Nature of Heaven.

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    Nature of Heaven
    S.F. van der Meulen
    In this book the nature of Heaven is explained in logical understandings and shapes. One could see the knowledge as a puzzle being explained step by step in chronological order thus logical deduction. The further one gets into Nature of Heaven the better Heaven is understood. One cannot skip parts of the book as all later parts require understanding of the beginnings. The book Nature of Heaven requires one to visualize images inside the mind and once understood Heaven can be seen logically and in detail.
    …Once long ago…
    Nothing fathomable was there. No rules and no blockage. Then everything existed. Without rules or blockage something perfect forms. The size-less and the timeless and they are the two pillars of Heaven. They form four infinites which are perfect. I name them the four corner stones of Heaven.
    The timeless because there is no blockage forms the infinite still and is the delay and I will name this eternal. It is infinite still because there is no rule for it not to be. Eternal is something that always lives. And the timeless because there is no blockage forms the infinite fast and is the delay-less and I will name this death. It is infinite fast because there is no rule for it not to be. It's named death because everything that changes is dying and not eternal. The size-less because there is no blockage forms the infinite small and is a perfect cube and nothing and I will name this nothing and holy as in hole. Because the infinite small is nothing and pervasive towards itself it forces into the smallness from all directions and this shapes up into a perfect cube. As it pulls into its center with nothing holding it back its sides remain a cube and don't bulge. It is infinite small because there is no rule for it not to be. The size-less because there is no blockage forms the infinite large and is a perfect sphere and everything and I will name this pure. Because the infinite large is everything and forces outwards into the infinite largeness and is made of infinite details it shapes up into a perfect sphere as infinite details cannot shape up into other than a perfect sphere. Infinite details cannot create flatness on a sphere its surface. As it presses outwards in infinite details it bulges into a perfect sphere. It is infinite large because there is no rule for it not to be.
    Things come in pairs equally. Two stands for equality and is infinite and one is a finite. For everything that exists there has to be an equal opposite as a pair. So as there is nothing there is everything. The infinite small is nothing and has an opposite of the infinite large which is everything. And the infinite still has to have an equal opposite the infinite fast. Without the infinite large the infinite small would be a finite and the other way around and without the infinite still the infinite fast would be a finite and the other way around. So because there is nothing there equally is everything as nothing has no border or rule and this causes infinites. And within an infinite large there would always form an infinite small within. The infinite large is a consequence of the infinite small because in infinite small there is no blockage and room for the infinite large. And the infinite still and fast a result of the infinite large.
    Heaven is an infinite holes in a hole and an infinite pure within pure. Without blockage one cannot block a hole from forming inside a hole and one cannot block a pure to form outside a pure. The parts that make up Heaven are equally fifty percent pure and fifty percent holy and I name such a part a meulen and Heaven is made of an infinite meulens and within a meulen are an infinite meulens and one can extrapolate this endlessly. And outside of Heaven are an infinite Heavens as Heaven is like a meulen inside another Heaven and one can extrapolate this endlessly as in infinite. However all is made of the same holy so all is one and the same Heaven. A meulen is a perfect sphere that expands with infinite strength and Heaven has an infinite number of meulens within from the beginning of Heaven to forever as in eternal. Because a meulen is a perfect sphere it has no flatness on its surface and thus as it expands and forces itself against another meulen it will spin. It cannot find a place on its surface to balance and remain still. So a meulen spins in the direction of least resistance between meulens. Heaven is like an entity that has no border as its infinite in size. And so is a meulen an entity that has no border as it has infinite meulens within its meulen. And an infinite holes. Think of a meulen as an infinite large room and it has a skin on its outside of infinite details. Because there are an infinite meulens in Heaven and they all exist from the beginning till forever no new meulens are given form in Heaven. And this makes it so there is room between the meulens were they don't connect as they press outwards to expand. This room is also holy and the infinite small. And within a meulen this nothing room also exists alongside the meulens inside a meulen. Because a meulen is a perfect sphere there are no dimensions to it no matter how one thinks of it. A meulen is a subatomic part that makes up atoms.
