Musta hit someone's emotional vulnerabilties dead center

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Mr. G

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My black hole threads are now inside Sciforums' event horizon where no one can read them ever again.

Witnesses can attest to the fact of their once actual existence.

I guess I made certain people feel they had to protect themselves from actual ideas and personal embarrassment.

I win again.
James R:

"Why are there no black holes bigger than the ones we've already seen?"

The diameter of a black hole event horizon detemines the longest wave length of the radiation it can produce.

The thermal temperature of the event hozion can not yet equal the thermal temperature of the surrounding vacuum which is colder. Conservation of information (things and other stuff) stored on the surface of the horizon in planck length units probably requires the condition.

Black holes have to radiate thermal energy becuase they might be trying to be as cold as the vacuum, thus they evaporte to lose mass, limiting horizon diameter & the corresponding radiating wavelength.

Maybe you have an idea of why they might be trying.

Inflation has made the vacuum colder than the blackholes. Why do they resist inflation? (Insert "appreciate the gravity of the situation joke here).
James R talked about elephants.

Can't have my level of insight infecting the brood, eh?

The folks behind Sciforums aren't really your friends.

They're ...
I originally posted my black hole thread in "Free Thoughts"

Sciforum regulators eventually deleted it.

No Free Thoughts allowed!
I've a reproducible copy of this thread.

Delete away.

You folks never learn
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