mormons scare me

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by fadingCaptain, May 26, 2004.

  1. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    I had a visit from some mormons last week. For some reason I got very nervous when I saw them at the door. Heart rate went up and everything. I told them how I felt, they gave me some pamphlet and left. No big deal.

    So...why did I get so nervous? Is it that I was afraid they'd pressure me into something? Or do I just not like to talk to strangers about personal beliefs? I really am not sure.
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  3. DoctorNO Ultra Electro Agnostic Registered Senior Member

    1. Did you know they were mormons before they knocked on your door? How could you tell?

    2. Did you have a bad experience with mormons before?

    3. Are you a loner who doesnt feel comfortable around people?

    4. Were you in a different mood that day?
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  5. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    1. I could tell they were gonna preach to me when I saw em at the door. That is when I got nervous. I figured they were probably mormons.

    2. No, I don't think so.

    3. Definately not. I usually don't have a problem talking politics, religion, etc. with anyone.

    4. I dunno. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to talk this kind of stuff. Usually I think its fun to talk and debate.

    I'm still not sure if I felt threatened or what. Pretty strange for me. Anyone else get nervous when visited by the church of utah?
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  7. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member

  8. DoctorNO Ultra Electro Agnostic Registered Senior Member

    I dont know much about Mormons. Is it true that their religion is against black people?
  9. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

    did they have big sticks and have one as a standard-bearer with a standard saying:

    "do not oppose us"

    on it?
    other than that you were probably just scared.

    ps. were you sinning in any way? maybe god shone on you and gave you the gift of nervouseness to put you abck on the course of righteuosness.
  10. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Mormons? I am so glad that they do not exist here.
    Just sometimes we get witnesses, they taste funny.
    But they are always delivered warm to your door.

    Perhaps the mormons scared you with their firm belief and their
    unwavering and uniform appearance?
  11. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    hehe i thought that god might have been telling me something. i was thinkin of having a wank at the time. :)
  12. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member

  13. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    hehe I invite em in for a cup of coffee and a shoot em up on the ps2. Hell, they have to walk around all day with people telling them to get lost. I just tell them I have a personal faith and my faith says I should be compassionate. I tell em I dont wanna talk scripture if thats ok but if they wanna play a game on the ps2 and take the weight off their feet thas cool. Some of em are pretty good gamesters let me tell you ;)
  14. water the sea Registered Senior Member


    I have intensive experiences with them. (Huh. Uh. Huh.)

    Nervous when meeting them?
    I'd say it is your natural defense mechanism telling you that there is something wrong.

    What Mormons do, going around on missions, is ill and malignant, regardless how kind and polite and harmless they may seem on the outside.

    They say that they love you, want to help you, be your friends and such.
    Yet they meet you as their religion, not as persons.
    Only a person can be a friend, religion cannot.
    This is something Mormons don't seem to understand.

    Like, there were missionaries who said they were my friends, and that "a friend is a friend, regardless if missionary or not".
    It is just that one can barely do things with them one does with friends ... and they don't treat you as they treat their friends back home.

    There is always this professional distance -- which is perfectly okay, IMO. It is just that they insist on saying they love you. It is ill.

    If you write a personal letter to such a "friend", you should expect that it will be read and dissected at their meetings, and that some day some missionary you've just met will quote things from letters you wrote to other missionaries a long time ago.

    The whole idea of going on such missions as they do is simply ill and malignant, as I said. And I think this is what you felt when you met them.

    Oh, and yes: do mind to understand what they say:
    "We hope that you will one day accept Christ in your life."

    What does that mean?
    'We hope that you will give up everything you believe in now, and accept our religion.'
    >> 'We want you to be somebody else. You are not good enough.'

    Basically, they question your character. It is natural to get away from those who do that.
  15. water the sea Registered Senior Member

  16. JustARide America: 51% fucking idiots Registered Senior Member

    Hmmm, I always thought of Mormons as rather unfrightening myself. Then again, my experience with the religion is limited to two or three google searches and that one episode of South Park.