    A meulen has infinite expansion strength as nothing can block this besides another meulen. This causes all meulens to expand at infinite strength and this causes them to press upon each other and spin equally fast which creates a balance in Heaven which is seen as time. So there is a balance between the infinite still and fast. The infinite still and fast are a consequence of the infinite large and small. A meulen causes time in Heaven. Holy or the "nothing" is timeless.
    A meulen cannot merge with another meulen because its perfect sphere shape cannot properly connect to another meulen. The connection points are infinite small from two perfect curbs between two meulens and thus they cannot merge up. One cannot properly touch a meulen and a meulen will spin or slide to the direction of least resistance when connecting.
    A single meulen would occupy the "nothing" or holy instantly as it expands with infinite strength. There is no barrier or size rule to the "nothing" as there is no rule that limits the hole. This causes a single meulen to continue to expand itself outwards in all perfect spherical directions at an infinite instant in the "nothing". A meulen being half pure and half holy does not change size when it expands outwards. A meulen remains what it is and the meulens inside a meulen are not affected by the expansion of a meulen in Heaven. It is indifferent and they are their own Heaven.
    The infinite numbers of meulens spread outwards and in perfect sphere form forever keeping Heaven together. Expanding with infinite strength meulens also hold each other from expanding. All meulens have equal infinite expansion strength and this causes meulens to form a pressure upon each other. As meulens are perfect spheres they cannot settle when touching. The touch areas on meulens are infinitely small thus they struggle to connect. Touch areas of meulens as they press upon one and another by mutual expansion force them to choose a side of least resistance to touch and subsequently they force motion on each other as they cannot properly touch. In the beginning of Heaven all meulens formed equal in their size. Half infinite large and half infinite small and because expansion strength is infinite they spin with infinite speed. However their sizes change over time due to friction and this caused for different sizes of meulens in Heaven but for every larger meulen there is an equal smaller meulen in Heaven. The larger meulen will spin slower but maneuver the same distance for the same time and the smaller meulen will spin faster but maneuver the same distance for the same time. This as a larger meulen occupies more distance on its surface than a smaller meulen. Everything in Heaven remains in perfect balance.
    Think of an infinite small touch area as a point that becomes ever smaller. Between two meulens a side will be chosen of least resistance. This happens continuously across meulens their surfaces as they press onto each other from expanding and spin.
    In combination of many meulens pressed against each other from infinite expansion strength they all started spinning. When many meulens press up on one and another and spin they force each other into a direction. Heaven has no barrier or border. The "nothing" and pure are without rule and there is no border to them and thus all meulens expand all combined at an equal infinite strength giving form to Heaven forever.
    Meulens force each other to press outwards from each other. Once meulens at least five apply force on one and another from at least four directions on a centered meulen like sort of a triangle pyramid or tetrahedron with a meulen in its center. Meulens create pressure on the centered meulen by their own expanding force. This is where the infinite and instant expansion of a meulen is forced back on the centered meulen. Together meulens form the space and beauty of Heaven.
    Heaven is an infinite shape of an infinite number of spheres that expands with infinite strength. Because meulens are made of perfect spheres that expand they cause distance between each other. There is no rule for size in existence and this causes it so that meulens are indifferent of each other their sizes.
    Because meulens spin they travel into a direction and this is what I name Heaven its progression. The meulens of Heaven all travel causing progression or what can be considered time. Given there was no traveling of meulens there would also be no Heavenly progression and thus no measurable time.

