proof God exists

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Noah, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    So you say that they say that the human brain, through no physical interaction with the device, can alter the probability of an event by percent....Yeah, I'm willing to call bull on that.

    For one thing, the paper states that the "operators" had no control over when and how a "random event" might be altered. Second there was literally zero learning curve, meaning that the "operators" were no more effective at altering random events at the end of twelve years than they were at the beginning. Finally, the one percent shift doesn't become visible until ALL of the data comes together, and since we're dealing with random numbers this doesn't mean much of anything. This, to me, suggests a source for the "aberrations" was something other than the human "operators".

    Furthermore, I'm having trouble understanding how you can have "aberrations" in a truly random series of events, if the event is random then there should be no causative factor and thus no possible "aberration"(which carries an implicit assumption of predictability). If you have a random character generator programmed with the characters of the English alphabet, eventually it will produce, in chronological order, the collected works of Shakespeare, there's simply no way to know when this will occur, but it's occurrence is a certainty. The authors of the paper you cited measured deviations from "expected" results, the problem I'm having(other than the obvious one of trying to wrap my brain around how one can "expect" a random event) is that an RNG should be expected to produce such deviations, sort of like flipping a coin and having it land on tails twenty times in a row. We're talking about over two million trials with these machines, what would be amazing is if we didn't see any streaks or runs in the data. Now THAT would be something I would speculate over, an inconsistent and tiny shift in the data isn't.

    Something I'm pretty sure that most people will agree on is that you can't simply will something or someone into or out of existence. It's something that nobody has ever reliably observed.

    Not if you give it enough time. Any possible event, no matter how improbable, will occur given enough time.
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  3. rr6 Banned Banned

    Common Definition Comes First

    An agreement on a common definition of God/"U"niverse comes first, in order to have a rationally logical disscussion of such topic.

    Fuller gives us one of the most comprehensive definitions of God known to humans.
    ..{ see his Lords Prayer in "Critical Path" 1979 }.....

    The One Whole--- God/"U"niverse --- has 3 distinct parts;

    1) mind/intellect as cosmic laws-principles
    2) non-occupied space and,

    3) occupied space.

    #1 above = above the line of differrentiation

    #2 above equals below the line of differrentiation

    #3 above equals the vectorial line-of-vibration/frequency[/U--- ex ^v^v ---that defines the shape of #2 above, and #3 exists eternally in complementation to #1 above.

    Simple, not complex. imho

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  5. wellwisher Banned Banned

    There are certain types of data that cannot be investigated using the current philosophy of science. For example, we have all had dreams, which contain various levels of details. Even though dreams are common and a natural brain output, you cannot prove you had a particular dream, since there is no tool in science that can record your dream to verify.

    The phenomena is real, since we all had dreams with details, but no dream can be directly proven in all those details nor are any of our dreams reproducible by others, which is also part of the philosophy of science. So what is real, in the sense of a common brain output, is outside the scope of science to prove as real. It requires an element of faith (called soft science) since the only person who can see the details is the one looking at the dream from the inside.

    The philosophy of science appeared to factor out internal data (subjectivities) so what remains is only physical realty. If we had a dozen people looking at an event, science would reduce this to what can proven and reproduce able, factoring out subjectivities and other effects of the mind that can't be proven or reproduced. Science only deals with physical reality. In religion, God is not matter so he will not show up with science, but only via the internal reference factored out by science.
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  7. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    What are you blithering about? We most certainly can record dreams, it's called an fMRI. However, just because we can record the various states that the dreaming brain enters, we don't yet have the technology to translate those brainstates into visual images. Just because we can't turn on a computer and "see" exactly what a person is dreaming about doesn't mean that we can't record dreams, nor that the technology that would enable us to do so will be forever out of reach.
  8. Mr Hope Registered Member

    I love original questions.
  9. rr6 Banned Banned

    Lords Prayer

    "Since 1927, whenever i am going to sleep, i always concentrate my thinking on what i call "Ever Rethinking the Lords Prayer" (Richard Buckminister Fuller)

    ..."I am confident as specifically argued, my following declaration constitutes a scientifically
    meticulous, direct-experience-based proof of God.:"

    "Ever Rethinking the Lord's Prayer
    July 12 1979

    To be satisfactory to science
    all definitions must be stated
    in terms of experience.

