One X, Therefore One God

Discussion in 'Religion' started by epicurus_splendicus, Aug 31, 2022.

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    Since one of the current, popular conceptions of particles is that they are "excitations in quantum fields"... Matter has thus become so abstract itself that... The antiquated portrayal of matter as interlocking jigsaw bits that fit together, and their solid substance thereby making it impossible for matter to harbor the manifestations of consciousness associated with a brain... is actually passé.

    It's the limitations of that outdated, caveman view of matter -- apparently still lingering abroad -- that compels various instances of "consciousness explaining" theorists jumping over to information. A regarding of the latter as something still liberal and ambiguous enough that it can accommodate the condition of not being absent to itself -- that it could be a building block that presents or "shows as something" to itself.
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  3. C C Consular Corps - "the backbone of diplomacy" Valued Senior Member

    Instead of the CTMU stuff, maybe you should have mentioned to Q-reus ("over there") that Chis Langan was into global elite conspiracy theories. That would have gotten his attention.

    Aug 16, 2022 ... Chris Langan and Bernardo Kastrup on Consciousness, Metaphysics, Computation, and God

    non-embedded link to video (click)
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    Check the Hot Sheets – Men in Black
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  7. epicurus_splendicus Banned Banned

    Localized systems generally express and utilize only a part of this syntax on any given scale, as determined by their specific structures.
    I.e., where there exists a hological incoversion endomorphism D:Sà{rÎS} carrying the whole structure of S into every internal point and region of S, objects (quantum-geometrodynamically) embedded in S take their recognition and state-transformation syntaxes directly from the ambient spatiotemporal background up to isomorphism. Objects thus utilize only those aspects of D(S) of which they are structural and functional representations.

    -Introduction to the CTMU.

    I want to elaborate on your above question.

    Self and non-self or God and non-God merge to become the one that distributes over the one. This results in unbound mind or unbound spirit. This experience goes by many names; Tao consciousness, Buddha nature, the essence, Christ consciousness, Holy spirit, all of which are thoroughly explained by me and more recently Langan in the paper An introduction to Quantum Meta-Mechanics. A paper that ontologically grounds Quantum mechanics which was previously considered "strange" by the primitivities of 20th and 21st century science.

    It must be stressed that you don't interact with your etheric body on regular occasion. It is given the freedom to reign over the dream realm and its unique physics which differs somewhat from our world. Where observation of reality takes place within the mind's eye. This is only a slight transition away from our world when we experience becoming powerful creators by "stepping out of the matrix".

    Make no mistake. The knowledge and visions I gain remain in memory after I come down from perfection.

    When I first started experimenting my life took on a thrilling momentum. Not all that unlike Neo from the Matrix. That was in 2008 at 25. Over the years it escalated to the point that I began sensing demonic forces from another dimension and the God that protects me from them. All with extrasensory perception. Recall that mind can become unbound. What's even more interesting is when people on television start acting like they "know" they're being watched by you. Not unlike a photon "knowing" it is being watched by the observer in the double-slit experiment. There is an overwhelming awareness of something unseen in operation. Like a loud echo that rings from within and throughout the universe. Thought then influences the probability of an event occurring because you are now interacting with the universal wavefunction. This will come across as beyond most of your range of comprehension but few can explain Quantum mechanics better than I can. I admit I only know basics. I'd be surprised if anyone else had access to this dimension other than me.

    FINALLY! We can take comfort in knowing that humanity's quest for knowledge is furthered. God is now a theoretical metaphysics revealed and channeled by Langan and me. Only the few and the daring can make all this possible. I should also like to add that I harbor no resentment for atheists at this point. Not that I'm a theist.

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