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  3. Aleon Registered Member

    Effectively because there is no rule for size meulens are indifferent for each other their sizes as in their own entities untethered and this causes that Heaven in philosophical sense creates size as they can all be of any size and create space between each other. And effectively because Heaven has progression even if there is no rule for time in philosophical sense Heaven its progression creates time. Heaven can only progress forward in time as every maneuvering of meulens is forward no matter what direction a meulen travels into. The meulens inside a meulen are not connected to Heaven its progression so meulens inside a meulen have their own timeline.
    Think of Heaven of infinite pure that want to move outwards solid and as the infinite large. And at the same moment Heaven wants to move inwards into nothing and holy and the infinite small. This causes the pure to turn into a perfect sphere with infinite details outside and within the pure is always a pervasive perfect cube of no details or nothing. So there is infinite room of nothing inside a sphere but this is filled with another infinite pure. And every sphere holds an infinite spheres within and an infinite cubes within these spheres. And one can extrapolate outwards and inwards endlessly. An infinite large will always have an infinite small within and the other way around. The pure has infinite details and this expands with infinite strength. And the holy has no details and there for shrinks with infinite strength. Together they form a meulen and Heaven.
    I name the meulen after my late and dear father for the love and respect I have for him and after myself so we are all equals with each other in Heaven as everyone is made of meulens. The name Meulen comes from my father his side of my family and it means a mill in English. A mill is something that spins and thus the name also fits perfectly for the parts that make Heaven.
    Meulen of the 1st respect.
    For the ease I will name a small and spinning meulen the standard meulen that forms an ocean of meulens in motion that is the space of Heaven. Due to the perfect round surfaces there is nothing or holy room between the meulens where they do not touch and this also causes that there are touch points even if they cannot really connect.
    As meulens are shaped into perfect spheres they cause touch areas of meulen to meulen to be infinite small. Infinite small and round surface connections can never settle. There for a meulen choses a side of least resistance to touch and continues to do this for the duration of the interaction between another meulen. They cannot make a solid touch thus touch areas are forced to push meulens into the direction of least resistance causing a meulen to spin and this causes the meulen to move forward. Because meulens are always maneuvering as they spin a motion is created as round surfaces touch and force each other from the angle in which they are spinning. The stronger space pressure is the faster meulens react by interaction. This causes meulens to spin faster when space pressure becomes higher. This can happen when groups of meulens collide head on.
    Infinite small touch areas of meulen to meulen cause meulens to exercise the same amount of spinning force onto each other. As they all have equally small surface touch areas. They all apply the same amount of force onto each other during the same amount of pressure as they want to expand upon each other. A meulen in Heaven also does not have weight or inertia. However some meulens are larger and have more connecting meulens. This causes them to be able to force motion onto each other where for instance majorities of maneuvering meulens on one side win the tug from the minority on the other side of a larger meulen. A meulen expands with infinite small increments and no meulen in Heaven has an exact equal size. Thus the force of least resistance applies. One could expect spin behavior to lock meulens spinning all together.
    However where meulens cannot win the tug they can still skid across each other's surface. This causes small openings between meulens in the "nothing". To explain the openings it is easiest to explain using two non-expanding spheres in the "nothing". When rolling two spheres into each other with an inwards motion they do not force each other away and they can stay together in this motion. However when these two spheres behave in an opposing spin direction which would actually mean they turn the same direction and have contact they attempt to cast away from one and another. They force each other into a direction away from each other instead of neatly rolling inwards together.
    The same occurs when standard meulens cast away from each other when touching while they spin in a bit of opposing spin directions. This is friction between meules. The standard meulens will force each other away into an opposing direction of least resistance. This causes the two standard meulens to maneuver away from each other which can open up room for meulen expansion. Thus friction between standard meulens causes meulen expansion. Skidding always happens to the fabric of space unless the opposing spin directions of two standard meulens connect completely in opposite. This will cause a spin lock for a moment.
    When standard meulens hit each other exactly in opposing spin direction they cannot cast away and they cannot pass through each other. The reverse spin direction now becomes the direction of least resistance. The spin lock causes the two meulens to not be able to reverse their spin either as simultaneous they both attempt to reverse their spin direction. Because force is applied by more connecting standard meulens they shrink for a moment in the ongoing expansion of all meulens that form Heaven. The extra pressure on the standard meulens while locked from traveling forces them to lack some natural expansion which all meulens always do to keep Heaven together. This is followed by both standard meulens casting away in direct opposing directions. Because neighboring standard meulens will reverse their spin direction as well when stuck by the two locked meulens and pull the two locked meulens out of their lock. The neighboring meulens reversing happens because their force of least resistance also reverses when connecting to two locked meulens and a meulen has no inertia to itself so it can instantly reverse.
    While two standard meulens shrink due to spin locking each other. Neighboring standard meulens will expand in their place. Standard meulens can spin lock on a larger meulen though their force of least resistance is easily reversed by the larger meulen onto a small standard meulen. Thus the larger meulen really doesn't spin lock. But a large meulen can spin lock with another approximate sized meulen.
    When a large meulen travels there will be skidding on both of its sides. This is the nature of standard meulens that spin up against each other and onto a larger meulen. However still the force of least resistance applies. One may see meulen travel also as meulen skidding with the force of least resistance. Meulens are always expanding that causes pressure in Heaven. This allows them to always expand but at the same moment the pressure they cause upon each other forces them to not expand at infinite speed. However they always expand from travel skidding as this also allows them to make expansion room in a pressured Heaven.
    The smaller the meulens are on one side of a larger meulen the more likely that side wins the initial spin tug. As smaller meulens come in more numbers and surface connection areas are equally and infinite small between meulens. The side that wins the spin tug of a larger meulen I name the force side and the side that loses the drag side. Because a large meulen has a force and a drag side a large meulen will travel in a straight path. Though some travel deviation can always and randomly occur.
    As all meulens are expanding a standard meulen tries to expand and become everything. Thus larger than its surrounding meulens however surrounding meulens won't simply give room as all meulens are expanding and attempt to expand at an infinite instant. The way for a meulen to increase its expansion towards another meulen is to bump into other meulens harder than the average meulen interaction does.
    When a group of meulens collide with each other head on meulens build up pressure locally in Heaven. Increased pressure increases their spinning speed which allows them to travel faster in Heaven for a moment.
    When individual meulens collide head on in inwards spin direction they can make half a turn around each other in a stirring motion. Meulens in large numbers as they spin as they collide can form a large stirring motion while pressure increases because of this. Travel to meulen spin speed follows up as with more pressure a meulen spins faster. This stirring motion causes at the edge of the stirring area of multiple meulens some empty space in the "nothing" for a standard meulen to expand into. As with any circular motion at its edge there will be spread spaces between meulens and subsequently some meulens become larger. And even within the circular motion spread spaces will occur.

