,assuming that you run for a moderator and you win...Would you go on for Msft Bashing spree yet again?...I hope you dont do it.

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  15. fireguy_31 mors ante servitium Registered Senior Member

    Tiassa has my vote...

    Do members have the privilage to vote?
  16. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


    Thankfully, I'm generally isolated enough from Microsoft that the offenses don't pile up daily. It also requires external factors, including irrational associates who wouldn't know how to download an email attachment even if it did work chewing their nails over your shoulder and a growing nicotine fit because the first portion of my day has been spent in the presence of that hand-wringing, whining snot.


    After the nomination period closes, there will be a separate topic for the general vote. All registered members of Sciforums not banned by specific administrative action have the vote.
  17. fireguy_31 mors ante servitium Registered Senior Member

    LOL! i wonder if that statement was added in light of my recent post in 'Feedback'[?] forum....or maybe I'm just paranoid....either way, i find it funny.
  18. Hathor Banned Banned

    ahh yes, this reminds me of a nitpicking culture vulture i once knew.
    accusations of illiteracy however can pop up in the most unexpected of instances.

    <a> "i like the color of my new checks" writes the illiterate
    <b> "wrong! writes the anally retentive culture vulture. "it is....i like the colour of my new cheques.

    what is your style? a? or b?

    Etymology of color

    From Old French coulour, from Latin color. In American spelling the 'u' was dropped from colour to aid in spelling. In British spelling the 'u' remains.

    of course we all know that color is spelt without the u because a bunch of people were too stupid to spell it correctly. what is worse is that there are some that do know the "original and correct" form but yet persist in perpetuating ignorance.

    i wonder if these puristic culture vultures would have to speak old english if consistency and "street cred" were to remain. shit, for that matter, these tards would have to regress back to pictograms.


    *'Although American customs in spelling have never differed widely from British, such differences as have existed have nevertheless been treated as though they were matters of some moment, as though the Americans had really done something startling to spelling' (Krapp, 1960, 328)

    i agree. while the criticisms usually flowed from east to west, you have the occasional wannabes on this side of the "pond" that hold themselves up as the defenders of some mythical period of vernacular righteousness

    *'All that can be safely asserted of the contemporary conventions of standard Canadian English spelling, when there is a British/American choice, is that the norm is not yet to choose either indifferently for the same word in the same text' (Pratt, 1993, 59)

    *The Australian Government Style Manual 'arbitrates on many of the currently variable points of English spelling, generally adhering to what is often thought of as British rather than American practice' (Peters & Delbridge, 1989, 129)

    a plague of culture vultures! the choice is one of vanity over efficiency.

    tips for culture vultures

    The "s" in "island" was not in the original spelling, but was inserted later -- and thus is etymologically incorrect. The "b" in "crumb" and "thumb" were intentionally added a few centuries ago as silent letters. So was the "g" in "foreign" and "sovereign" (those two words are completely unrelated to "reign"), the "h" in "ghost," and the "p" in "ptarmigan." The "h" and the "y" in "rhyme," and the use of "ch" in "ache" are similarly spurious (one could make a case for the "c" in "ache" having a historic basis, but the use of the "h" after it is purely spurious). "Iland," "crum," "thum," "forein," "soverein," "gost," "tarmigan," "rime," and "ake" are spellings that more closely show the true origins of those words, while the current forms that "look right" are not really showing the correct history.

    who here amongst us are the guilty?

    alright! perhaps i get horrified as well despite the fact that i am pro reform


    "Ameba" is the first given spelling in most American medical and scientific dictionaries as of the late 1990s. Further, the entry in the "Random House College," 2nd Edition (1997) reads: ..

    ameba or amoeba (n.) ..
    However, "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate," 10th Edition (1993), the "American Heritage," 3rd Edition (1992), and other American dictionaries list "amoeba" first, with "ameba" as a variant.

    variations in spelling

    the visual is upsetting, is it not? it offends the fragile sensibilities that we hold so dear, does it not?

