Prevalence of Race related threads

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by thefountainhed, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member

    Sothstar, there is also a saying here that "once bitten, twice shy" - to refuse on the grounds of a past event is not racist, its being more careful, more selective. There is nothing racist about protecting your own property. Those who look for racism where it does not exist are blatant racists themselves.
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Why is difference so important to you, D'ster?
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  5. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    I understand that but I'm not sure how not renting to blacks any longer solves the problem of potential vandalism. Maybe what I'm trying to say is a person's skin color doesn't dispose them to violence or passiveness or whatever. That's why there are background checks, personality tests, and all sorts of crap to screen 'undesirables' in many places.

    Do you think if the owner had the same experience with a white family and started denying whites tenure it would have solved anything?
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  7. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member

    Southstar: But a persons ethnic practises brought this about. They were used to having a fire in their "room" so they built one in his. Thats not being racist, that pig ignorant.
  8. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    Wait. Is that story you told me a contrived example or is it from real life?
  9. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    The only pig ignorance on display here is your own.

    Point 1: The lighting of the fire in the room was not an ethnic practice it was a cultural practice. If you are unable to understand this very basic point there is little hope for you.
    Point 2: Lighting the fire in a conventional western home was a display of ignorance, in the literal sense. They were unaware that this was unacceptable culturally, and unsafe from an HSE standpoint.
    Point 3: Such ignorance is commonplace when any person or group from any culture find themselves, unguided, in the midst of another culture.
    Point 4: Such ignorance is unrelated to race and is easily remedied through education.
    Point 5: Failure to understand the foregoing points is an excellent example of pig ignorance.
    Point 6: You may avoid such an accusation by acknowledging the truth of these remarks.
  10. D'ster Registered Senior Member

    I did not say it was "important" to me.
  11. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member

    I would not lie to you, it really happened, but not sure of time scale now, it was possibly 5 or more years ago.
  12. firdroirich A friend of The Friends Registered Senior Member

    When a "moderator" is a racist, hey it's ok.
  13. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    Whoever said that?
  14. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    I think he has a beef with JR... some people around here think JR is a racist

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  15. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    How stupid.
  16. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member


    come on, racism is objective. I do not know about the rest of the work, but here in the UK, so called racism is very definitely not one sided, in fact quite the opposite.

    Most of the "native" British population have a disease known as "apathy" - we tend to let things go whereas someone else might start a war over it.

    The biggest racists in this country are not of white skin. We hear, in my job, regularly of Blacks v Asian strife. I often hear a black person racially insult a white person. This is "acceptable" by the authorities but not vice versa. Racism is a point of view, dependant on the viewpoint of the authorities. White people get taken to court over remarks but never black. A woman complained that in the multicultural school her child goes to, that her son was made to dress as a monkey for a school play. The role required such and she complained because her son is black!

    Asians fight amongst themselves, racially. Indians hate "paki's"; "paki's" hate indians; "pakis's" hate blacks, blacks hate "paki's" . We, the white person allegedly hate everyone. Its only when an attack is mentioned in the press do the left wingers (left whingers) scream RACE! and blame the white.

    A friend left his england flag outrside his house, and he got a knock on the door. Remove your flag, jamaicans down the road are complaining. No he said unless you remove their jamaican flags. The reply was typical of so called society - "Er, sir, we will not be going down that road, will we?"

    Race is objective, race is coloured, race is not pretty, but most of all race is unbiased in its condemnation of each other. Until we are ALL equal, under one world government and each treats everyone else the same, race is here to stay, get used to it.
  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


  18. Theoryofrelativity Banned Banned

    has anyone here stated why racism exists? I haven't read the whole thing but I'll have a go:

    first I use 'we' as a generalisation, it does not apply to every single being as we are not all the same.

    we fear anything that is different to ourselves
    we fear the unknown, this of course stems from ignorance.

    this includes: colour, culture, weight, facial disfigurement, mental and physical handicap, hair style/colours, dress sense, sexuality, accent, not being from my village etc etc etc..........
    (ie goth/punk/rocker/skinhead/body piereced/tattoed)

    Race unlike many of the other things affects larger groups and it is a 'difference' that cannot easily be disguised or changed, thus for this reason it is of the all the 'fears re difference' the most objectionable in that we generally agree 'racism' should not be tolerated, encouraged or allowed.