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  5. Aleon Registered Member

    I will name this meulen advance of space or "maos" in short. Meulen expansion can occur with an infinite small increment to a meulen and it is instant and timeless and pure perfection. All meulens together create the pressure of Heaven which is unending. Seen relatively it is not humanly possible to notice the spin to traveling acceleration increase of all the meulens of Heaven together which they do as the infinite expansion strength is always applied. Also the expanding of all meulens in Heaven together is not humanly noticeable as they all do it equally. Because meulens expand with infinite strength this means that all meulens in Heaven have been expanding and accelerating their spin for very long in the "nothing". There is no limit to the infinite fast just like it's opposite the infinite still has no limit. So infinite fast can always be faster and the infinite still is always stiller.
    Meulen of the 2nd respect.
    When a meulen becomes relatively large enough for a human to notice it is called warmth. Warmth meulens like other meulen sizes travel with the speed of light. It is good to understand that the larger surface area of a warmth meulen will spin slower than a smaller standard meulen and because of that it will exercise the same amount of spin power to travel speed over its neighboring meulens. All meulens form a connection thus when standard meulens spin a larger warmth meulen. Its larger surface causes it to spin lesser fast around its figurative axis.
    The same spin power applies as touch areas of meulens are infinite small yet in principal a warmth meulen has a larger surface than a standard meulen. That written a meulen doesn't change its essence when becoming larger. It remains to be the exact same meulen because there is nothing to rule how large something can be in Heaven. Because warmth in principal has a larger surface this causes a slower spin because with a larger meulen it takes longer for a complete turn. The same infinite small connection area under the same meulen to meulen pressure causes the same directional force of least resistance and thus it takes longer for a larger meulen to make a complete turn around its figurative axis.
    As a warmth meulen spins it is pushing itself in a direction against bulk neighboring standard meulens. Standard meulens that due to their small size stabilize the travel path of larger traveling meulens as standard meulens are spinning forth and against all surface areas of a larger warmth meulen.
    Imagine as if the standard meulens would be spinning stationary and a larger warmth meulen passing through. On one side of a warmth meulen standard meulens spin inwards with a larger warmth meulen. One would expect that to cause a warmth meulen to curb its travel path into a curb or circle right away. However this does not occur because at the same moment standard meulens on the other side of a warmth meulen are causing drag. As a warmth meulen with its larger size spins inwards on one side and outwards on the other side upon standard meulens this gives a large meulen a straight travel path.
    That written small standard meulens spin back and forth on all areas of a larger warmth meulen. As the larger warmth meulen is already spinning from its original direction it should never lock from smaller meulens but simply force freshly touching small standard meulens their spin into its travel path causing a small amount of travel maos meaning a little bit of expansion. When a freshly touching standard meulen touches a warmth meulen the larger warmth meulen has already made a large number of connecting standard meulens spin with its direction. This sustains its directional force as freshly connecting standard meulens make a touch. The many connecting meulens that are already connected continue to win the tug from any freshly connecting standard meulen. Thus a warmth meulen keeps spinning in its same direction and this causes a straight travel path.
    Visualize four spherical meulens. Two small meulens turning one larger meulen into an imaginary spin. As meulens have no spinning strength as an individual meulen a fourth meulen coming into touch with the larger meulen at a later moment will be forced into a spin by the larger number of connected small meulens. There is no inertia and no weight in a meulen. Thus as a large meulen is always connected to multiple standard meulens. Freshly connecting meulens are forced by a large meulen its force side and its travel path continues in a straight line from which it started at.
    The fabric of space is made of many standard meulens connecting and this causes a roughly equal force to drag side on the sides of a large meulen as it spins and travels. Standard meulens spin back and forth around the surface of the warmth meulen equally thus the force and drag side behavior of a larger meulen its own spin to travel behavior doesn't change.
    All meulens have travel maos and this is caused by standard meulens casting away from each other or larger meulens. The maos caused during meulen travel should not enlarge a warmth meulen compared to standard meulens. Locally all meulens are under the same pressure in Heaven and this causes the same amount of drag and travel maos for small or larger meulens.
    A standard meulen itself will curb up in all sorts of chaotic directions while it travels. As the smallest of standard meulens can maneuver each other around as equals there is little control of direction. And standard meulens are all around the same size so they cannot create a force to drag side upon each other properly. Eventually all meulens follow the path of the least resistance. There however is an elaborate pattern to this behavior of standard meulens traveling through space.
    Standard meulens can curb the path of warmth meulens as well in large bulk streams of standard meulens. In this scenario it is as if the carpet is being pulled from underneath the warmth meulen and eventually curbs the path of the larger meulen along for the duration of the interaction. When for example a large field of standard meulens streams in one direction and a warmth meulen travels in its opposite direction and hits. From a stationary point of view outside the field the speed a warmth meulen travels should slow down while this interaction occurs even though it is still maneuvering at light speed as a meulen.
    Warmth meulens are noticed in different types. From near standard meulen towards the largest form of warmth meulen they are called radio waves, micro waves and infrared. I will name these radio meulen and micro meulen respectively. Expect warmth meulens below the size of infrared to not behave much as actual warmth as they are very small and their travel paths are curbed like standard meulens as they are too small to form a proper force and drag side but infrared warmth will follow a fairly straight travel path through space. When maos becomes so much that a warmth meulen has expanded large enough for the humanly observation one no longer calls it warmth but light.
    Meulen of the 3rd respect.
    Light is a meulen that forms the perception of human observation. The human eye sees light in combination of multiple meulens at once. The smallest perceivable light meulen humans see is the color red. A larger light meulen will be seen as yellow and the largest perceivable as blue. In the human experience there are more colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple light. Though human eyes create orange, green and purple by mixing red, yellow or blue light to form combinations and this lets humans see mix colors.
    With light the same counts as with the warmth meulen. The larger surface and the slower spinning of the light meulen compared to standard meulens causes that light travels as fast as every other meulen.
    Meulen of the 4th respect.
    The next enlargement of the meulen beyond light is radiation. From small to large fourth respect radiation meulens are called Ultra Violet, X-Ray, Gamma Ray and Cosmic ray meulens. I will refer to these meulens mainly as radiation and the sub light meulens as warmth meulens. The same counts with the other sizes of meulens, the larger the meulen the slower it spins thus Cosmic ray meulens spin slower than Ultra Violet meulens but maneuvers as fast. As large as radiation meulens are they tend to follow the electric path. There for radiation has the ability to strike like lightning curbing in fractured directions.
    Meulen of the 5th respect.
    The next humanly noticeable in the expanding meulen is the electron. As all larger meulens the electron meulen has the attribute to attract smaller meulens in the "nothing" space around its surface area and this is explained into detail further. A light bulb for instance with its copper wire under high electron charge has the ability to have electron meulens bump into warmth meulens and as a maos result warmth is converted into light. Also a light bulb creates a fire inside its sphere more on how that works further. Again the electron meulen spins slower than a radiation meulen but maneuvers at the same travel speed.