    I define Universe as
    all of humanity's
    consciously apprehended
    and communicated (to self or others)

    In using the word, God,
    I am consciously employing
    four clearly differentiated
    from one another
    experience-engendered thoughts.

    Firstly I mean:_
    those experience-engendered thoughts
    which are predicated upon past successions
    which are unexpected, human discoveries
    of mathematically incisive,
    physically demonstrable answers
    to what thereto fore had been missassumed
    to be forever unanswerable
    cosmic magnitude questions
    wherefore I now assume it to be
    scientifically manifest,
    and therefore experientially reasonable that

    scientifically explainable answers
    may and probably will
    eventually be given
    to all questions
    as engendered in all human thoughts
    by the sum total
    of all human experiences;
    wherefore my first meaning for God is:-

    all the experientially explained
    or explainable answers
    to all questions
    of all time-

    Secondly I mean;-
    The individual's memory
    of many surprising moments
    of dawning comprehension's
    of as interrelated significance
    to be existent
    amongst a number
    of what had previously seemed to be
    entirely uninterrelated experiences
    all of which remembered experiences
    engender the reasonable assumption
    of the possible existence
    of a total comprehension
    of the integrated significance-
    the meaning-
    of all experiences.

    Thirdly, I mean:-
    the only intellectually discoverable
    a priori, intellectual integrity
    indisputably manifest as
    the only mathematically stateable
    of generalized principles-
    cosmic laws-
    thus far discovered and codified
    and ever physically redemonstrable
    by scientists
    to be not only unfailingly operative
    but to be in eternal,
    omni-interaccommodative governance
    of the complex
    of everyday, naked-eye experiences
    as well as of the multi-millions-fold greater range
    of only instrumentally explored
    infra- and ultra-tuneable
    micro- and macro-Universe events.

    Fourthly, I mean;-
    All the mystery inherent
    in all human experience,
    which, as a lifetime ratioed to eternity,
    is individually limited
    to almost negligible
    twixt sleepings, glimpses
    of only a few local episodes
    of one of the infinite myriads
    of concurrently and overlappingly operative
    sum-totally never -ending
    cosmic scenario serials.

    With these four meanings I now directly
    address God.
    "Our God-
    Since omni-experience is your identity
    You have given us
    overwhelming manifest:-
    of Your complete knowledge
    of Your complete comprehrension
    of Your complete concern
    of Your complete coordination
    of Your complete responsibility
    of Your complete capability to cope
    in absolute wisdom and effectiveness
    with all problems and events
    and of Your eternally unfailing reliability
    so to do

    Yours , dear God,
    is the only and complete glory.

    By glory I mean the synergetic totality
    of all physical and metaphysical radiation
    and of all physical and metaphysical gravity
    of finite
    but non-unitarily conceptual
    scenario Universe
    in whose synergetic totality
    the a priori energy potentials
    of both radiation and gravity
    are initially equal
    but whose respective
    behavioral patterns are such
    that radiation's entropic redundant disintegratings
    is always less effective
    than gravity's non redundant
    syntropic integrating

    Radiation is plural and differentiable,
    radiation is focusable, beamable, and self-sinusing,
    is interceptible, separatist, and biasble-
    ergo, has shadowed voids and vulnerabilities;

    Gravity is unit and undifferentiable
    Gravity is comprehensive
    inclusively embracing and permeative
    is non-focusable and shadowless,
    and is omni-integrative;
    all of which characteristics gravity
    are also the characteristics of love.
    Love is metaphysical gravity.
    (eome- note; Bucky has also described love as the synergetic interplay between these
    two opposite forces.)

