Of Man and Wolf

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by wellwisher, Jul 4, 2016.

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    One of the main difference between dogs and wolves are wolves have a larger brain than dogs. The dog brain is similar to the smaller brain of adolescent wolves, instead of the larger brain of the adult wolf. This delayed stage of neural development, allows a dog's nature to stop short of being fully instinctive autonomous, therefore making it more compliant to the needs of humans. Wolf pups are approachable and friendly, but once they become adults, they no longer want to be compliant. Their adult brain has another dimension that breaks the tie.

    The theory is could the same be true of modern humans, relative to our prehuman ancestors? Do we have less brain access? Modern humans have two centers of consciousness. The center of the conscious mind is called the ego, while the center of the unconscious mind called the inner self. Animals have one center of consciousness; inner self, that can use more of the brain to generate animal vitality and high levels of sensory awareness. Going from pre-human to human; civilization, added a secondary center, which takes energy to operate, and lowers conscious access to as much of the instinctive brain.

    The secondary or ego center creates an illusion of capacity based on culture. Children can walk around with cells phones and internet access, making them look very advanced. But this is all an illusion, since even a child can do it. If you took away all those cultural props, there is little in the way of spontaneous adaptation at par with how advanced they appear to look.

    Civilization may have needed the dumbed down version of human; puppy, since the larger brain capacity of their precursors would have not had the same need to cooperate at an extended level. If humans were able to function at a high level without precedent, this is different from functioning at a high level with all types of cultural precedent. Both look intelligent, but the former requires another dimension of brain processing to play the role of culture, internally.
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    Not sure what your point is. I guess the low grade moron contingent of the population may be increasing based on the number of them that voted for Trump. Is that where you are heading with this?
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