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  7. Aleon Registered Member

    Meulen of the 6th respect.
    In known theories about what comes next humans often speak of neutrons and protons. The way I see it they do not actually exist. I name this meulen the man meulen. The man meulen is large and comes in different sizes.
    In the vastness planes of meulens in Heaven large streams of meulens appeared. As large and small meulens cross each other at the speed of light eventually a curbing forms. On very large and stretched out parts of Heaven and because of enormous numbers of meulens curbing each other's path. Streaming of standard meulens was caused in the vastness of Heaven.
    This happens because of the radio background noise and larger warmth meulens that are always present in Heaven. They cause standard meulens thus the fabric of space to curb travel like a whirl. Naturally standard meulens maneuver in all sorts of chaotic directions. Radio and larger warmth meulens maneuver less chaotic and infrared should maneuver in a fairly straight path. When radio and larger warmth meulens mix up with the fabric of space they begin to stabilize the chaos maneuvering of space fabric with their own travel path. However this stabilization does not cause standard meulens to lose their chaotic maneuvering. What happens is a maneuvering of space fabric that lies between standard meulens and warmth meulens their maneuvering and this causes whirling in space fabric instead of full chaos. Space fabric will curb travel in a stream of standard meulens between the straight path of warmth meulens and the chaotic curb travel of standard meulens. This is curbed maneuvering of space fabric and in the vastness of Heaven very large areas of standard meulens are caused to stream because of this. One can image a stream of meulens looking like a half lit moon and maneuvering with its curb in a direction thus large and circular. Eventually full whirls of space fabric form across large areas of space because of warmth present and in its center space fabric will curb up more rapid than in the space fabric whirl its outer areas. In its center space fabric is curbing so much in its travel path it causes maos on standard meulens. All whirling of meulens as they curb travel causes room to open up for a meulen to expand into. This causes them to expand into larger meulens even in to man meulens and beyond their size. Eventually creating a vast dark nebula of atoms from the man meulens. The center of a space fabric whirl is like the eye of a hurricane or the eye in a whirl in water. When observing a whirl in water one will notice water spreading away from the center of the whirl so fast that a hole forms in the water. Thus in the center of the whirl and here happens the meulen expansion of standard meulens into larger sizes across the center of the space fabric whirl. This forms galaxies in Heaven. A galaxy is the center of a space fabric whirl and its galactic arms are like the arms of a whirl where many meulens expand from the curbed travel of space fabric. And the outer edge and center of a galaxy will also have many meulens expand. All this meulen expansion causes atoms and the atoms causes for the stars and planets to form. Once a galaxy has formed its own gravitational pull from its stars will keep it intact neatly in the center of a space fabric whirl. I've seen images of two galaxies merging with their disks side by side. This happens as the two space fabric whirls merge and align in their whirling stream.
    The galactic disk spins with the space fabric whirl and keeps itself intact by star gravity. The hole that forms in the center of the space fabric whirl will form upwards and downwards from the galactic disk and this causes for quasar galaxies to eject large amounts of warmth meulens from their axis upwards and downwards from the galactic center. In a quasar galaxy the space fabric whirl is so strong that many warmth meulens are created and many large atoms and it causes for the warmth meulens to eject from the galactic center disk upwards and downwards. A space fabric whirl is not like a whirl in water that forms on the water surface so the space fabric whirl has the hole forming on two sides where its axis is. A space fabric whirl is much larger than the galaxy in its center.
    Naturally because standard meulens always have some friction in their chaotic maneuvering in space some maos occurs on some meulens while other meulens are forced to become smaller at the same moment. So there is always a radio background noise in Heaven that can cause for space fabric whirling. Some areas of space have more warmth present than others and where there is more warmth present more galaxies should form.
