Presentation - Gorthol Adanedhel, independent scientific researcher

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    Presentation - Gorthol Adanedhel, independent scientific researcher

    I. I (Gorthol Adanedhel)

    I am a physicist independent anonymous theorist. I am the creator of the theory of the informative gravitation entropique, which is not other than the continuation of the gravity entropique written by Eric Verlinde in 2011, himself theorist of the holographic theory.
    My theory describes the equation of Newton as proportional in the gradient of the entropy time the temperature (see equation of Verlinde). But existing several forms entropiques, these allow to cross in a quantum scale in a relativist scale (this idea of scale came to me by looking at the works of relativity of Laurent Nottale's scale. This one uses the properties of the logarithm. Yet the entropy uses too this notion). It can be inferred that the gravitational force is emerging of the quantum scale (Principle of in theory holographic Maldecena: "the gravitational phenomena can be described by a quantum theory without gravitation, similar in the theories used in physical appearance of particles and operating on his border"). The tensor energy impulse of Einstein becomes a statistical parameter. It follows while, as the entropy is described by the statistical physics, the thermodynamics, but also the fluid mechanics, we can describe a fluid and viscous space-time.
    My articles:
    In English: space-time_and_a_quantum_gravity_propo sition Yet in PDF: -gravity-proposition.pdf :

    II. Albert Philippe

    Albert Philippe, Technician of maintenance working in a lab of analysis of the water, the environment, the food safety and animal health. It is him who rewrote the theory of the effect Vialle, his original author Richard Vialle. So, the official complete document republished by Richard Vialle's works makes 294 pages!
    The theory of R. Vialle holds on the hypothesis to conceive the quadrivolume of Einstein by an energy multiplication and not by an addition of 4 vectors spatiotemporal. The mathematical resolutions bring to a writing very close to the Newton's universal gravitation, and thus we can deduct the éxistence from it of an energy mass with all which revolves all around: a fluid, an arrow of time(weather) in the positive as in the negative, the interactions enters energy sphere bringing to a local dégravitation etc....

    III. Franck Delplace

    Franck Delpalce is a French physicist. He(it) holds Master's degrees in Food-processing Engineering as well as in Computing, Microelectronics and Automatic, both the University of Lille. He also possesses Doctorate in Mechanics and Energetics of the University of Nancy and a Post-doctorate in Chemical engineering of the University of Birmingham.
    ESI Group, leader and pioneer of the solutions of prototypage virtual for manufacturing industries, announces the appointment of eminent Dr Franck Delplace as scientific committee member ESI.
    He is so the pioneer of the description of viscous fluid space-time.
    He wrote at present 3 articles available by writing their titles on the bar of Google research: n°1 " liquid spacetime ( aether ) viscosity, has way to unify physics "; n°2: " reynolds number and spacetime curvature " and n°3: "Fluid Mechanics at Atomic Scale". You can also look at his(her,its) videos:
    Video 1 =
    Video 2 =
    Video 3 =
    The popularization of its theory is retrouvable also in its famous book " Door opened on the physics of the 21th century ".


    I look for scientists (amateurs or not), physicists and mathematicians to work with me. Your participation in my theory will obviously be put forward. You can contact me by telephone or e-mail (see lower).

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