Mundane Request

Pollux V

Ra Bless America
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Heya, is it possible to get the little sciforums insignia back on the bottom of every page? Sometimes if I'm reading a really long thread I don't feel like scrolling all the way to the top to go back "home." I'm not asking that you replace the PayPal thingie, but that maybe you just put it to the side...or something?

Now you see why this is a mundane request. It's not that I'm a lazy bastard, it's just that it would make life go a little slippier, that's all...
Try the keys, end and home. I think that will fulfill your needs, Pollux V.
My god! I see the light! My life has changed...countless hours wasted over scrollling up and down...

Hehe. That is neat, I already knew about it. But if you want to make moding an easy job, or if you just want to find your place, hit CTRL+F, now type in the word that your looking for. TA-DA! Insta-find! Now you can edit out naughty words in less then 3 seconds.