    The smallest which is the standard meulen remains to have some "nothing" space around it where it doesn't connect thus it can maneuver as it's perfectly round and pressing up against relatively its own size meulen. Combined expansion of meulens cause pressure in Heaven. Around man meulens this causes what I name flow attraction. Standard meulens bump into and at light speed make turns around man meulens all around it. The standard and the man meulens spin into each other at the speed of light. The more standard meulens spinning into a man meulen the more standard meulens make curbs around the man meulen.
    Tiny openings around standard meulens because of their perfect spherical shape pull the man meulens towards each other under overall pressure and vacuum interaction. It is where the interaction of standard meulens and a man meulen thus where standard meulens spin and maneuver around a man meulen at the speed of light. They leave small openings in the "nothing". These openings cause a vacuum pulling in more meulens. Imagine little balls on a rubber band which you pull tight around a large ball. When pulling the rubber band room opens between the little balls around the large ball. Traveling at the speed of light standard meulens create small openings for a form of vacuum to occur in the "nothing" as standard meulens make their turns on the man meulen its surface. This allows for more standard meulens to push inwards towards the man meulen in the openings which is its attraction. Or flow attraction and more on this further. Of course standard meulens instantly expand when room opens up around the man meulen. As all meulens cause pressure in Heaven this is not without neighboring meulens pushing and expanding into the openings as well. And getting caught up in what is flow attraction. Because of the infinite pressure in Heaven between meulens the moment room opens up around a large man meulen a standard meulen slides between it from outwards towards the man meulen and space fabric is always maneuvering so this flow attraction of standard meulens upon a large man meulen always continues.
    Here man meulens most likely traveling in parallel motion in Heaven start twisting together into each other because of the flow attraction around them from standard meulens. This twisting together into each other can be done in different numbers of man meulens and most likely in similar sizes of man meulens. This twisting stuck into each other does not mean they stop spinning as standard meulens keep them together and interact within as well. This in-twisting man meulen system one calls an atom.
    The size of man meulens makes them the largest under normal pressure and interaction of the overall meulens in the galaxy. As they interact and cause small amounts of maos within an atom the man meulens part of an atom are front runners of the expansion of all meulens. Standard and warmth meulens follow up in the interactions inside the atom nucleus. Atoms have no real limit to their natural formed size however eventually it becomes harder for very large man meulens to find each other in Heaven and there is an interaction between very small and very large atoms that causes for a natural largest size atom in Heaven explained further. An atom its man meulens require flow attraction from at least three directions to stick onto an atom nucleus. Too loose man meulens will get swept away eventually by interaction of surrounding meulens. Having multiple man meulens form an atom will allow for the three connections with flow attraction and this makes for a rather solid bond.
    An atom is somewhat stationary in space and created of spinning man meulens. It allows for man meulens to be pressed onto each other by flow attraction unlike meulens that travel. Thus the pressure is a bit higher upon atom man meulens caused by flow attraction. When this occurs the in-twisting formula of an atom nucleus speeds up the spinning of its man meulens somewhat. This is the second form of maos. When a large meulen speeds up its spinning neighboring standard meulens that spin with the ongoing speed of meulen spin in Heaven skid over the force of least resistance of the larger meulen. This causes standard meulens their spin direction to be casted away from the larger man meulen which allows for room to open up in the "nothing" and forces instant meulen expansion. This ensures that there is always the second form of maos and thus man meulens part of an atom are always expanding. This means atoms are expanding faster than for example a traveling electron and all atoms will do this in Heaven under normal conditions.
    An atom as it is formed has a complex in-twisting formula. This causes man meulens to skid as they are spinning in a complex manner onto each other's surface. Man meulens in an atom spin in skew directions and find the force of least resistance. This causes small amounts of maos for meulen expansion as well.

