Philadelphia to ban 3d printed guns

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Mazulu, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Mazulu Banned Banned

    Good work Randwolf.
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  3. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    Approve my point?. And was retard a question?

    Shell casing out of composite bullet out of any material that won't bedestroyed by the ignition of the powder.. diorite hell marble would probably word
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  5. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    He's proving you wrong you know that right?
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Google the word "X-ray." Now google the word "transparent."

    No more so than a window is magically transparent to visible light, or fat is magically transparent to a medical X-ray. Or maybe you do think all that is magic. If so, yes, it's magic and you will never understand it.
  8. Mazulu Banned Banned

    You called me an idiot. It's not about being right or wrong about the latest technology. You acted like an asshole. So go fuck yourself.
  9. Mazulu Banned Banned

    I don't know if plastic would be 100% transparent. If you tried to smuggle a gun made of plastic through the x-ray machine at the airport, they would probably still catch you and you would get into a lot of trouble.

    I don't know, maybe sleight of hand might work at the airport security. You can try that.
  10. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    I see you are still being your typical bonehead self. (Well, at least you are consistent.) You've been shown more than once that my original claim of plastic bullets ARE possible and quite common. Even the "brass". And yes, they cannot be detected by X-ray machines.

    And yet you STILL hang on to your crude beliefs. Man! How dense can one individual be????
  11. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I'd question if you'd get a static discharge by firing a plastic gun.

    Any such weapon would be a one shot deal, firing more than once is going to lead to failure of it through the likelihood of deformation.

    Plastic should show up in X-Ray's if such attempts became a concern.
    While X-rays can be looked at for their ability to penetrate materials, it can also be used to observe diffraction where objects either don't appear to exist or are made of a material that doesn't reflect, consider peoples bones are X-rayed at times and likely with artificial joints and fittings present.

    X-Ray's are not the same as a Ferrous detector so aren't limited to only a material type.

    I'm sure they'd update their security to be alerted to "cat pee smells" if it got too bad (especially if recently fired)
  12. RickyH Valued Senior Member

    Printed guns do not cost 3k dollars to manufacture. You have to consider a lot of other details that go into printing weapons.

    For instance, there is open source designs.

    The material used for building the weapons can vary in price.

    It can also vary on what material you buy obviously..

    This is still new technology, so who is to say it can't lead to something way beyond our expectations.

    As for sneaking a weapon past security.. I think only an idiot would print a gun that looks like a gun and expect to get past the TSA! Perhaps you could use your resources and build an indiscriminate device. it's the gunpowder you have to worry about concealing. So why have a gun at an airport anyways? Surely a group of intelligent people such as yourself could be more creative.

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