Nuclear Reheat And Mars Terraformation

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by Vmedvil, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Vmedvil Registered Member

    Today, I am going to be tackling the Transformation of Mars into a Earth-like planet from a Barren planet to make humans a second home. First, we must know a little about Mars before we can transform Mars from a Barren planet to a Earth-like one.

    The Pictures below will explain the current status of Mars.

    Atmospheric Composition Chart.jpg


    Mars Internal Structure


    Mars Geography and External Structure


    First to Terraform Mars we need to generate a Magnetic field over millions and billions of years Mars has been cooling down, This has caused the Magnetic field of mars to collapse, Mars once had a stable magnetic field that protected it from Solar winds from the sun but no longer has a stable magnetic field. Mars has been losing Atmosphere every time there has been a Solar Wind for millions of years. Secondly, the temperature of mars has been steadily decreasing from the lack of greenhouse effect the temperature of Mars is quite cold mainly around - 70 C ish, so we need to Nuclear Reheat the planet, which means like in the Movie "The Core" we need to detonate nuclear bombs in the core of the planet to restart the magnetic field and reheat the planet, which could require thousands of Hydrogen Bombs in the core of the planet, a drilling team is needed to drill down to the core of the planet and plant the nuclear devices, which can be from Nuclear weapons that are apart of disarmament rather than dismantling the nuclear weapons in nuclear disarmament treaties they can be used for a Mars Nuclear Reheat, which would benefit the Human Species. This would be better than wasting the Nuclear weapon by dismantling it, After all of this has been done detonation of thousands of nuclear weapons needs to happen like in the Movie "The Core" in Mars.

    Next after the nuclear reheat the Magnetic field will be reestablished which will allow Mars to hold Atmosphere again and temperatures will rise between 10 C to 20 C on Mars after this one of the moons of Mars needs to be smashed into Mars to melt the Ice of Mars to create liquid water on the surface of Mars, The location that the moon of Mars needs to be launched into is the North pole which has large amounts of frozen water. This will release water vapor and Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and also increase the temperature of the planet by quite a bit which is good, Mars is slowly being reheated and able to support life soon after the moon is crashed into Mars, The increased Gas in the atmosphere will also start to generate a greenhouse effect allowing Mars to also keep heat from these events on the planet with the Magnetic field intact. The moon can be knocked out of orbit and redirected toward Mars's North Pole with nuclear weapons as well.


    The Last step is just putting life on this planet with temperatures at around -20 C after the two events before this text. All that needs to be done is Photosynthetic cryophillic bacteria released on Mars which are "Cold loving" Bacteria that are photosynthetic which can survive in the temperatures between -20 C to 10 C which can be genetically modified to survive in lower temperatures which via photosynthesis will slowly turn the CO2 in the atmosphere into O2. The Bacteria used can be a Genetically modified Ice Algae that has a over-expressed Cold Shock resistance genes Transforming the 95% CO2 content of the atmosphere into O2.


    This will start the life process on Mars, later trees that can survive in higher but still cold temperatures can be planted on the planet after the greenhouse effect has warmed up the planet slowly Mars will become a Earth-like planet from its original Frozen Barren planet state.
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Think you need to do a little math on that.

    Mars is about 6 x 10^23 kg. For a very rough approximation, assume its specific heat is similar to water (4200 j/kg c.) That's 2.5 x 10^27 joules to raise the entire planet 1 degree. Since we don't have a way to measure the existing core temperature of Mars (other than we know it's molten) let's say that we have to heat the planet so that its surface goes from -70 to +10C (average Earth temperature.) That's 2 x 10^29 joules.

    The most powerful bomb we've detonated here in the US had an energy of about 84 x 10^15 joules. That means we would need 2.4 x 10^12 bombs. That's over two TRILLION bombs.

    Plus of course you can't drill to the center of a planet with a molten core. Heck, we've only been able to drill about 4 miles deep here. It's 2000 miles to the center of Mars.
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  5. Vmedvil Registered Member

    I suppose my estimate was a bit low on the amount of hydrogen bombs needed to reheat the core of Mars, I just went off what Elon Musk said with that part, however if it does actually require 2 trillion, 25 MT hydrogen bombs that seems a little less manageable. I suppose humans need to build some B41 type hydrogen bombs on a massive scale to make that work. I will append the database with the new amount of B41 type hydrogen bombs needed, 25 MT is 1.046*10^17 Joules for future reference(
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