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    Welcome to the material world, a universe where only matter....matters. Here faith is placed behind the observable, the tangible, the physical; where the only decree is by the rational and the only scripture through a textbook.

    It would seem like a rather morbid place to live, especially if one were to contemplate dying. Some of us living in the real world would peer into this fantasy-verse and pity them, for when they died they would surely be lost forever in oblivion. Sure, maybe history will remember them, but their consciousness, what makes them real, would be lost forever with no hope of salvation...

    Do not despair for they are confident that there is life after death. Having put their entire faith behind a religion called science they realized that there may still be a heaven. They aren't certain, but they have a pretty good feeling about it.

    You see, in this world the ego cannot be the soul, no such thing exists. Instead it must be a construct of the mind. That mysterious thing we call "I" is hidden away in everyone's genome and capable of being replicated. One only needs to put their faith behind the belief that mankind will eventually have such a profound understanding of the world around them that they may succeed in resurrecting human kind in it's entirety.

    But the human genome is huge. To create an entity of every possible variation would be an impossibly many people. But how much of the genome actually contributes to the ego? Certainly we can disregard segments of the genome that deals with the body, the ego doesn't arise from the size of ones hands or feet. We can probably do away with birth defects as well, having a 6th finger probably doesn't help. We can even go into the mind itself and scrutinize areas that do not contribute the thing we call a "soul". After a while, we'll have a smaller and more tolerable magnitude.

    This wouldn't be an actual person, it's a clone What would be the difference? If there's no soul then we must be referring to each individuals personal experiences. But memories are just part of the body, the soul is still the same. If we took this "clone" and gave it all the same experiences as the "original" then we'd expect the outcome to be the same. They are one in the same, if not for this slight difference.

    Just to think about....I'm not looking for an answer
    If we had a profound enough understanding of the universe, could we create paradise on earth? If we understood the conditions at the beginning of this material universe, and all of reality is nothing more than physics and math, could we recreate every event that occurred up till the present? Could we recreate a resurrected person's entire life, up till they died, implant those experiences then introduce that person to paradise on earth? If that were possible, could you make a christian believe they died and reached salvation, when, in reality, they were just "resurrected"?

    Don't take it too seriously children, its just food for thought.
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