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    3D Volume 2-to-1, or Even More-to-1 set of Circumstances( nodal vertexial events )

    See "anatomy" because their referencing biological life as being syntropy and the opposite of entropy. You need to do better research. Try negentropy ergo synstropy and see the referenc

    This definitonabove is closer to 'isotropic' and another word used a lot by Fuller.
    a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek, having the same function as co- ( synthesis; synoptic ); used, with the meaning “with,” “together,” in the formation of compound words ( synsepalous ) or “synthetic” in such compounds ( syngas ).
    Also, sy-, syl-, sym-, sys-.

    < Greek, combining form representing sýn with, together with

    ergo "more" in orderly way ergo growth see biological again ergo negentropy.

    entropy = disorder see atrophy also

    Saw it on PBS some 10 or so years ago and posted here and many other places since. She did experiement where tried to recreate meteor impact into earth to see what happens to specific molecules or amino-acids etc molecules--- I forget the exact one ---when the hit Earth. She expected to disorderly mess but instead she fond more complex molecules being created by the compressive forces. Polymers or polyligns I forget exactly.

    If you seriously want to be open to and find truth and can try and find the URL for you.

    Tension of close-packed set of nodal vertexial events on 2D sufarce of geodesic spherical. When a rubber band is pulled in two directions its tension is raised higher and higher as the molecules compressed into smaller thinner area before snapping/breaking.

    Same for a balloon whose surface gets thinner and thinner untill it snaps.

    Tensegrity is word invented by Fuller and acccepted commonly to represent any forces complementing compression and tension.

    Fuller believed gravity was a tensegrity force involving tetrahedron, octhaedron and icosahedron

    A rubber bands tension is resultant of pulling apart in two opposite directions.

    A balloon's expansion results in the compression of the molecules to closer-packed situation within a thinner surface thickness.

    Fuller states, that, this is why electrons follow the path around the outside convex surface of a set of Vander-Graph Sphere's i.e. there is closer packed set of atoms on the convex side of the sphere ergo the electric current is more on the outer surface rather than on the inside concave surface.

    I believe a similar situation is the condition for EMRadiations relationship to gravity on a more ultra-micro cosmic scale i.e. gravity becomes the pathway for radiation to follow on a convex surface of gravitational geodesic spherical.

    I.e. there is close-packing of gravitonic nodal vertexial events on the convex side of the gravitational spherical. For every two nodal vertexial events on the convex surface there is one nodal vertexial event on the concave side of the same geodesic. imho.

    This is 2-1 ratio ergo a triangular set, in 2D( planar ) and a tetrahedron or even one-half octahedron or more in a 3D situation. If you become serious in actually being open and finding the truth, I can try elaborate on these scenarios.

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