Proposal for creation of Sciforums Volunteerism Hour?

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Dennis Tate, Mar 29, 2021.


Could a Sciforums Volunteerism Hour be useful to Sciforums?

  1. No

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  3. Maybe???????

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  1. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    The Worgl, Austria local money experiment conducted during the Great Depression that was applied in over a thousand communities in the USA during the time of FDR could in theory set up Sciforums to magnify your influence over world events to a truly unusual and perhaps rather shocking level?

    One of the possible risks that must be factored into the formula is that Alternative Currency Units are taxable...... so.... the payment of income tax on them must be factored into the full formula.

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  3. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    This article fills in a few details on how this might potentially work......

    Local currencies: 'In the U.S. we don't trust'
    By Blake Ellis@CNNMoneyJanuary 27, 2012: 11:13 AM ET

    The Ithaca Hour is one of the most famous alternative currencies in the USA....
    Calgary Dollars is one of the most successful alternative currencies here in Canada.
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  5. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Could this currency buy me a "Get out of Banned Free" card?
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  7. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    That is a brilliant opening gambit to all of this!!!!!!!
  8. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    Although the fact that a Sciforums Volunteerism Hour or Dollar would need to be tied in value to the USA dollar.....
    ... (my suggestion would be one hour = the highest minimum wage in America but.........
    the supply of Sciforums Volunteerism Hours hours, should in my opinion probably be kept quite low..... partly in order to decrease the amount of income tax payable that they might generate)?!

  9. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member


    at least I can leave you with:

    I guess this explanation for Calgary Dollars would hint that using a Sciforum Volunteerism Hour or Dollar only for Sciforums... would be logical.


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  10. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    Can you tell me if it is probably kosher for me to give a link to another discussion.......
    (within this discussion) ....
    that I feel is directly related to my long term goals for this proposal to all the administrators and poster on sciforums?
    "What do scientists and Theists have in common?
  11. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    Mr. Bill Gate's favourite card game was Hearts... at the time that he
    developed most of his Microsoft operating systems.........

    I could present a challenge to all moderators and all posters on Sciforums and sell you "Non-exclusive rights to a concept for a series of reality plus semi-reality science fiction film projects for one dollar Canadian"..... that I believe could so grab his attention that he perhaps donates a million dollars to website hosting for Sciforums .... or for back up financing for the proposed "Sciforums Volunteerism Hour" and / or "Sciforums Volunteerism Dollar"......... that would be connected to a variation of the game of Hearts that my ex wife and I and our friends developed....... before my second separation and divorce!

    We could find a fairly serious issue that tends to divide most Sciforums posters......
    and one group could go with the "Sciforums Volunteerism Hour" whereas those who lean to the other side of the question could back up the "Sciforums Volunteerism Dollar???"

    I am using the word "non-exclusive" because this idea might accomplish essentially NOTHING here on Sciforums ... .but be adopted by some other group or groups for a somewhat different set of reasons / motivations?????
  12. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member

    In theory.... this proposed alternative currency unit could be used to pay off the national debts of the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands......... but I admit that this is a long shot and will not be easy.

    One way would be for it to be used to begin to raise financing for some private sector variation on:
    "Would an intelligently financed UBI be dangerous for the environment?"

    Any serious plan to finance a UBI could alter the way that science is financed!

    Scientists of the year 2029.... could be appealing to ordinary red necks like myself, (Deplorables), as opposed to having to appeal to government bureaucrats...... if and when a truly significant UBI is put into motion.
  13. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    I am not opposed to paying a stipend to volunteers, but IMO, all of this moderation of intolerable behavior can be avoided by adhering to this list of on-line etiquette.

    The principles are represented by the acronym WINGS.

    Braver Angels members are expected to wear their WINGS whenever they engage in online conversation. Failure to observer these principles may result in removal from the group (at the sole discretion of the moderator).
    Enough said.

    Perhaps we may all consider this approach. It sounds positive to me.........

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

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  14. Dennis Tate Registered Senior Member


    I could be wrong.....
    I often am... but many who have made it to the top of nearly any branch of science may tend to
    lose some of the sense of humour that they had as children and teenagers..........

    ...... I am possibly more of an aspiring volunteer comedy writer than much of anything else........
    and some of you may begin to smile as you smell the wood burning and get hints of what I am probably
    attempting to set up over here.......... in this discussion that I believe could lead to something that a Sciforums Volunteerism Hour could
    be linked to... .that could cause a discussion of Sciforums to go viral..... and propel some of the posters here up against the metaphorical
    "Goliath of Fame." Fame is a two edged sword.... and can turn into infamy so easily?!

    This is over in the SciFi and Fantasy forum which seemed like an appropriate place for this......

    When I used the phrase "Unified Field Theory of Modern World Problems" over in another discussion..... I was not merely being pedantic.... (but yes.... that is an issue with me)........( which is a tendency made even more annoying by my being merely a janitor who reads a lot)......... yes... I plead guilty........ I am terribly argumentative and I think that I could drive a significant percentage of 'scientists" so far around the bend that if the discussion was in person...... they might be tempted in the direction of mayhem or even murder...... (my first two ex -wives both attempted to strangle and strangle and strangle me but a certain amount of power is required to be able to effectively strangle somebody who worked at forestry for a couple of decades)??! ...... (Amazingly enough to me is the fact that my third wife...... has never attempted to kill me yet..... not even once..... which to my thinking adds significant value to Jesus having somehow told her twenty one years ago that I was going to be her husband????)?!

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