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    anyway, i however acknowledge this "horror" is inspired by irrational and dogmatic ideals of what should be.
    of course, i could also simply be a working class stiff playing out my uppity delusions of grandeur on this board

    hark! it's noah webster! after him!
  19. Hathor Banned Banned

    the distinction you make is hardly notable enough to distinguish you from the present "level of ignorance"

    what was it you said.....yes..

    you wallow contentedly at a previous "level of ignorance" and yet have the gall and hypocrisy to lecture others?

    thats it. lets call the whole thing off
  20. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    There's a difference between the functional evolution of language and colloquialisms getting even more ridiculous.

    The change in spelling decontextualizes it somewhat from a word with specific connotations to simple dumbass vernacular.

    What's so hard to grasp about the idea that it's unfortunate that we extol the dubious virtues of the illiterate by imitating them?

    By the way, did anyone catch that the Washington Post actually printed the phrase "Fuck yourself," in the coverage of Veep Dick? I don't know how widespread such propriety in reporting is, as I don't really care about the story, but it's nice to know that someone's making sure to include the phrase in polite conversation.
  21. Hathor Banned Banned

    i will hold off my reply until i have a bad day. it will be more exciting then. lots of fun to be had. i promise
  22. Shmoo The CzarnaChapka Registered Senior Member

    tiassa, please admit you're wrong. Stop trying so hard.
  23. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Lemme axe yew a kestchin: Should society evolve on the merit of its least capable?

    Really ... it just amazes me that people put so much effort into justify their forays into the lifestyles of the dim and misguided. I realize that consistent spelling is too much to ask of a culture in general, but something about using a colloquial dictionary to establish the legitimacy of a colloquial degradation of a colloquialism strikes me as just odd. Colloquial dictionaries exist to explain the twisting of conventional communication taking place within the vernacular. They don't legitimize colloquialisms as proper communication.

    Please drive thru.
    Laff it up.
    Axe someone a question.
    It's all so fukd.

    There was a time when the letters in a word indicated something about its phonetics despite local accents.

    What, can nobody say "laugh" anymore? Does everyone say "laff"? Of course, up here, people think you're English if you can say "laugh."

    Here's an interesting thing: the "b" at the end of crumb isn't entirely silent. It's a natural result of the action of speaking the word. Putting an "f" in the place of "gh" actually seems rather natural. If you can actually say "laugh," check where your teeth and your lips are when you finish the "gh". The "f" sound almost rolls off naturally, and the "gh" disappears into the pronunciation.

    Of course, if I was a real culture vulture, I would be on a campaign against "wh." By our accent in the northwest, we never speak that combination of letters, but rather, "hw." "Hwen?" "Hwat?" "Hwere?" "Hwy?" The "w" disappears entirely in "who" and "whom."

    But "kapeesh" to me is a little like "fuk" to a 7 year-old. It looks correct phonetically, so that's all that matters, eh?

    I just wish people would put some effort into their attitudes. That's all. Aside from that, I'm perfectly willing to shake my head and chuckle as the menagerie wanders blindly past.

    Americanisms abound in the English language. But come on ... adaptation to accommodate those who cannot spell the colloquialisms they use? Give me a break. That's so fukd. That's like, so dum. It's the kind of thing that comes from smoking 2 much crak. Thats lik the nacho cheez niger jok. It's even dummer than the hizzouse.

    I do admit to a certain snobbery. There's a fourth-frame aspect in any good colloquialism. These days, slang isn't even worth the one-panel daily tripe. Who thinks dumshits are cool? "Not Me."

    Makes me want to slap a dum fukking bich.

    (Or, to put it simply, I'm reminded of a girl, Cindy, who in seventh grade went through that phase where her name was Syndie, complete with the little heart over the I. And then a New York hottie named Cori showed up at school and all extraneous letters went away: Syndi. See? It all makes perfect sense.)
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