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Here is my thought on Alien abductions. If they truly existed we can look for evidence which beyond doubt will show it occurs. What would the proof be? In my estimation if someone was abducted and their is concurring testimony of unbiased witnesses. Example, a neighbor down the street takes a picture of the alien craft near the abductee's house, or is an eye witness of the craft at the house. Why is their no such concurring evidence? If it occurs as often as some say, in this age of cameras and video cameras is there no proof. It always comes down to an issue of faith in the person telling the story. It just does not add up. Say a person being abducted sets up a video in their room or a time delay camera- would that not show proof? or even doing the same at a neighbors house across the street or several houses away. No such evidence shows the whole issue is not something that will ever be shown to be true.

There is a case of independent corroboration in Australia. A landing was observed by two parties from different sides of a small field. They filed their reports separately with two different agencies. Neither side was aware of the other until investigators from the two agencies bumped into one another while working on the case(s). It was confirmed beyond resonable suspicion that the parties did not know each other. Their stories, however, matched up as well as a story would if observed by different parties from different angles. Unfortunately, without empirical evidence the event might just as well not have happened.
I'm sorry to inform you that implants
have been taken out of abductees and
examined by leading labs and found to be extraterrestrial in nature.Are they hallucinating? You think I'm crazy don't You?
Actually, in further reports I have seen and more specific testing has refuted most of the alien implants theory. Example, a recent UFO show took a small balck object out of a person, shown on the show. They showed the imaging and tests done, the conclusion was it was not an earthly material. What was not reported was the opposite facts. The object was subjected to acid testing. The conclusion by an unpaid and unbiased scientist was it man made material and easily identified. In geology and metalogy, you need to perform specific and multiple tests to determine an objects composition. The acid test is taking many types of acid and rubbing it onto the object. Then the object is rubbed onto a file. It produces distinct odors, colors and residues. I cannot remember the specific amalgamation of the object, I do remember the report stated it was a mixture of several elements one of which was pure titanium, giving the black like color of the object.
The issue is a matter of your faith andyour faith in it only. Shoddy and biased scientific study does not prove aliens exist.


I was not referring to those cases.
Why wouldn't implants be made of elements
found here on earth? Should they be made
of material that we have not seen before?
In UFO research I look at data it has nothing to do with faith.All I ask is for you to look a little closer at the abduction phenomenon and listen to those countless people from all walks of life who claim to have contact with beings from elsewhere.
The abduction craze has been around for a long time now with no concrete evidence of any abductions. Several years ago about one out of 100 people claimed to have been abducted by aliens. That's two million people folks. If that had actually happened, we would need air traffic controllers for all the alien ships flying around.

That is a good point oldie. I myself
believe that compared to the amount that have an experience with these beings
a far fewer amount are actually abducted.
Also many of those who are abducted have an object in them where they said it was placed if they were conscious of it at the time. I'm interested in who did the survey. Here is also something to consider. Pure titanium and the purity
of the other materials in implants
make them unusual. Also the way in which
they are constructed when viewed under
magnification. The National Institute
of Discovery Sciences among others have found extraordinary properties in some implants taken from patients. One implant
was 99.3 percent silica and yet it was conductive!!!! Ordinary glass is not conductive so this should have been impossible.The implant was in the body
for many years and not rejected which was also strange.The surface texture was also unusual. They concluded this study by stating that the questions far outnumber the answers. So,RBlake, doesn't this sound a little strange to you? The scientists who studied some of these implants (they weren't told where they came from) said they could be a type of transmitter.
Any highly intelligent group would have protocalls in place to detect and stop any
unwanted threat such as running cameras and/
or people before approaching any situation.
It doesn't take much to make silicon conduct; the entire semiconductor industry uses dopants at levels less than 0.1% to create transistors. So having 99.3% pure silica which is conductive is nothing unusual. Unless, of course, the remaining 0.7% is not a known dopant.

So, what are your sources for the 99.3% figure? And (more importantly) what constituted the remaining 0.7%?
Any highly intelligent group would have protocalls in place to detect and stop any
unwanted threat such as running cameras and/
or people before approaching any situation.
Any highly intelligent group would have protocalls in place to detect and stop any
unwanted threat such as running cameras and/
or people before approaching any situation.

Sorry about not being more specific.
This particuliar implant was transparent
and looked like glass. First assumption
was that it was Bioglass because the body
did not reject it. Remember, this study
was totally unbias.The scientists were
not told it came from someone who claimed to be abducted. Also most smaller institutes and many others in general will not do this kind of work because of liability issues this is why many implants remain in private hands or in the person.The implant, unlike normal glass, produced no charging or scatter
when photograghed and analyzed by an
electron microscope. As far as it being able to conduct normal glass with high lead content will not conduct. Upon further examination the implant looked
like it was manufactured with very high heat and the texture was bizzare.
The material scientist did latter tests
on the object because he was curious as to what the hell it was. We must ask ourselves is this abductee lying or does
he have something substantial to back up his claim?


All I'm asking you is: what was this susbstance made of?

You say 99.3% silica. What was the remaining 0.7%?

If you have a link, I'll go find out.
The exact formula is as follows:
traces too small to be identified without destroying-.38 percent
This information was not found on the net.

Hi guys,

My two cents....

I think that the questions being asked here are very important ones. Not because I doubt that all of these 2 million or so are being "taken". I don't think that most of these people are making this stuff up. What would be the point? There aren't that many people out there getting rich or getting positive attention from this, so what's the motivation to lie? Most of these people are scared to death. BUT, the points that have been made regarding witnesses to the physical act of abduction are valid. Also, the point about the visibility of spaceships is valid. This is EXACTLY why I think that alot of this interaction is occurring within a different plane that we are unaware of. The spiritual plane? Yea, maybe. This interaction seems to occur in the mind. Kind of like astral projection occurs. Your body stays, but your mind goes traveling. Physical indications on or in the body such as scars and implants and whatnot could be psychosomatic. Not that these people are imagining or willing physical symptoms to occur, but that the mental influence they are subjected to by the aliens provides the physical evidence. OR, who knows?????? I think that we're dealing with spiritually enlightened beings. So who's to say what they can do to us and how? I know a girl who's being abducted, who sleeps with someone every night. Right next to them. And they have no frickin' idea what's going on. As a matter of fact, the girl will not tell them about the abductions, for fear of being rejected, cause this other person thinks that the whole abduction thing is bull-shit. So explain that??? I guess that if there are witnesses, they can erase their memories too, or paralyze them somehow, or something. I just don't think that this is a PHYSICAL act going on. I think there are definately physical affects, but the experience isn't. Could be? Who knows?

God loves you and so do I!

Thanks for the inside info.
The other elements are not dopants - at least, not as far as I know - is there a crystallographer in the house?

Has a report been made on the properties?
Do you feel it is an "odd" substance?
Your welcome. The object was confirmed
to be amorphous and not crystalline.Yes
a report was made on the mysterious object removed from the victim. It was also found an orange peel effect at 140X
which is not typical of glass or fused
silica! I feel it is very odd since the
person had it in his body in the 50's
until removed. I have to believe him
when he tells horrible stories of abduction by something he did not understand as a child or presently.