    You, Dear God,
    are the totally loving intellect
    ever designing
    and ever daring to test
    and thereby irrefutably proving
    to the uncompromising satisfaction
    of Your own comprehensive and incisive
    knowledge of the absolute truth
    that Your generalized principles
    adequately accommodate any and all
    special case developments,
    involvement's, and side effects;
    wherefore Your absolutely courageous
    omni-rigorous and ruthless self-testing
    alone can and does absolutely guarantee
    total conservation
    of the integrity
    of eternally regenerative Universe

    You eternally regenerative scenario Universe
    is the minimum complex
    of totally inter-complementary
    totally inter-transforming
    non-simultaneous, differently frequenced
    and differently enduring
    feedback closures
    of a finite
    but non-unitarily conceptual system
    in which naught is created
    and naught is lost
    and all occurs
    in optimum efficiency.

    Total accountability and total feedback
    constitute the minimum and only
    perpetual motion system.
    Universe is the one and only
    eternally regenerative system.

    To accomplish Your regenerative integrity
    You give Yourself the responsibility
    of eternal, absolutely continuous,
    tirelessly vigilant wisdom.

    Wherefore we have absolute faith and trust in You,
    and we worship You
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  10. Robittybob1 Banned Banned

    You do seem to take a long time to fall asleep!
  11. rr6 Banned Banned

    Long Version of Lords Prayer

    Oh, sorry if i was not clear with the quotes. That was Fullers comments not mine. He published differrent versions over his lifetime and that one was from 1979 publishing. He died in 1982 so he may have had later versions published. I dunno.

    To best of knowledge Fuller never used words like spirit and soul in any of his writings.

    Spirit-1 = physical/energy
    ergo fermionic matter and bosonic forces

    Spirit-2 = metaphysical intentions of mind/intellect

    Soul-1 = biological

    Soul-2 = shape/pattern/geometry

    God-1 = Universe aka occupied space or Mother Nature or Great Momma

    God-2 = "U"niverse aka non-occupied space + occupied space + mind/intellect ex cosmic laws/principles.

  12. Noah Registered Member

    Sorry to get back to you so late ... I don't have much internet time.

    The nature of the Theory of Body Signals is such that it has limitations. For instance, if you seek an answer to the question, "God, was the chocolate cake I ate late good, or evil," He most probably would not answer. But if you ask, "God, is the doctrine of the 3-in-Trinity in the Nicene Creed true, or not?", better be ready for a surprise!

    Test this theory, apply it to the most thorough, rigorous regimin you can think in, and let God develop a relationship with you (if you want one -- no one's forcing anything on you, of course.

  13. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Wow; well said.

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  14. Robittybob1 Banned Banned

    You can ask that God proves God's reality. Whatsoever you ask for in faith that will be given. Ask and you will receive. So ask for proof, will it be withheld?
  15. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    I think He has proven it to me in many ways over the years.

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    Some Christians think you shouldn't ask God for "signs." Idk. I do all the time. Lol

    Do you believe in God, bob?
  16. rr6 Banned Banned

    Duality, Triality Quadrality etc....

    000) Concept/mind/intelligence duality---absolute and relative truths
    001) Space duality---non-occupied space and occupied space

    002) Occupied space duality---fermions( matter ) and bosons( forces )

    Biological duality---female( Xx ) and male( X y )
    ....subset nervous systm and non-nervous system....

    Triality----3 viewpoints of closed triangle( ^ ) 3 viewpoints of open triangular set( Y )


  17. Robittybob1 Banned Banned

    I do. Yes I do. I don't really know how to describe what I believe in but when I asked for proof I got an answer.
    But then I see evolution at work too. So as a scientist and a Christian I have to think outside of the box to to make it fit.
  18. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    I'm not a scientist but I enjoy science. And I do believe that evolution (the theory of) and faith in a God/Creator can very much coexist.
    We think alike on this matter.
    <insert the word "wow">

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  19. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Back again? You have 2 posts.