    BTW, I find answering the door in the nude and saying, "Hey, I've got a couple of seer stones right here you might be interested in..." usually does the trick.

  17. Q25 Registered Senior Member

    :D :D LOL
  18. Bells Staff Member

    That's all it took to get rid of them?:confused: They, unlike the Jehovah's Witness', don't seem fazed when I tell them I'm a satanist and to come in and we can compare our Gods. When I use that line on a Witness, they usually go pale and literally bolt down the driveway. But the llast time I used that line on a Mormon, he said yes and came in and sat down while I frantically tried to think up what a Satanist might say, etc. Was a stressful half hour. That's my fault though as I should have just slammed the door in his face when he said yes he'd like to chat about my belief in Satan. :(... So you say that you're scared and they run? Hmmmmm interesting... very interesting..

    That's something that only you can answer. It could be a bit of both.
  19. Bells Staff Member

    LMAO! I have to say, that was one of my favourite South Park episodes:D.

    'dum de dum dum dum'.. hehehe :D..
  20. StarOfEight A Man of Taste and Decency Registered Senior Member

    Until 1962, blacks were denied deaconship within the Church. The justification comes from the Book of Abraham, which holds a difference in melanin is the result of God cursing blacks. The book remains a part of LDS scripture. So does D&C 132, justifying the practice of "plural marraige."

    If you want an in-depth look at the truly bizarre world of Mormon fundamentalism, take a look at the Beyond the Banner of Heaven, written by Jon Krakauer. It's also got quite a bit of general history.

    For a general source, I'd go with Mormon America written by Richard Ostling.
  21. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    Mormonism is such heresy. :(
  22. Dark_Man Registered Member

    sigh... I some times get tired of ppl bashing on the mormons because they believe in "plural" marridge etc etc. Fact is most other religions persicute them for who they are. Yet the bible says you should love thy nieghbor etc etc. Just one more tid bit of proof (they are hypocrits) that organized religion is a bunch of crap. **caugh** brian washing **caugh**

    From age 9 until around age 15 I was Mormon. Then I relized I had never belived in god etc etc and just stoped going to church. I honestly don't really understand most of the subtle religious differances between mormons and the other christian religions. They all belive in god and the bible most believe in jesus etc etc. The thing about the Mormans that most ppl don't seem to get is compaired to 99% of the larger religions on earth they are THE YOUNGEST. Yet they have grown faster than pretty much all the other religions combined. Why? Cause there VERY organized and logical. For that I respect them.

    They don't waste money and resources on fluff like that catholics. Gold statues? stane glass? common... They provide programms and other things that are USEFUL in the real world. In all honesty they act more like a government than a religion. If you lose your job they give you food etc etc.

    Ok I'll get to my real point. In the end this biols down to one thing. Mormanism is a MODERN religion. Meaning they have left behind more of the old silly stuff like the catholic cerimonys etc that modern ppl just aren't into. Thus they are more apealing to modern ppl.

    My point is this. You should fear them. Because in the grand sceam of things right now they are better at brian washing the masses than pretty much any other christian based religion. Which scares me. I mean my mom is a VERY inteligent person, but she believes. If someone like her can fall into thier trap then the world is in real trouble.

    And yes I'm a bible burning athiest who believes organized religions are insianly stupid.
  23. SpyMoose Secret double agent deer Registered Senior Member

    A Mormon is clean, polite, cheerful, devout, charitable, and hoards supplies for the holy war when they will finally be called by god to take over. Mormonism cultivates a clannishness, is almost effortlessly repressive of a wide spectrum of things, they have their own city, they convert folks around the world in exotic locations, and they added their own book to the bible just specially for them.

    The fact is, other Christians dislike Mormons because they are winning! They do all the things that Christianity is supposed to do and a lot better than any other denomination. The hatred other Christians show to Mormons is really envy.

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