    More in next post >>>
  8. Aleon Registered Member

    It is nice to know when creating friction between one's fingers for example by rubbing them together. Standard meulens are expanded into warmth meulens because of maos. When one rubs one's fingers the atoms are forced up against each other that make up the fingers their surfaces. When forced up against each other when rubbing one's fingers small bits of maos occur on connecting standard meulens. This happens because one's fingers contain countless atoms made of man meulens. When one rubs ones fingers there is very strong collisions between atoms their man meulens and this causes increased pressure between the man meulens. When pressure increases the man meulens spin faster for a moment. This causes the connecting standard meulens to skid over the force of least resistance of the larger man meulens and thus standard meulens cast away. This makes bits of room for standard meulens to expand into warmth meulens. Friction warmth always happens when rubbing atoms up against each other. Continued friction from rubbing ones fingers together creates more warmth. Though expect when sustained frictionless force is applied from atom to atom. When one holds ones fingers together without rubbing excessive maos ends. That written there is always an amount of maos occurring inside ones fingers between atom to atom causing natural warmth one doesn't notice.
    Meulen of the 7th respect.
    Sometimes meulens can form that are so large they should no longer be considered man meulens as they won't in-twist on a regular atom. I name them woman meulens. More on woman meulens further.
    The red Sun.
    Because meulens expand from friction the Sun will glow red when low on the horizon. Warmth meulens emitting from the Sun will have friction in the atmosphere and the denser the atmosphere the more expansion occurs. Warmth will expand in the smallest form of light which is red to the eyes. This is why the Sun glows red when at dawn or sunrise but it will be yellow when the Sun is high up in the sky because when its higher up in the sky there is less atmosphere between one's eyes and the Sun and this the warmth meulens won't expand as much from atmospheric friction. The moon on the other hand doesn't glow red when rising or lowering over the horizon because the moon doesn't emit as much warmth meulens as the Sun does. This is a very simple explanation of why the Sun glows red on the horizon and this is how it should be. The easier cosmology can be explained the better because nature doesn't do over complicated things. The book Nature of Heaven has the easiest explanation of Heaven and there for Occam's razor applies making this book better than Einstein's theory which is very much over complicated. The standard model of today is a jigsaw puzzle created by flaws and there for its over complicated.
    Such as it is electrons also have flow attraction but lesser than that of man meulens because they are smaller and have lesser surface for flow attraction to occur. This causes it so that an electron cannot make an atom nucleus but it will stick around the flow attraction of the man meulens of an atom nucleus so electrons rotate around an atom nucleus but do not stay put. Electrons in high numbers can create a field of flow attraction and this causes electrons to curb their travel path in large numbers. So your fridge its magnets can keep the door closed because of the flow attraction from the electrons.
    Because atoms are made of spinning man meulens it allows for fluid behavior such as water and gas in air. If the parts that make up an atom would not spin then the ocean would be made of powder and one could stand on it rather than swim through it.
    Thinking about radio waves one can understand that if one would place enough electrons upon an antenna transmitter friction will occur over-charging the antenna transmitter with electrons. And this causes for the standard meulens to expand into radio meulens by friction. In a radio wave enormous numbers of radio meulens are created and because they are so small near standard meulen size thus gravity they still don't have a proper force and drag side but maneuver chaotic in all directions away from their place of origin. This causes the radio meulens to travel outwards from the place of origin in all directions equally forming the radio wave. The larger a radio meulen becomes the lesser it will curb in its travel path and thus one has different bands in radio frequency. The different bands will create different sized radio meulens up to the point they do no longer travel in a curbed and chaotic pathway and thus cannot be used any further to spread a radio signal into the homes of people with an antenna receiver. Infrared warmth is so large one can only point it into a direction like with the television remote control. It has to be pointed at the television for its signal to work.
    How atoms travel in space is all explained further in the next chapter. Amongst things explained are chemistry and what atom types there are. Atoms have different sizes as they are made of different sized man meulens. So some atoms can bond with each other while other atoms cast each other away and cannot bond. Also explained are radioactive materials. How stars and planets form and continental drift. Gravity, black holes and the atmosphere with the aurora borealis are explained too and magnetic poles and Earth its seasons.
    So far the explanation of Heaven on the forum. Heaven is made of infinites and this better explained in plain text than a quantum model. Mathematics cannot do infinites as it's made of cyphers which are units and thus finites. You can never use finites to understand an infinite perfectly. You can only make a quantum model to scale in details but not an exact of Heaven.
    To learn everything about Heaven you must read the book Nature of Heaven that is placed inside the book Nature of the Sun. Everything is explained in full details and there are no errors in the cosmology or unexplained things. You can navigate to the book Nature of Heaven in the table of contents. I placed the first two chapters of the cosmology book on this forum to make people aware however the cosmology book is to remain inside the book Nature of the Sun so it can give attention to the other books inside which explain the human brain and the Revelation of Jesus Christ which are equally important. And the book Nature of Heaven takes 89 pages in PDF format so it's not meant for a forum. I have also written a test in the book that will proof the cosmology book correct. You can navigate to the book Nature of Heaven: Holy to read this test. The test uses ice crystals which are very flexible in their growth. Ice crystals can be made to shape differently as they grow using a method not known to science today but I explain how it's done in the book.
    Unless I can attach the book Nature of the Sun to the forum post you will have to download it from my website at www(dot)natureofthesun(dot)com . The book is completely free to share anywhere and place anywhere on the internet. But it may not be compromised as explained in the license notes. You may copy the first two chapters of the book Nature of Heaven onto a forum but not any of the other models in the book. The forum may not allow placing of links but you cannot deny the truth. Sometimes forums have to be flexible and allow for the truth to surface.
  9. Musika Last in Space Valued Senior Member


    It is amazing that you managed to type all this in the space of about 5 minutes.