    What name did you use before? Was it Happeh?
  20. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    Happeh was much more crazier...
  21. rr6 Banned Banned

    Comprehension Begins at 6 = 3 + 3 = Female and Male

    "Box" = finite occupied space called Universe( fermions bosons gravity )

    Humans use their mind/intelligence accessing abilities, to conceptually visualize a finite Universe, and then conceptually place themselves outside/beyond the finite Universe, as if they were a God-like creature/critter, holding the whole finite Universe in their hands.

    Our finite Universe of occupied space, exists eternally individually as gravity, fermions, bosons or some combination thereof.

    Outside of our finite Universe is pure( untainted ) non-occupied space.

    Tainted/abberrated/disequlibrious = fermions, bosons gravity

    Mind/intelligence = concepts as relative truths or absolute truths( cosmic laws/principles )

    Consciousness = degrees of complexity of integrated pattern sets of awareness, with humans having the most degree of access to the most complex set of mind/intelligence.

    Comprehension = minimal comprehension equals a subidivided 2D triangle, with a nuclear center point, which nuclear point can oscillate between either side of the plane, thereby creating a seemingly 3D tetra(4)hedron, which tetrahedron has the minimal 6 lines of interrelationship to have 3D comprehension.

    3( female ) and 3( male ) = pure/untainted equilibrium equality of a numerical 1D concept, a 2D space( area ) and 3D space( volumetric area ).

    However, given this metaphysical quality as state above, we offer following with the link to a graphic to help to visually understand my following givens;

    The equal female and male are depicted--- my viewpoint not Fullers ---in the graphic on the left showing two chefs hats at 90 degrees to each other.

    Female and male, tho equal in a cosmically metaphysical geometric sense of same shape, same size ergo equality, are at there structural optimum, when at 90 degrees to each other, i.e. they define the minimal 3D polyhedral structure of Universe.

    The tetrahedrons 6 lines-of-relationship when conceptually spun, to create 6 great circle-like planes, defines three sets of two great circle-like planes that are at 90 degree orientations to each other

    If we go back to the first graphic--- the two chefs hats on left ---we can spin those two at the square middle between them, so that now the female and male are approaching an orientation of being congruently on the same plane of existence.

    If the lines-of-relationship between the female and male are not broken then the would have to be strectched/extended and in doing so, we would create 4 spiral/twisted diagonal lines-of-relationship.

    Now that begins too complicated to explain and I do not have visuals to help go further with that scenario. Darn!

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  22. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    well think about it... if God could be proven to exist how would that effect every ones behavior.
    Gosh every innocuous lie, fib, falsity, fraud, deception, would become the subject of potential judgement.
    If God was proven to exist human freedom to do as needed at the time would be lost.
    We would always be "checking with the boss man" every time we made a decision and we would be totally servile and under extreme influence [self consciousness]
    By not being proven God can witness the truth in his creation and not a distortion due to his own omnipresence.
    And until freewill is guaranteed whether God is present of not he will remain unprovable...

    It would be in humanities interests and that of God's that God remains unproven and a mystery. IMO
  23. Noah Registered Member

    Testing the Proof

    Proving something using the Theory of Body Signals:

    1. Proving a thought is evil: Submit a thought to God that is obviously evil: "God, is it good to murder people in cold blood, even if they've done nothing against you?"
    The answer should come as "Evil (Left Side action or left side thought)."

    2. Proving a thought is good: Submit a thought to God that is obviously good: "God, should I love and help my fellow man when he needs help?"

    The answer should come as "Good (Good Side action or good side thought).

    Using the results of these control questions, you should be able to discern, with effort, whatever thought is evil versus whatever thought is good.

    WARNING: This theory is not perfect.

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