Peace Prize Winner:"Right Now I Could Kill Bush"

Discussion in 'World Events' started by sandy, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. sandy Banned Banned

    What a hypocritical POS. This Nobel Peace Prize winner, Betty Williams, says
    "right now, I could kill George Bush. No, I don't mean that. How could you nonviolently kill somebody? I would love to be able to do that."

    First she says she didn't say it. But when confronted with audio, she admitted it. What a POS. She comes and spews her venom in the very city that will have the Bush library.

    Threatening the president of the United States is a crime. And a lot of us don't like "Nobel Peace Prize laureates" having the gall to threated our president.
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  3. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    Advocating impeachment and the like is one thing - saying you could kill someone is something else.

    When people let something like this just pop out of their mouth, it indicates what that person's mindset is REALLY like - despite everything else they say.

    For someone who is supposedly so dedicated to peace, such a comment is inexcusable. And we should note that this is the second time she's said this. She should be stripped of the Peace Prize.
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  5. sandy Banned Banned

    I agree. I could not believe this story. I had to read it twice.

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  7. Christenstein The Christ-created creature Registered Senior Member

    The titles/awards/recognition that comes from the world means nothing when one has found true love -- the source of all love. - Christenstein
  8. Genji Registered Senior Member

    Bush should hang for war crimes in Baghdad.
  9. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Bush has nothing decent to offer to this planet.
  10. Genji Registered Senior Member

    Not even as mulch!
  11. ashura the Old Right Registered Senior Member

    Some think his daughters are cute. :shrug:
  12. countezero Registered Senior Member

    Genji, you miss the point of this thread. What you write is a subjective position that can't reasonably taken by someone who is a pacifist and is being recognized as such...
  13. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Bush is currently one of the biggest threats to peace on the planet. I don't blame her for wishing he was no more.
  14. Nutter Shake it loose, baby! Registered Senior Member


    Such is the way of a menstruous woman.

    "The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble." - Proverbs 4:19
  15. mikenostic Stop pretending you're smart! Registered Senior Member

    Who? Sandy, or the Nobel Peace prize winner?
  16. Norsefire Salam Shalom Salom Registered Senior Member

    So what, I would kill bush too but I dont wana go to jail
  17. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    The Jackal needs to get Cheney.

    - N
  18. desi Valued Senior Member

    This woman just won a prize named after the guy who invented and made a fortune off of dynamite. Wherever he is I'm sure Mr. Nobel got a chuckle out of her little remark.
  19. Repo Man Valued Senior Member

    If any man says he hates war more than I do, he better have a knife, that's all I have to say." - Jack Handey
  20. Killjoy Propelling The Farce!! Valued Senior Member

    I guess ever since they gave the thing to Yasser Arafat, they must not care what sort of thoughts float thru the gaping void which might constitute the recipient's cranium. I mean - speaking of gaping voids, Jimmy Carter split the prize with Yassey baby, didn't he ?

    In any event, I'm sure this woman is merely a Joe Biden aficionado, as she has apparently adopted the same modus operandi -
    Sometimes it's 'open mouth, insert foot,' she said.

  21. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Correction - a guy who made explosives safer to handle in industry.
    Dynamite was invented to prevent deaths from nitroglycerine, which was the staple blasting medium prior to dynamite.
  22. MrManganese Registered Member

    I think it's generally agreed that Bush deserves the worst the world has to offer, but instead he has the best. I'd forgive her for not thinking before speaking. I do that too, with subjects that make me emotional, as US politics will tend to do to a peace lover.
  23. te jen Registered Senior Member

    Sometimes justice is not served by death. In Bush's case I'd like to see a life sentence of living in a trailer and working 40 hours a week as a Wal-Mart greeter. In that case I'd wish him a long, long life.

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