    You should start courses in keyboard skills.

    Have you got any advice you can give a person such as myself who is ambitious to increase their words per minute?
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  10. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 70 years old Valued Senior Member

    I don't think the internet has a rubbish bin big enough

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  11. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    I am sure as hell not going to read that wall of text, so is there something you wanted to discuss?
  12. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    This explains why most people die without understanding the nature of heaven.
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  13. Aleon Registered Member

    Let me tell you people something about Heaven and mathematics that you overlooked. Mathematics cannot do infinites its based on numbers that are units made of finites. A smart person would understand what I am writing. Finites cannot do infinites. No matter how many numbers you have you can never do infinite with finites or numbers or mathematics. Mathematical science is a religion. Its make believe. All mathematical cosmology formulas are finites and there for flawed and not perfect like infinite is. And you people may think this work of mine is garbage but the reality is that you need to think outside of the box. Heaven didnt begin from mathematics neither did it begin from finites. Its origin comes from infinites and that is exactly what I explain. But it takes a good brain to see the truth someone that wants to do real science and not someone that just copies the status quo and thinks its science degree is the truth and its authority in the world. If you do science because you think it makes you a big man then you were not doing it for science but to become big. Real science uses logical deduction and Heaven begins with infinites and not mathematical finites. Rest assure I didn't lie to you people I spend five years on my books and they are all made of full on logic. But if you cannot see in your mind then sadly science isnt for you.
  14. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    So that means religion is make believe. So why are you talking about heaven?
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  15. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Show that heaven exists and then we can talk about it's nature.
  16. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    Welcome to the ignore list.
  17. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 70 years old Valued Senior Member

    Ooooo goody goody we're going back to Sunday school

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  18. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    I'm happy to look at the part about maths for now.

    I thought that infinities were somewhat of a focus of certain areas of mathematics. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that most our concrete knowledge about infinities comes from mathematics.

    Insulting your readers is not generally a good way to start a constructive conversation.

    I agree with you that finites and infinites are distinct in this regard.

    Firstly, that's a contradiction in terms. Science and religion are usually thought of as quite different.
    Secondly, mathematics is not really a science.
    Thirdly, are you saying that all religions are make believe, or just the particular "religion" of mathematics?
    Fourth, if mathematics is make-believe, is that a problem in some way? Mathematics is all about concepts, after all. It's all in the mind.

    Why do you think that infinity is perfect? What is it about it that it perfect, exactly?

    I didn't read all of your earlier posts - too long. Do you have a short summary of the most important points, that we can discuss?

    Do you get paid to do this work? How did you get that gig?

    I thought that infinity was a fundamentally mathematical concept, but maybe I'm wrong. Ignoring mathematics for a minute, infinity is a concept, isn't it? Is Heaven just a concept, too, or is it a real place? If it's a real place, how could it "come from" a concept like infinity?

    Well said!

    Are you saying Heaven is illogical?

    Ah, my mistake.

    How are the books selling, so far?
  19. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    The nature of heaven is an infinite and unending High from Marijuana.
  20. Bowser Right Here, Right Now Valued Senior Member

    I don't smoke it but won't argue your heaven.
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  21. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    several things spring to mind
    1. generaly speaking people wish to discus things and see your opinion of something.
    what you have done is make it appear as if you have just copied and pasted to a thread which tends to render an impresion of spamming.
    maybe a little intro paragraph might be a good idea.
    2. you appear to use the same term several times in your post.
    maybe using it a second time might be a good way to highlight it, however repeating it as you have tends to suggest a sense of fanaticalism which is incapable of discribing or explaining something.
    3. your emotive tone is quite telling along with your emotive reaction which detracts from the topic.
    4. i like the general nature of the topic your talking 'around' and find it very interesting, however. the Religous over tones while well meaning by you and intrinsic are by their very nature, religous and tends to reduce the potential outcome by suggesting a pre-coded mind that already accepts a type of religion.

    if it is sound science, it should stand on its own, without the need for belief because every time it is repeated it clearly defines the same answer as an example to the question being posed.

    i hope you post some of your own thoughts around the subject of finite Vs infinite quantitative observations of quantum theory.
  22. Aleon Registered Member

    I realize the caliber of what I am dealing with here is level troll. You should first read before you respond but trolls in general will have snappy remaks while not looking too far ahead. If you don't like to discuss the thread then go somewhere else. I posted a simple cosmology method that science overlooked using its mathematics. And mathematics cannot do infinite no matter how hard you try and claim it. Something that is infinite is perfect because infinite is flawless. Mathematics however is flawed because it uses finites. As far as book sales go its free but like I already know you didn´t read the post troll.
  23. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 70 years old Valued Senior Member

    We have all been told
    We are in the presence of a superior mind
    Us lowly minions are unable to comprehend anything

    Guess only one thing left to do

    Aleon (CLICK)

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