"Pinyinput": a program for writing pinyin

Discussion in 'Linguistics' started by raydpratt, Sep 27, 2011.

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    I came across a book about Spanish pronunciation that used English words and pinyin-like accent marks to demonstrate how English speakers use different tones. It was fascinating because I realized that Chinese tones could be demonstrated in common English, even though we are not ordinarily conscious that we use Chinese tones in English.

    I wanted to quote the English with the tone marks as in the book, but I lacked a means of easily writing pinyin accents.

    I downloaded a free program from Sourceforge, and it seems a little quirky, but it can be made to work:

    Wǒ xué Zhōngwén.

    It has two modes, one that makes sure that the pinyin accents are correctly placed, and another (used here) that can place the accent marks anywhere:

    Ī lìke thís! Bǔt, whō knòws?

    I'll post the book excerpts later, but I wanted to share news about this pinyin program now.

    Does anyone have anything easier?

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