    When raised in a multicultural society, racism should be less as the difference is less visible than when a white goes into a black town or a black into a white town. I was raised in a multi cultural society and I had to think if someone asked me the colour of my friends as it was not something I was consciously aware of. My class consisted of the following groups:

    White British
    West Indian
    Mixed race (jamaican/indian)

    Racism can stem from other fears:
    fear of job losses, the 'out of towners' needn't be a different race to affect how locals feel when you visit their homeland or try to settle. I have lived all over the Uk and met problems with fellow whites who didn't like the city girl applying for small town jobs etc etc. I couldn't get employment except with city employers based in the some town. In Scarborough one prospective employer said I could be a 'terrorist' for all he knew as I came from b'ham!

    Racism related to bad memory assocaition.

    Example, when someone has a bad experience with another person they will identify something about that eprson that will then act as stimuli with other people to induce that fear memory and may result in loathing of some entirely unrelated person. Again not necc colour/race triggered.

    example: I had tough time with my bro growing up and I found when ever saw anyone who resemebled him, I instantly felt a sense of loathing and hatred for that starnger. It was not a conscious thing. The reaction was that the image recalled those memories that initiated that response. I have since grown out of this.

    I knew someone who was thrown off a bridge by black men, so as a result he then hated all blacks, had they been white and punk, he'd have hated all punks, had they been white and bearded, he'd have hated all bearded men.

    This type of thinking is clearly wrong, but at the same time it is a reason.

    Then there is global racism based on what we read /hear in the media about who is doing what. What we must remember in these instances is that race is not responsible for any of these acts but people are. Individuals not populations, and there is good and bad in everyone regardless of colour/race/religion/culture. Some cultures are more advanced than others but this does not make their rulers more enlightened/compassionate any less greedy or self serving.

    Racism should not be tolerated but cultural awareness is something we need to be educated about to ensure that the 'differences' are less of an imagined threat. We need to learn not to fear that which is different without a heavy fist dictating what is right/wrong to think.
  19. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Aren't indian and pakistani the same race, and different religions?
  20. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Not so clear cut; I am a Muslim Indian and I know Hindu Pakistanis.

    There are Hindus, Muslims and Christians in both countries.

    There are predominantly Muslims in Pakistan; there are predominantly Hindus in India.

    Both countries have mixed races due to invasions from the Middle East and Europe.

    The original races are more defined in the South, but I doubt you can classify all Indians as one race (or Pakistanis).
  21. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    That makes sense, so they're like most countries. I just remembered hearing that religion was why they broke apart.
  22. sniffy Banned Banned

    I would have thought that 'Indian' and 'Pakistani' are to race what 'English' and 'Scottish' are to nationality. India and Pakistan are countries; hinduism and islam are religions and a race is something dogs, horses and humans take part in for betting purposes. All other 'differences' are either cultural or evolutionary and devilishly difficult to change.
  23. iam Banned Banned

    I think racism stems from self-preservation of your genes, culture and way of life. This is natural to some extent. I don't think it is just a fear of the unknown or what one doesn't understand. There are plenty of racist who know well the reasons behind their prejudice. I think it is only potentially evil in how its carried out or handled like most issues or feelings. Directly attacking another race or culture I believe is wrong because its uncalled for or unprovoked. Finding disagreeable, disliking another race or aspects of their culture is not wrong but when you use that to disrespect, infringe, inhibit, attack their right to life, liberty and happiness then it is morally wrong and vice versa. A true racist to me is one who inherently believes others rights are minimally or not important and use that to infringe or violate others. The problem with this is it can escalate to require retaliation to stop the further marginalization of the victim which has a right to defend themselves to stop whatever grievances of violation that has occured. The best outcome would be appropriate boundaries of human rights but racists only respect their boundaries which requires even more defensive measures. Its similar to looking at a glass of formaldehyde and water, they may both look racist but only one may truly be. There are also those who are racist who use a tactic of nonviolence and philize or fetish what they perceive to be different of another people or culture which is degrading to the other. There are differing tactics but racist. When one believes their race has a right to missapropriate another race, people and culture is when its not about fair boundaries, trade etc. Simply because they will ride roughshod if given the chance and use, abuse, and even annhilate anything and anyone who they perceive is different for gain and gratuituous violence.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2006

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